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  1. you just killed me with kindness. Sorry for being an ***
  2. The market in general always angers me. You're were making false statements about crypto and I'm calling you out. Oh and I bought ICX at 2.20 back in November.
  3. Agreed completely. Best thing I've seen all day. It's a matter of time before XRP back over 1 USD.
  4. Your ignorant statement "Except XRP (Ripple) is actually the ONLY coin (Company) that is thinking actively about how to work WITH regulators, WITH governments" is completely false and ignorant. Shows you haven't really done any research. Go look at ICX as they are working directly with the korean gov and banks/hospitals/universities/insurance companies to create smart cities with interconnected blockchains. In fact SBI Ripple Asis has already partnered with them. You should actually do research. There are many coins seeking to work with banks, gov and other institutions. Like I said do your re
  5. Look at this ****. 52% of all XRP trading coming out of Korea against the KRW. Insane and good at the same time. Thank god we got Korea back in the game. Would like to see more XRP against fiat options.
  6. God it must suck to be so hung up on the fact that I've done so well compared to you. Keep hodl'ing maybe you'll get there someday!
  7. It would make sense to go that route. A peer to peer app would be sweet that used xrapid to go from fiat to fiat cross border.
  8. I know of Cuallix. They performed a pilot. Don;t you think that after being around for several years at least one bank would have adopted XRP by now?
  9. I hope you do make more. I've realized from my own experience if you dont sell the pumps you get hung out to dry. Vast majority of ppl don't hold the hodl philosophy
  10. Because I thought it was great just like all of you. I accumulated 100k between .17 and .29 cents between oct and dec. Started unloading around 3 bucks. I repeadetly got beat over the head by this coin and now it's going back to **** levels. I have alot of hate for the coin and when I finally dicked it over and dumped it for all that profit it was the most glorious trade I've ever executed
  11. LOL "can't always fix stupid". I sold 100,000 XRP at 3.40 cents several weeks ago. I wasn't aware I was stupid for selling a shitcoin being pumped by false rumors of adoption by coinbase and retard mob mentality out of korea and every other ******* normie investor. XRP has ZERO real world use cases and is being used by ZERO FI's and banks for anything other than tests and pilots. THIS SHOULD CAUSE CONCERN. Stupid will be YOU in several months still sitting on your coins as they decline back to 20 cents. Meanwhile I'm sitting on Around 300k USD profit. But can't fix stupid though.. right?
  12. Do you have a link to this information? I wasn't aware of this requirement or tactic.
  13. "A Santander spokesperson said the company plans to launch the app in the next few months, and that it will use Ripple's xCurrent in the project. Ripple's xCurrent product does not use XRP, the company's native cryptocurrency." When the hell is Ripple going to start using XRP for something other than selling it in order to fund their own operation.. They literally use XRP like a stock that they sell to investors.. without any of the downsides of being publicly traded.
  14. good short term play for the next 2 days. fairx is their attempt to fiat to crypto exchange. let's see if it works.
  15. ppl don't seem to understand that it takes time for these coins to mature. Q3 XRP will be at 5-7 . We good. We gon make it
  16. You're incorrect about reg uncertainty being good for XRP. Uncertainty on regs means a lot more possibility for manipulation (which is prevalent in XRP) and other activities which would become much more difficult to get away with (insider trading). Doesn't matter what the intended use for the coin is but when it comes to investing in something an institutional or retail investor is always going to be more confident putting their money somewhere that they have regulatory certainty. Also what position did you hold that had todo with managing regulatory change as a large institution? Also what is
  17. yeah for sure. they want reassurance that they arent going to lose their money. Trained disciplined investors won't enter the market until they have that certainty of regulatory protection
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