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    Tradekraft reacted to JoelKatz in Suggestions for XRP Ledger enhancements   
    Since 2012, Ripple has been committed to advancing the XRP Ledger as an open, decentralized system for payments. We have worked together with the community to dramatically increase the decentralization, performance, and feature set over the last seven years. 
    Ripple’s vision for the XRP Ledger is for it to continue to provide the best interoperability with Interledger. Key to this vision is for the XRP Ledger to remain best in class in security, performance, and settlement features.
    We’ve been working on a number of possible features and design changes that could be introduced to the XRP Ledger, and we want input from the entire community about these features. How helpful are they to the use cases that the community is currently pursuing? What changes are developers and contributors to XRP Ledger interested in implementing?
    Today, we are posting descriptions of many possible enhancements to the XRP Ledger. They fall broadly into three categories:
    Consensus: Consensus is the heart of the XRP Ledger. It’s the way the ledger makes forward progress in a decentralized way. While PoW has provided only limited decentralization and appears to be a technological dead end, distributed agreement algorithms such as the XRP Ledger’s consensus algorithm provide real decentralization and continue to improve in their performance and reliability, year after year. Several of the suggested enhancements focus on improving the robustness of the XRP Ledger’s consensus mechanism.
    Performance and Resource Consumption: Due to the nature of public ledger systems, every on-ledger transaction imposes some resource costs on every participant. This creates a trade-off where increasing the transaction rate and lowering transaction fees can increase operational costs and drive some participants out of the ecosystem. Keeping resource consumption down increases the set of participants who can run their own server nodes, improving decentralization. Some of the suggested improvements aim to increase our understanding of the software’s resource consumption, reduce the consumption of bandwidth and memory, and improve network reliability.
    Features: The XRP Ledger currently has a sophisticated feature set including account management features, powerful multisigning, a decentralized exchange, and best-in-class support for off-ledger scaling. However, there are always more things it could do. The suggested improvements in this category add new capabilities such as an XRP-collateralized stablecoin and ways to ease the burden of the 20 XRP account reserve.
    We would appreciate members of the  XRP Ledger community looking over these suggestions and providing feedback. Suggestions for other features are welcome as well. Let’s build a roadmap to continue innovating together.
    You can find all of the suggestions in one place on Xpring's blog post. There are also links there to the individual forum posts for each feature for discussions.
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    Tradekraft reacted to XRPboi in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Thanks for the clarification,  Bob! The information you've provided is phenomenal. 
    Given your intricate understanding of Ripple and XRP, I would be most curious to learn about what you think XRP could/should achieve in terms of price if Ripple is successful with their goals over the next 1-5 years. I understand this is impossible to know for certain; but it seems like there are a herd of people who are certain that $500 is attainable with utility and regulation, and the other group of people who don't see XRP going past $50 any time before 2030.
    I ask as someone who has been following Ripple and XRP closely for a year and a half now, and someone who is learning about the tech and benefits it's going to have on the underserved. I am also someone that has put a lot of my hard earned money into this, and is perplexed as to how a crypto like ETH can make a run up to $1400 in less than a year, yet many people believe similar price action isn't possible for XRP (even given the 200+ partnerships and global usage beginning to occur). 
    I'm in no way asking "when 589?" - I would just love expert level insight into any expectations one could have moving forward. As a retail investor (speculator), is my hard earned money best placed on a bridge asset like XRP? Or will the need for the price to be "stable" potentially negatively affect any outsized gains that would occur otherwise?
    I appreciate any insight you can provide on this!
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    Tradekraft reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    There were some follow on posts as well, I try to address the concept the best I can hear. If I miss your particular question please ask again.
    Stefan and I identified what we named "the connector pattern". That is where an entity (Larry) receives a payment on one system, say XRPL and in response sends a payment on another system, say PayPal. The reverse is also possible, you might receive a PayPal payment, then send an XRPL payment.This is the basic principle that RippleConnect implements. It is used to connect hosted wallets, core banking systems, payment systems and other things to the XRP ledger.
    Early on there was an automated Ripple gateway that watched the bitcoin ledger for incoming payments, then sent a Ripple payment denominated in BTC. This in effect "issued" BTC on the ripple ledger. You could pass BTC from one Ripple user to another in seconds. You could also buy and sell it using the internal Ripple markets. All without signing a BTC transaction or waiting for a block to mine.
    It is absolutely possible to do that today. It becomes a "trust" relationship, since on the main XRPL you need to sent XRP to some particular account. Whoever holds the secret for that account might refuse to honor that debt in the future. But once you sent XRP to that account, you could manage it using any number of "sub-ledger" implementations.
