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  1. He said at Swell that xrp may go to zero
  2. ...................Or else the 20 million SBIVC customers buy 5000xrp each
  3. My negativity seems to have worked for one
  4. I've been watching that bitstamp sell wall for days. Boring I know.......my wife hates me. However it's almost gone.
  5. My mates still do their $100 per week bets on the EPL. I used to but since I've chucked a lot of money on xrp I've not much interest anymore..............this is my big (hopeully) educated bet
  6. So anyway, as a newcomer to your group - I bought into xrp in October @ 0.2 having read a lot. I also bought some litecoin, ethereum and bitcoin. I've sold the others at a profit and bought more zerps. From what I've been reading since October, we'll all do very well. $10 by the end of the year would be incredible!!!
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