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  1. President Trump announced he was running for office June, 16th 2015.... Seems like a lot of sour people in here if you ask me!!! XBT = 240$ He ain't goin' #NO-WHERE
  2. @BarryM17 Your right. My apologizes my friend. I was putting everything together including your topic subject.. Both our convo's are in the right place. Off-Topic!! No worries,
  3. We're on the same side, as I've stated before. But I can think of alot more TFH stuff. Then a legal tender of a presidents picture.... For a currency.. lol #XRPTRUMP...... Would you like to comment...
  4. @BarryM17 Total Tin-Foil Hat stuff!!!???????!!!! That's just as obsurded as talking about impeachment. Lol WITH NO EVIDENCE... unlike XRP and their inner-works product.... WOW!! hahahaha
  5. @BarryM17 I was just thinking about this. Crazy times man. How about this to bake your noodle for a moment in time... I have a strong imagination of this!!! United States Federal notes have past presidents on them... If America can get the isht' together. Is it possible to have The Dons' name in/on this???? I know fed notes are different category than digital assets... But think about it... I believe/think it would actually makes sense. And people, with the right spin, might buy it.. Thoughts my man,
  6. Everyone, happy to be aboard. That being said and living in the US, one way I hope too cash out my CC's out in the future will be at destinations. ie "Wynn, Westgate, Mohegan Sun casinos, etc" Where I can stay and gamble the night away. This could be huge if company can accomplish these goals. And won't have to give up my beloved zerps during the trip. lol. Got more important things to do with them .... After all, we are all in the right place to begin with XRPchat ?
  7. Okay, I will cast the first stone to break the ice March: 33$+ June: 20$+ September: 180$ December: 1330$+ All speculation, but one can always hope!!
  8. Jacknife

    NYC Meetup

    First time post here. I Invested into XRP back in "The good ole' days" at 15 cents... XRP NYC meet-up at 10 Dollars???!!! Lets get something together here from the Big Apple!!!!
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