    It is not necessary to use a new rippled network to do so, but there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Personally I wouldn't try to equate the XRP on one with XRP on the other. I'd just use trust lines to represent the remote XRP. You can implement a nice double entry accounting system on your sub-ledger system for free this way. That lets rippled reconcile the XRP held on the main XRPL with the liabilities issued to sub-ledger users. It also allows your Sub-ledger native XRP to be used exclusively for transaction fees and account reserves without regard to the price of XRP on the main XRPL.
    I have no idea if anyone is doing that at the moment.
    Normally I blame transactional anomalies on some anonymous stranger "stress testing" the XRPL. I think David and Nik would tell you that happen more than people give it created for. Also, since anyone can create USD trust lines and issue balances (fake money). Then anyone can also place market order for this fake money against XRP. Occasionally someone finds a user that left there rippling flags enable, and uses this to maliciously swap good money for bad.
    If anyone wants to gather the transaction ID you're most interested in, I'll take a look at them and explain what I can.
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    Tradekraft reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I'm not sure I'm qualified to use fancy words like "geopolitical" correctly. :-) But there are huge improvements coming to the structure of banking.
    Please keep in mind that while I think of myself as a reasonably smart guy, I'm by no means smart about everything. However, in my various positions at Ripple, a lot of much smarter people than me showed up in our office to tell me the details of their particular problems. They then left it to me to figure out if Ripple or its technologies could help. That was one of my key contributions to the company. I could almost always figure out a way to deploy Ripple technologies to solve other people's hard problems.
    So "geopolitically" speaking, one of the weirdest things about banking is how the international relationships are structured. This is true especially among the smaller countries. Take a random made up example. Say Alice lives in Barbados and want to do a business transaction with Bob in Saint Lucia. It is just a standard two party business deal for services rendered. But Alice uses BBD and Bob uses XCD. So how do their banks settle that transaction?
    Well it turns out in many cases they use USD. That sentence sounds pretty sensible not earth shaking to anyone... But how does that really work? Well it turns out that important banks in Barbados keep "correspondent" accounts with a large US bank. Let's say Citi in this case. And some large bank in Sant Lucia also keeps a correspondent account with a US bank. Let's say BofA in that case. The settlement actually happens by the Barbados bank telling Citi to wire money through the FedWire system to the St Lucia's account at BofA. These requests are transmitted via SWIFT.
    But the crazy thing is that US law says that both Citi and BofA need to screen the transaction between Alice and Bob for compliance with US laws! And if a bad transaction slips through, both Citi and BofA can be fined huge amounts. So in effect, whether Alice in Barbados can do business with Bob in St Lucia becomes dependent on whether or not US banks want to allow it. Even though the transaction doesn't involve US jurisdiction at all!
    The side effect of the US bank's risk in these transactions is that they've started closing the correspondent banking accounts for entire countries. The risk is just seen as too high for the reward (fees) that they can charge. This is called in banking jargon, "the de-risking problem".
    A bridge currency like XRP changes that dynamic dramatically. Transaction that don't involve the US (or other third countries) don't have to travel through their systems to settle. That allows people to stop jumping through third party regulatory hoops and just get one with doing business.
    I hope that counts as "geopolitical"!
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    Tradekraft reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    Let's start with the easy ones:
    Please feel free to ask me anything compromising or not. I would really like to know what is on everyones mind. If I can't answer directly I promise to say so. I'll try not to spin ******** just to look like I outsmarted your hard question. That's not why I'm here.
    Ripple does have a lot of internal communication about what is happening. Mostly this relates to new contracts and meeting internal goals. Some of the "good developments" include the XRP price moving up. Interestingly, that is a bit of a double edged sword internally. The more the price moves, the more distracted people can get from what they are supposed to be working on. So I'd say that there is a lot less XRP price speculation talk inside Ripple than here. But there is probably more talk about the network building wins and how they fit into Ripple's overall strategy then you see on this site.
    Of course this site is mentioned. I lot of people at Ripple read this site even if fewer post. The same is true for Ripple's own forum. I wish there was more public interaction between employees and the community. But I can also see how difficult it is for the communication team to keep secrets long enough to have a well coordinated press strategy.
    The remaining two question are awesome, but they require long hard answers. Exactly the kind of answers I like to give. If this was an "ask me anything" I'd probably give the normal platitudes just to move on to the next question and finish up. But instead, I'll tell you why I want to defer answering these in detail so you'll all hold me to "getting around to it".
    The is really the topic I hoped to discuss on this site long term. You've just spun it in a different direction. I wanted to answer, "What advantages does Ripple have (after all these years) against the headwinds it and every other cryptocurrency must face."
