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  1. I have been looking for a wallet app to hold some ripple on my cousins Iphone since I bought some ripple for him on an exchange and I do not want to hold it for him. Any recommendations? Thank you,
  2. Just wanted to know how many people have a Steemit or Dtube account. I would like to follow some more Ripple enthusiast on steemit. LMK Thanks, My Steemit page: https://steemit.com/@aristone and https://steemit.com/@cryptomemelord
  3. Zerp is going for the low today get your cheap dose.
  4. I still dont know what zerping is
  5. I respect your decision and admire your bravery posting such a thing on xrpchat. I will personally save this thread and always go back to it when I am lost and in need inspiration on what not to do! Thank you for being apart our community farewell ex HODLER.
  6. I got BTC Alert app its pretty good and you can set price alerts based off what different exchanges price points are. -Stone
  7. So everytime I go on Kraken Ripple price is very low compared to coinmarketcap.com. Is coinmarketcap misleading? For example right now coinmarketcap.com Ripple price is $3.33 but on kraken its $2.80. Anyone know why? Thanks, - Stone
  8. Beautiful .... just beautiful
  9. As a wise man once said "To the moon!, where they ripple my nipple"
  10. To start buying ripple?? nah man wait it out dont do that.

    NYC Meetup

    http://meetu.ps/e/DvhJ0/CGqsL/f Check this link out every second monday of the month there is a crypto currency event at the 40/40 club. I went in December met a lot of cool people! anyone in nyc should come! I will be there this month as well.
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