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  1. If these price swings keep happening I don't think I'll be alive by the time it hits $3. I'll end up slumped over this laptop...
  2. I'm not worried. I'm in since .03 and still holding. I'm more frustrated because I'm up and down 10k today. These price swings make just make it hard to justify holding when i could easily just short like everyone else and bank the 10k.
  3. this price manipulation is becoming a joke. So many people must want to see XRP fail.
  4. ah that's disappointing? If it's fake can a mod delete this post?
  5. Someone just uploaded this image to a crypto group on facebook. Photoshop or legit?
  6. Thanks. It's been tough watching it drop so much while everything else rose but I believe in it long term.
  7. I'm in since .03 and held right through the ups and downs.
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