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  1. I have been looking for a wallet app to hold some ripple on my cousins Iphone since I bought some ripple for him on an exchange and I do not want to hold it for him. Any recommendations? Thank you,
  2. Just wanted to know how many people have a Steemit or Dtube account. I would like to follow some more Ripple enthusiast on steemit. LMK Thanks, My Steemit page: https://steemit.com/@aristone and https://steemit.com/@cryptomemelord
  3. Zerp is going for the low today get your cheap dose.
  4. I still dont know what zerping is
  5. I respect your decision and admire your bravery posting such a thing on xrpchat. I will personally save this thread and always go back to it when I am lost and in need inspiration on what not to do! Thank you for being apart our community farewell ex HODLER.
  6. I got BTC Alert app its pretty good and you can set price alerts based off what different exchanges price points are. -Stone
  7. So everytime I go on Kraken Ripple price is very low compared to coinmarketcap.com. Is coinmarketcap misleading? For example right now coinmarketcap.com Ripple price is $3.33 but on kraken its $2.80. Anyone know why? Thanks, - Stone
  8. Beautiful .... just beautiful
  9. As a wise man once said "To the moon!, where they ripple my nipple"
  10. To start buying ripple?? nah man wait it out dont do that.

    NYC Meetup

    http://meetu.ps/e/DvhJ0/CGqsL/f Check this link out every second monday of the month there is a crypto currency event at the 40/40 club. I went in December met a lot of cool people! anyone in nyc should come! I will be there this month as well.
  12. who created this requirement and is it for every and any wallet even ones on exchanges??

    Rock On

    Welcome hope you find a wealth of knowledge on these forums!
  14. Hello!! Welcome Hope you find a wealth of knowledge on these chats!
  15. Yup the risk is in the price swing. Perfectly legal to do.
  16. I did this once and never again, buying my lite coin from kraken to sell it on gdax. It never made it in time it took 30-50 mins to process by then the lite coin price had just droppped. So I would practice this with small amounts first and see how it goes from there.
  17. Thank you for this information. I have been buying /trading ripple since earlier this year and never knew how unsafe it was to keep my ripple on an exchange till literally 2 days ago. Someone on this forum made a comment about a nano ledger s and that was the first time I learned about this.
  18. Marlboro is partnering with ripple?!?!? Why do i keep hearing this rumor of Marlboro partnering with ripple and how will this effect the price of ripple. I support Xrp but I am not a fan of smoking. I guess the real question is why would ripple partner with Marlboro Whats in it for them?? Can anyone give me more info on this matter I feel like it keeps getting swept under the rug.
  19. Marlboro Partnership with ripple made the price go up tremendously
  20. At this point in time its hard to say. Everyone is trying to get verified. Kraken was the fastest for me but that was in early 2017
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