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  1. I guess it's a little neater with out translate, but not much difference with design. I personally don't mind it and it is very easy to use. #Function.
  2. ah ok thank you for that info. It doesn't appear there is an order book options. I've highlighted the only user options available in this very ugly snipet lol. I checked to see if bch and btc were tradeable, looks like they are. Hmm is it normal for purchase and sell prices to be different? interesting.
  3. I do see listings for xrp, bch, btc but do not see any area where I can trade or buy it. It does appear that I can buy and sell xrp via Yen, although I haven't tried. Linking a bank account also is possible currently. I've been lagging since I am not in the market to buy. maybe i'll try in a bit or tomorrow. I do not know what viewing order books is, i'll google it.
  4. As for me, i'd too like to know when SBIVC would have all of their services functional. They say they'd be live but I don't recall what exactly would be live. I have my account and trading pin but the exchange isn't working (at least last I checked a few weeks ago). If I had to guess, maybe their main applications are unable to function properly with out xrapid being live. That would surely cause the delay! As for bitobank or any other Japanese exchanges, I don't think they are the cause since I think sbivc's targeted audience is institutional trading. And they have quite a circle already on stand by.
  5. Oh yeah that postcard is not necessarily an accoun confirmation assuming you uploaded your digital documents. It's the password for trading that is changeable.
  6. I have my sbivc account and received my postcard this morning, now what? Oh yeah nothing because it's just another exchange amigo. But if you are in Japan, this is truly a breath of fresh air because now we can register our Japanese bank accounts, buy and sell much easier. It's very difficult with western anything since Japanese banks are quite careful with name confirmation (katakana / kanji) . Romanji characters is not accepted to some banks here.
  7. Life depression , no. The price of XRP is very sad. I do think it will turn around in a huge way, but the patience testing is strong. I have a price in mind, and a minimum sell point. Just depends how it performs when it hovers in the area.
  8. Nothing matters until xrapid is in production. Hype prices and people losing their heads is entertaining though.
  9. No need. I think Ripples focus is elsewhere than announcements of other companies news. Also, they were listed in the partners area of their site if i'm not mistaking about a month or so ago.
  10. Actually password is created upon account confirmation. Also verification is done with a choice of mail (why Japan mails everything still is beyond me), or digital upload.
  11. Very good point. At risk, also risky investors. If someone kicks the bucket that balance is now in limbo. Makes sense.
  12. With what I understand, still no bull run until xrapid is utilized just around the corner.
  13. Those legally residing in Japan (as of now?). It's not a surprise and was known. Hopefully this changes, but Japan is very careful. Secondly, providing support for people who don't speak Japanese is probably a huge challenge. If you are an American citizen or reside in U.S. for more than 182 days you have to click a confirmation button for tax purposes (avoid tax evasion). If you are are Politically Exposed Person, you also have to provide consent. Overall should be interesting and can't wait to see it's functions.
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