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  1. Regurgitating a tweet from someone else about burning supply (XLM or XRP) and having the capacity to double supply is a pure form of Bitcoin maxi FUD. You’re better than that Al.
  2. I wonder if he would be joining the board of directors if he felt Ripple was a sinking ship caught in the quagmire of litigation as to whether XRP is an unregulated security ..........This appointment should be extremely telling from a regulatory standpoint. Kudos to the Ripple team.
  3. Great read and great summation of Brad’s recent interviews Hodor.
  4. Quit being so emotional 😭 (even though your handle implies it).
  5. Hahahahahahahha. Fantastic 12th post! What are you guys afraid of? That it’s going to succeed? What if, in 10 years time, I walk into a bank to “wire” money to Binance US and instead of a SWIFT ABA code, they ask me to touch the biometric fingerprint reader to verify an instant transfer from my crypto asset bank account via RippleNet settled in XRP.... totally hypothetical of course. Let’s hope your 13th post is better, or at least more convincing from a FUD standpoint.
  6. I knew Stevo Mnuchin heard it somewhere else first Hodor.
  7. Sporticus, you have an agenda..... please take your “pro bono” advice you post as though it’s precedent, with you on the way out. Ripple has far better counsel than a self proclaimed chat room securities expert working on it...........
  8. Can someone whip up a nice virtual hug meme for this guy from me please........
  9. Rupert Rothschild. He was cast away from the family at a young age and raised by Bedouins. He has suddenly returned to the spotlight to claim his place as heir apparent to the family fortune. He sometimes goes by Ru for short. Hope this helps.
  10. #TRADEMARKINFRINGEMENT But I digress. Roll w it.
  11. Hey coolio, it sounds like you’ve been living most your life living in the trollsters paradise. Tell me why are yee....so blind to see...that the crypto to back...is XRP?
  12. Wait she’s dating Nik???? Ugh. All’s fair in love and crypto I guess. Corner puzzle piece 🧩 though. This changes nothing Tiff FYI. Call me. I own lots of both 😉
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