    This is not a short answer. It presumes that we all have the same understanding about the direction that Ripple is flying and also which way the wind is blowing. That's rarely ever the case with Ripple. I'll expand on this as I can but if you want the nutshell version.
    The hardest thing in crypto and money in general is compliance. That is underestimated by everyone in the space. Ripple has build out a great team and worked hard over the years in discussing these issues directly with regulators. Few other crypto ecosystems have this experience.
    The second hardest thing in money is inertia. We think of banks as a single entity. But they're not. They are a bunch of departments headed by individuals. Most of these individuals are great people but each is looking out for their own personal self interest (just like everyone else). If you are the first to implement something new and different at a bank and it goes wrong--you can be fired! On the other hand, if someone else implements something first and it goes right--it's unlikely you'll be fired for implementing it second.
    So one of the keys is to canvas the world broadly enough to find the people whose problems are bad enough that the potential benefits overwhelm the perceived risks. Ripple has been awesome at identifying areas where the need it greatest.
    (by the way, that's what I mean by short answer)
    Again, this is a great question that is part of a much longer discussion. But I'll try to a short answer without sounding like a ...
    The phrase "xrp adoption" begs the counter question "adoption by whom?" But that's a ...ish answer. Currently, I think XRP adoption among the "right people" for the "right reasons" is getting better and better. In this case, the "right people" are exchanges and the "right reason" is to support xRapid. As xRapid volume increases more and more XRP holders and traders will be drawn into the ecosystem simply because there is money to be made trading the counterflow. Both the additional payment volume and additional traders should tend to put upward pressure on XRP's price.
    On the other hand, at the end of 2017 there were a lot of the "wrong people" buying XRP for the "wrong reasons". I have to admit that made me happy too! In fact, I'm a bit sad I didn't sell more at the high AND buy it all back at the low. ;-) But I'm pretty sure everyone else feels the same way.
    But don't mistake poor humor for cynicism. I'm hodling XRP longterm. I have complete confidence Ripple is well positioned to succeed. 
    (Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. I don't speak for Ripple the company and don't have insider knowledge of their current plans.)
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    Tradekraft reacted to Vader-DeWelt in Hi! I'm Bob   
    147/416 "like ratio", says it all.
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    Tradekraft reacted to jag216 in This is fine.   
    I've been giving a lot of thought over to market reviews and in particular I've been reflecting on the market turbulence we've been observing here in the U.S. and I have to say I've been really impressed with the solid fundamentals we have beneath the XRP asset.
    I originally got into XRP as a safe haven to lock in my winnings from a BTC/LTC pump phase, noting how little fluctuations we were having in the coin back when it was $.15-$.17. It was satisfying then, even when we had a scary dip into $.13 territory.
    It is just as satisfying now, in my opinion. I have been thrilled with the ecosystem that has developed and the competitive inspiration they are providing in the fintech space. I think it speaks to the facility and quality of the platform when coders like weitsewind can pull together quality applications with such short development cycles.
    I have a bag that has always hoped for $10-15 as its long term goal, hoping I would cash out my seed investment in the first two years or so. I won't complain if I see $50 or more, but I certainly don't expect it unless we engage a sovereign debt crisis with inflation that hits double digits.
    The response XRP has had to this recent reshuffling has exceeded my expectations. Our trading ratios against other leading currencies have clearly decoupled and recoupled. The standards that have been set in terms of those relationships are remarkable. It is rare to have that kind of ratio shift between well established currencies.
    I can't speak to the negativity surrounding the failure of XRP or Ripple the company to meet other people's expectations. In an unregulated market as new as this one is, I never would have expected to find an achored asset, but I'm glad I found XRP when I did, and I am very thankful that, when it comes to the asset and the Ripple team, the worst I have to accept in terms of 'bad behavior" is slippage in hopeful milestones on a calendar. It isn't until we see millionaires act like spoiled children that we can appreciate having adults in the space who has vision beyond their own personal ego and success. It's clear to me that the digital asset space has a lot of greedy disingenuous actors who threaten the health of the ecosystem as a whole. For my part, I have tried (aside from a bit of memeing) to keep my head out of the drama and focus primarily on the labor of folks who are really working hard to change the game instead of getting played by the game.
    But after this whole debacle I felt the need to express my appreciation for having level headed folks in the space working for Ripple and other companies like SBI who are trailblazing the future of finance and trying to do so in a way that is responsible and accessible to as many as possible. Their ability to work through the noise and not give in to ravenous speculators is admirable. I believe the quality of their partnerships and the vision of their network is reflected in the stability of XRP, and I believe that value will increase with the quality of the relationships that are forged around it.
