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  1. 52 and it's all about freedom 55... On a super yacht... In the Med!
  2. and then came along the 2 for 1 deal. Marketing magic! that's just forked.
  3. The difference here being that XRP is now leading BTC, not following. I cannot wait for the day when the heard realizes that XRP just past BTC, then will see some FOMO!
  4. I am curious to know where you found this cause Im thinking you were just trolled.
  5. After today's events this sounds like a bear trap to me. Pass.
  6. Thanks. The thought occurred to me that it could be in Ripples best interest to bring the mountain to wall st instead of waiting for wall st to find the mountain. XRP being listed on the Nasdaq has a nice sound to it.
  7. What do you think the chances of something like Ripple encouraging the SEC to deem XRP as a security. That would be a shocking game changer. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/04/04/ripple-struggles-to-get-listed-on-u-s-exchanges-as-regulators-determine-what-coins-are-deemed-securities/ "Few things have propelled XRP’s price more in recent months than speculation that the token is set to graduate to U.S. exchanges — exchanges that face stricter regulations than those based in other parts of the world. A U.S. listing would cement XRP’s standing among the top cryptocurrencies: by market cap
  8. The stage is set for institutional buyers to enter at the price point they wanted.
  9. I can just image the text messages between management at IBM after this interview. What a trainwreck!
  10. That is what I was thinking, a 20% drop on that comment alone. This is the first moment where I considered that you may actually have a chance at our wager @jasil
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