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  1. Random Will Ferrell story. Back in 2012 on Thanksgiving day I was dispatched to a house fire (I'm a police officer). I got there, it was minor, everybody was outside. I was talking to a friendly woman whose parents owned the house. Mid sentence I said "That guy over there looks a lot like Will Ferrell". She says oh yes that's my husband and brings him over to say hi. Well, it was, and he couldn't have been nicer (pretty sure it ended up on TMZ). So take care of him even though they shut down your street!
  2. Based on comments made by Scooter Braun, it sounds (to me) like they are developing a streaming platform that will stream payments to artists as you stream their music. Cutting out all the middle people that take a piece of the action traditionally. But I am inferring this from various interviews.
  3. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/2b/0a/c8/54d18239376c83/US20180322587A1.pdf
  4. That is a surprising question from someone who joined XRPchat in 2015. And no, to answer your question.
  5. You can't make this stuff up. You can't, because Todaysgazette already did. Why do people insist on posting links to this site still?
  6. Please oh please can we stop with these Todaysgazette links.
  7. Brad gets on an airplane with his empty briefcase and picks up the $ from the buyer.
  8. What an incomprehensible post. Well done.
  9. Yup. It was called AOL. They used to send me free CD ROMs every month begging me to join for free. How did that work out for them.
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