    At the end of the day, having good culture in a company is as important to its success as having good tech. From what I have observed, Ripple and the XRP founders have developed both. I hope it continues for at least a decade before morphing into the next big thing(s).
    This is fine.
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    Tradekraft reacted to 2ndtimearound in Are you feeling Bullish?   
    So Bakkt (Microsoft, Starbucks, NYSE), Fidelity, Yale ($400M earmarked for future crypto investments), Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch - they all missed the bubble too, because they are only now making major investments into crypto - I guess the nerdy investors of late 2017 beat them to the punch, huh?
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    Tradekraft reacted to BANKXRP in Inside RIPPLE Headquarters With Cointelegraph   
    Inside RIPPLE Headquarters With Cointelegraph
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    Tradekraft got a reaction from Moonraker in AllIn’s 2018 EOY Challenge   
    $13.20 USD
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    Tradekraft reacted to Delectro in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    I'm having this feeling that BG123 isn't just making a prediction with ("$589+).
    He was making a statement.
    A statement based perhaps on his own "testing" of smaller amounts of currency being transacted through XRapid.
    If my theory is correct, based off everything I have read and learned here at this impeccable and incredible club/thread it would mean that the "+" symbol was added to express that $589.00 per each XRP is from just maybe one simple test.
    If this is the case, (now I know this sounds absolutely insane) I could see the value of XRP reaching 5 or more digits.
    I like to believe that BG123 was very important on the inside.
    Imagine,... $10,000.00 for each XRP
    I'm not dreaming here folks, I'm just thinking.
    If it really doesn't take that much currency to increase price and we, (well, I do anyway) expect XRP to increase in price very quickly... I'm talking fast enough to keep the "average Joe" from investing when the discover the truth that they should have invested earlier, even just $20.
    A global financial reset means that value will go from paper to digital which could mean so serious, breath taking, life changing profits.
    The kind that will be looked back on and people will think, what a time to be alive that would have been back then.
    I just have this feeling...
    And it's getting stronger.
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    Tradekraft reacted to Flintstone in XRP and Ripple Artwork!   
    Hello and welcome   Nice work!
    If you could paint this, I'm sure it would fetch at least $589

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    Tradekraft reacted to Chewiecoin in What Next for XRP?   
    .I agree that we will see retracement and $10 could be one of them.
    If you look however through old XRPChat posts most people did not believe a $1 price was possible ( @Hodor and many others were the exception). When the discussion turned to $1 most were of the opinion that the price would hit $1 and then massive profit selling would occur bringing the price back down.
    Look what happened. We hit $1 with such force that we blew straight past and kept going.
    I feel the same will happen at $10. Firstly, yes I believe it will happen and secondly when we see it it will be based on a tidal wave of buying pressure from utility demand and investor speculation that we will also blow straight past. 
    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.
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    Tradekraft reacted to WallStreetWolf in I'm Back...   
    For those who still remember, I'm back..
    @RegalChicken @PickleRick @zenkert
    Missed you guys, however I just couldn't personally handle the whole crypto life that became a addiction and eventually made my life a living hell.
    I'm back stronger, mental health way better and financial on track!
    As soon as the market crashed, so did I and needed my time off, thinking and becoming a better version of myself. Got into problems with people that I advised about investing into XRP when it was $2+(You should never ever do that, let this be a piece of advice that you will find out the hard way).
    Checked my notifications and saw messages and tags in which people were actually concerned about where I went, I forgot how amazing and positive this community is.
    All I want to say is, now that XRP is getting back on his feet after receiving a near dead blow, be wise with your hard earned money, spend what you can spend and read into what you invest in.
    It is still amazing to see that XRP is the crypto that actually wants to change the world, as others may try but fail as they are only words but no actions.
    I hope some of my buddy's are still active, this time we will make it to the moon. Giving up and losing all I had was because I was childish. But it made me wise and prepared.
    Let this be a piece of advice for you all, never invest more than just money alone, gambling is a poison and you have to be mentally stable for it if it goes the wrong way. Always be prepared for what could happen!

    Anyways, as you can read A LOT went down this year. I missed you guys!

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    Tradekraft reacted to Alluvial in $1B MARKET VOLUME FOR LAST 24 HRS   
    After last year's SWELL, which was really hyped up and ended with a whimper, with basically no announcements, etc., I think that Ripple learned its lesson and is planning to announce something big, or even a lot of big things.  Also, it could, of course, be imminent news from the SEC issuing an opinion that XRP is not a security.  One thing I am glad about, is that no one is saying it has something to do with C**base, a foul word which I will not type here.  F*ck C**base and its BS reasons for not adding XRP - we don't need you!! 
