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  1. Hi all, Not sure how many of you remember the short story contest from a year ago. This is the video version of the original XRP story that inspired it. Kick back, have a drink or some popcorn, watch this and let your mind go... We're on the right track. Good things take time.
  2. Long time no talk, guys... been working on a few things. I'd like to introduce you to "XRP the Standard Productions" and I hope to be bringing you lots of entertaining content in the future. As for now, please enjoy the words of Hodor brought to life in the channel's initial video. Stay the course, ladies and gents.
  3. Thanks for the shout-out, @Hodor , both here and in your last blog. There really were some captivating stories that people submitted. I am really excited to release a new project that I've been working on for the past several months. I hope to have it ready by early April...
  4. I believe at the end he says that once a bank joins Ripplenet they can be live on it within TWO WEEKS? Amazingly fast turnaround...
  5. Should've left it--it was perfect! Awesome writing by the way, man. It's about time someone hired you to write for them!
  6. Awesome, @buckor!! BTW, is your title to this thread a Freudian slip?
  7. Apologies to all--I've been travelling home all day and just now have a chance to post! I'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to the contest winners: @WillIAMRich : 1,000 XRP @Panosmek : 500 XRP @Raregem : 250 XRP @JCCollins : Silver Ripple Medallion donated by @Mercury I will be messaging each of you to ensure I send the prizes to the right XRP addresses (except for you, JC. I will have @Mercury message you to work out the mailing of the medallion!) Thank you to everyone who posted their XRP-inspired stories. These will be capturing the imagination of current and future XRP community members for a long time to come, and I truly appreciate all of your time and effort.
  8. I did this last year and it's fun to go back and see all of the hype we were tossing around: How silly of us to think that there would be a bunch of crazy cats let out of the bag by Garlinghouse and the gang. After all, we know the purpose of SWELL was for Ripple to make connections and deals (and from what I hear, they did QUITE WELL indeed). BUT--Who of us can resist taking a moment and expressing some hopes and dreams of things that will be announced at the big conference. Besides, if we do it again I can say I've established a "tradition"! So: What announcements are you hoping for when SWELL takes place in early October? No holds barred, have fun!
  9. Well said. I've gone into deep-space travel hibernation mode to save myself from a heart-palpitation every time a hope or expectation is not realized. Strong fundamentals, steady progress, on-ramps multiplying, good things are happening despite the market doldrums. My chin is up, but I'm definitely in chill-out mode!
  10. @Pablo started a "Codius and Smart Contracts" sub-forum a while back. My vote would be a "Coil" sub-forum right below it. I must admit, being a somewhat newbie moderator, I'm not quite sure how to create one. Thoughts on making a "Coil" sub-forum, @Pablo?
  11. I'm not too surprised that they don't try to venture into the community to get info. They probably think that we're mainly a bunch of dim-witted sycophants. It's just really frustrating to see news stories that seem to focus generally on "Bitcoin" when much greater technologies and solutions exist. There needs to be a similar-style documentary made professionally that lays out the modern state of cross-border payments and very clearly shows the bevy of Ripple solutions with a large focus on XRP. Who, Ran Neuer? He has actually come around in favor of XRP lately, but you certainly won't see me giving him much credit for that.
  12. Has anyone seen this entire special? I have not. I would bet a lot of money that they hardly mention Ripple solutions and XRP, if at all. There REALLY needs to be a documentary made about Ripple, XRP, and cross-border money transfer. I'm very serious.
  13. Welcome aboard, @Xrpforme. I've also thought for a long time that utility is of course essential, but that speculation and FOMO would set XRP on fire along with the utility. The utility will act as a catalyst for explosive speculative investment and FOMO. Whether that comes at the latter stages of 2018 or some time in 2019, I truly think it is not that far off...
  14. Exactly! I was thinking the same thing while watching this. It's also endlessly frustrating that they seem to not clearly differentiate between Bitcoin and digital assets like XRP. They kind of half-assed a differentiation, but it was pathetic. I wish for once we could have someone who knew what they were talking about on one of these panels. Imagine how David Schwartz or Chris Larsen could have responded, for instance. It would have calmly and concisely blown apart everything that guy was spouting.
  15. Speaking of Ripple and China, I found this MercuryFX statement (tweeted by @BANKXRP) to be really intriguing: Everyone should keep in mind, they are an xRapid partner! That being said, they MUST be referring to testing xRapid between China and Mexico, right? I see this statement as being quite significant. What are your thoughts on this statement, @BANKXRP? @Hodor?
  16. An excellent point to bring up. I think a lot of people would be shell-shocked with a sudden, significant rise because of that very reason. We get moony-eyed most of the time, but we don't necessarily think about the cold, hard reality of the actual exit.
  17. I was thinking about this earlier today. People everywhere are freaking out that we slid from over $3 to $0.25. A whole new set of people are going to be freaking out when we go from $15 to $4. Etc.
  18. Yes, and I've heard this SEB figure for months (I think). It would be great to see how much xCurrent volume is pumping--and in which corridors. I would imagine over the next couple of years we will see a 'hockey stick' graph figure for xCurrent (and xRapid!) transactions, but I've certainly seen nothing yet in that regard.
  19. I've always enjoyed watching her interviews. She is really a big-hitter. One of the things that always pleased me was the fact that she worked for SWIFT for so long before coming over to Ripple. https://www.linkedin.com/in/marjan-delatinne-473a9813/ In her last role she was the business director for GPI, so it always made me think that she knew Ripple was the future despite SWIFT's "innovative" GPI push.
  20. Great article. For those of us who understand the utility potential of XRP and its likely role in the future world economy, it is a given that the "crypto market" (with XRP being the eventual big dog) will dwarf the gold market. I sure hope you're right, though, about it coming to fruition in 2019. Wow, wouldn't that be amazing...
  21. Based upon overwhelming feedback from the community, I've decided I must extend the voting for this contest considerably. This will hopefully give everyone a more realistic time frame to read more of the stories. The new voting deadline is 09/30/18. This is the day before the SWELL conference. Remember, all stories can be accessed in the "Fan Submissions" section of XRP Chat: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/116-fan-submissions/
  22. In the "Fan Submissions" section. Go to the XRP Chat home page and scroll down toward the bottom to find this section. https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/116-fan-submissions/
  23. That was a great blog, and I totally agree with your sentiment that writing, art, stories, etc. can really show people what is possible, or the way things should be. Thanks for your continued promotion of the contest.
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