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  1. I don't know that this would affect XRP all that much as it's intended to be a smart contracts platform that accepts any crypto currency. At least I Think that's how it works... Anybody smarter than me feel free to correct me!
  2. Until now it still makes no sense to me...If your "Decentralized" coin is more than 50% mined by a certain group of people then it isn't decentralized... segwitx2 being possible is testimony to that fact.
  3. It sucks huh? I send money every two weeks to my family in the Philippines. I use Xoom so it's only about 7 dollars but that's still a lot compared to what it could be...
  4. This is true. Ok thank you! I think for now I will just leave it where it is.
  5. Hi, I just posted in the non-related section here on Xrp about a go fund me that a friend of mine is doing. The gofund me is for a game he is trying to make. He intends to make Xrp the in game currency for his game. Would it be appropriate to post this in the "general" area of this forum since it is related to Xrp... Ish? Thanks for the help!
  6. I have a friend who has started a GofundMe campaign for a video-game idea he has. The idea is pretty slick and I think It could be a hit if things work out. He intends to use XRP as it's in game currency. Go check it out! gf.me/u/dtmtrd (And no, this is not me trying to advertise my project. I would say so if I was.) ?
  7. @ahmadderarkeep it up and don't give up buddy. We're on the same team. In the end if were all patient enough your efforts along with the efforts of everyone else in this community will have paid off. We read your articles and appreciate them.
  8. @Niall If this community is to remain productive when it comes to informing everyone here about anything Ripple or XRP related we should try to be a little bit more considerate with the comments we make towards members of our community who are trying to contribute. We don't want to lose our community or discourage people from trying to inform us of their opinions just because we feel like something should be written a certain way. In short, let's be nice. Who knows, we may have already scared off the next @Hodor
  9. Iv wondered this as well for Quite some Time. I would say about 8/10 times Ethereum and XRP charts are very similar...wish I could answer your question. Just know your not alone. I've noticed this as well too!
  10. Correct me if I'm Wrong anyone but IMHO I don't think Hashgraph poses a threat. As has been discussed here before, Ripple already has its foot in the door with some large institutions, That takes Time. These guys are new and it will take time for them to gain a foothold that makes an impact. Also, I just visited both hashgraph.com and swirlds and from what iv read it looks like a software that anyone can use(I could be wrong about the "anyone can use part") . Meaning this could be good for Ripple as it would only require an update to Ripple's software. Xrp I don't think would be affected at
  11. This post is very well written. I can tell you have put a lot of thought into this. I am not as eloquent as yourself or others on this forum but I read every word and appreciate what you have said. XRP is to cryptocurrencies what bluechips are to stocks. It will be a long term hold for me but as you stated success with Ripple will happen, it's only a matter of time. Welcome to the forum!
  12. I think the effort Cointal has put forth in answering these questions shows some sincerity in protecting their customer base to the best of their abilities. Time will tell if this service is reputable or not. BTW @Cointal from what I understand about a certain crypto currency sending money/cryptocurrencies cross border might be a service you look into...just thought I might add that since you're here and all... on the XRP forum...
  13. Searched for this topic but couldn't find anything about it. I think some people might find this information interesting, especially with the swell conference on the way. Hopefully we see an uptick in the amount of XRP/Ripple Searches being done after the conference as this (imo) would most likely coincide with an uptick in price. https://trends.google.co.in/trends/explore?q=XRP
  14. Just saying hi to all in the forum! Iv been reading XRP chat for a while now but just decided now to make an account and post. Happy to be here!!!!
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