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    Tradekraft reacted to itcdominic in XRP #1   
    18 cents more and we will be at #2 overtaking Ethe.
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    Tradekraft reacted to mandelbaum in SBI Ripple Asia Page   
    The volume seems to be coming from Hong Kong, ZB.com. People/companies are exchanging Bitcoin for XRP.
    Any news from China? Sorry.. Gina?
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    Tradekraft reacted to Rey in $589... Really...   
    To compare any price prediction at all to the event you just mentioned is in my opinion not only very bad taste ...
    Such posts do not belong on this forum or any forum at all ... just my opinion ...
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    Tradekraft reacted to Hodor in A Journey Of A Thousand Miles: XRP   
    The journey may have been a thousand miles, but the destination is now clear for XRP.

    Lots Happening! 
    As executives from Ripple continue to prompt governments - both in the US and in Japan - for regulatory clarity, they have not stopped expanding the RippleNet network or its list of clients.
    Chris Larsen announces that Ripple has signed over 100 clients to production contracts, and Ryan Zagone, Brad Garlinghouse, and Cory Johnson all make high-profile public appearances, emphasizing similar points in unison.
    ACI Worldwide, the US-based payments giant, mentions Ripple technology in a recent interview, and the Japanese Banking Consortium readies MoneyTap for initial release.
    Ripple also settles its lawsuit with R3 and provides further updates to the upcoming SWELL Conference, which is now only two weeks away!
    And in Coil news, an independent developer releases a step-by-step guide for how Wix website owners can sign up for web monetization.
    Winding things up, WietseWind reveals plans to help people monetize their own extra, home-generated electricity, and a new Python library to access the XRP Library is released by a community developer.
    Hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below.  Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread  
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    Tradekraft reacted to Tehol_Beddict in IMF on cryptocurrencies for cross-border Payments   
    More re IMF:
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    Tradekraft reacted to princesultan in Brad Garlinghouse and Arrington XRP next (TechCrunch)   
    It was a very entertainment interview. Arrington was actually quite funny and I enjoyed the dynamic. Yes he interrupted but it was all in good fun and you can see brad enjoyed it. He also looked quite confident. One of the better ones I’ve seen lately...
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    Tradekraft reacted to Sharkey in Brad Garlinghouse and Arrington XRP next (TechCrunch)   
    Well, i thought that the interviewer was fairly antagonistic but Arrington added some levity and BG handled all of the inappropriate questions as well as interruptions very well.  I found the interview to be fresh and somewhat playful, in spite of the interviewer.  There wasn’t anything new but it was cool and matched the Joe Cool venue.   
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    Tradekraft reacted to BarryM17 in Mark one down as a winner!!!   
    I know I recently posted "I'm done" giving (XRP on this forum) but that always wasn't the case.
    Even though I'm President & CEO of my corporation, technically speaking the Board of Directors are "my" boss.  It's just the way business's work.
    So anyhow, we'll call him one of my bosses, considering they could all vote to fire me if they wished to.  He's like the cheapest person I've ever met in my life.  I've been trying to convince him for over a year now to invest in crypto, most notably XRP.
    He kind of, sort of follows things, so he's aware of what it is.  On several occasions I've shown him how to set up a wallet address & said that if he followed through with it, I'd send him free XRP (which is again, something I "probably" will never do again on this forum, but this story pre-dates that decison).  Because he's so pre-occupied with work he procrastinated on setting up a wallet forever.  Finally, last month he informed me he actually set up a Toast wallet.  I told him to e-mail me his wallet address (had to show him how to do it) and I sent him 5000 XRP.
    Dude calls me like an hour ago and says, "I just noticed XRP is around $0.28, please tell me how to buy more."  This is AWESOME!  Of all the people in the entire world this guy would never do this, yet I walked him through it and he did.
    This is the reason I started giving (XRP) in the first place.  To build interest in the asset.  To attract investors.  To educate people on how to do things, like set up a wallet or how to buy, etc..
    Great news, IMO.
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    Tradekraft reacted to Hodor in Ripple is ‘definitely’ targeting China with its blockchain-based payments tech, exec says   
    The goal of most mainstream news is now to sell advertising, not to actually do research, source content, fact-check, or do the normal work you'd expect from a 'news' organization. 
    Mainstream news can't change your opinion on most topics, as well, but they easily change 'what you think about'.  Humans are quite vulnerable to topic switching.  This is why I think Bitcoin is overvalued - even its bad publicity is actually 'good publicity' in terms of what new crypto investors think about. 
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