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  1. Lets say I send sequence 5 => terPRE_SEQ (last sequence is 3) I send sequence 4 => ok, in ledger Does the server now tries to pass the sequence 5 transaction ? or does it throw it away ? thanks
  2. yeah, annual, this is still huge. Please show me a product in the non crypto world that offers this rate without risk
  3. the bear stopped the backward dance during the night, it was resting, but now it's stepping back again, as you can see the bull is getting its second leg out the trap
  4. the bear footprint is still fresh but it's doing the backward dance, the bull is slowly surfing on the dancing volume pattern
  5. it's all about analysis, dancing volume pattern always trigger a backward bear walk
  6. yeah I will try to illustrate this more, don"t have the time to do that for now, but just wait and see
  7. it depends, we will have to check if the bear head is out
  8. indeed, the dancing volume pattern is pretty obvious here, 35cents is just the first step going to 50cents
  9. as you can see the bull is slowly getting his first legs out the trap, meanwhile the bear is still deeply stuck, so it looks very good
  10. W-Line is more accurate in this specific case and 35cents will be reach very soon
  11. it's both, bull has the legs inside the trap (obvious on charts), but bear has his head stuck in bull's ass, so for now it's pretty stuck. But for XRP where bull is gaining traction and is ready to fly.
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