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  1. Yes If You held XRP at the date of the snap shot on 12/12/20 and it was on the Ledger. Else no. This is the only current chance as of now if I am not mistaking. If you've acquired XRP after the snapshot date there is no way to participate with your balance in the air drop.
  2. I want to like this, but esports itself in Japan is a huge handicap due to laws preventing people offering revenue as enticing and an unfair practice against other companies. In order to have a revenue in esports you need to have a license as a professional gamer. MAYBE xrp is not an "income"? Wait, now that I think about it, could this be the loophole to use for winnings / earnings, kind of like the way Pachinko slides under the radar? Will do more research.
  3. This is a really good question. I have this same question because I can see people creating several wallets and snap shooting it. For this reason I haven't touched the xrp I snapshot in case they run some kind of check.
  4. I would applause a Japan move linking asia and the west. Japan has a huge problem with bureaucracy and slow implementation. The world is old and slow and I feel ripples move would excel things quite quickly. I don't think Japan will remain this way for much longer, like a rubber band that keeps beings stretched, but ripple could help launch it. In my opinion, Japan is the kingdom of silos. Nothing is connected and everything is private and independent. Everything from it's banks, Internet (I once had to pay the ISP and the ISP's rail link providers in separate bills), public transport, there's always a couple of options completely segregated. Heck, even their electric system is divided with half the country running 60Hz and 50 Hz lol. Ripple here in a perfect world of adoption domestically would be VERY advantageous in the remittance world. We shall see, the statement by Brad is very hopeful either way for lighting a fire under sec and or moving the company forward.
  5. This is an interesting perspective because its true I guess (a lots changed like the adoption of bitcoin). It feels different though, like we've been hearing sbi and the magic button and nothing for 2 years now. But when you think about a broad scope like this they really are making moves.
  6. It's not just with finances, it's with everything. I mean literally everything. Even when a decision is made it is never a concise sharp assertive decision, it's " well, yeah right? we should do this but, right?" まそね。たびん大丈夫ですけど。ん。A cultural thing, very cautious. It's a good thing but also a bad practice as if you are going to fail, fail fast. I hope to see a big move and not intentional announcements at least this year.
  7. My problem with this post is that it's stagnant and falls short. Finance moves steadily, technology moves very fast. The two worlds have been growing with technology. The past 50 years argument is like saying "DANG ELECTRIC VEHICLES, DA HELL WERE THEY IN THE 50'S", it just makes no sense considering what was available in the timeline. In addition finance likes to earn, especially if you are public. I think the opinion falls short but I also definitely agree with you that it isn't as fast as people expect. We want it to happen over night but adoption needs to take place which it will. And last I checked Tier1 banks ARE working with ripple, not sure if that seems silly, maybe it does, but that's how you get ahead.
  8. I hope Money Tap does well. I'm afraid of it just being one more payment option available in Japan like suica, sugoca, line pay, bitpay, etc. I feel like Japan has too many silos and don't use one dominant system like other countries use visa and mastercard. Lets hope money tap can gain many contracts in all areas of Japan. I thought Sumitomo, SBI were related companies?
  9. WHOLE -E MOLE -E you sound like a fooking censored short sided dumby. "Miners in China have difficulties to sell their bitcoin via Hong Kong" "If you favor your money, don't support those terrorists in Hong Kong." You need Hong Kong's current separate much more efficient and logical system, the very thing they are fighting for, yet you speak to them in such a fascist context. Can't you see that the CCP is the issue if you can't do anything where you are now with out the help of the outside. Secondly the entire crypto market can do just fine with out any country, though every country matters to make this thing work.
  10. In short it really is that simple. People who have the capability to influence price make or sell their investment, fish follow creating a huge momentum. This goes with both buy and sell. pNd. It's what the market is until it isn't and that's who knows when.
  11. I'm starting to think it's not about being in XRP but only to be ready for XRP when we start seeing some price action. It is pathetic the price of XRP and you can't argue otherwise. For those of us who have been around a minute we are hitting only 1 to 2 years from now to be at those triple digit price predictions (the good o'l non logical random a-ss number 5 years from now saying). People who are all in on XRP (like me) are too safe and feeling the stress bend of it. XRP is a smart investment for sure, we know that. But people who are doing short investments are smart too grabbing it while its there.
  12. Oh that's neat. Ripple is still a growing company, and their services and how to solicit them are also maturing. As a customer, talk to me like I'm 5 and let's ditch the buzzword bingo.
  13. This is an interesting perspective and probably true. It genuinely doesn't make sense to have your competition at your event right? "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" It would make sense to market your product along side the competition assuming you have the better product for assurance.
  14. Japan's bureaucratic ways kill me softly. Let's go!
  15. This genuinely is eye brow raising. If you think about it, a customer doesn't care about how the results are done, but just the end result. It could be that with minimal effort these new "upgrades" to an already existing infrastructure may be preferred rather than a whole new implementation all together. I know what ripple has going for them is transaction vs settlement, but is the settlement part really an issue? I feel what ripple had going for them was the speed vs settlement and that speed part is being matched today. a new era, companies, practices? I can see ripple being the leeway for new companies with minimum capital to become of competition to the much bigger companies that can afford to fund their way to be a dominant payments company. This is a possibility for the new age to be born, but that's decades away imo to have a global impact. Either way a move up is the right direction no matter the time frame. Either way I hope for the adoption or integration of ripple services over swift. Exciting times.
  16. Correct. and XRP is labeled as Ripple like the early days lol. next: Speaking of app adoption, Whatsapp should look into the same as it looks like it's what's popular in the west. Obviously fb should drop Libra and do the same, they'd easily be the biggest exchange.
  17. Wealp, Hello Bitmax via LINE That will take care of general public's investments haha. Now for SBIVC to take care of the big fish !
  18. From a consumer or every day joe who is considering crypto, this is great, this is bigger than SBIVC. People trust Line in Japan and it's ease of use compared to most exchange makes making the plunge way way easier. One gripe, it says ripple and not xrp lol. oh well.
  19. Most definitely. The technology is there, the company is there, I think what's left to conquer are exchanges that can cater to these businesses and liquidity. I think SBIVC is exactly that for Japan.
  20. Sorry if I burst anyones bubble about sbivc, just calling it how I see it from way down here on the floor. Though I do have hope for it in the business world in which xrp makes the most sense of use anyway.
  21. From a consumer level I don't think anyone really cares about sbivc, it's not needed and there are plenty of access to crypto. The biggest and most friendly of all exchanges is bitbank and is pretty easy. SBIVC on the other hand is NOT good because you NEED a sumitomo (sbi owned bank) to fund it which is ******* ridiculous. SBIVC has hope I think only in the corporate transaction world, other than that I don't think anyone here in japan gives a **** about them. I don't expect anything to happen unless it is adopted among business in which it would make sense to use sbivc for liquidity for businesses.
  22. I guess it's a little neater with out translate, but not much difference with design. I personally don't mind it and it is very easy to use. #Function.
  23. ah ok thank you for that info. It doesn't appear there is an order book options. I've highlighted the only user options available in this very ugly snipet lol. I checked to see if bch and btc were tradeable, looks like they are. Hmm is it normal for purchase and sell prices to be different? interesting.
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