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  1. Shit! I would love to get 20,000 USD/week by doing nothing, but selling crappy tokens pulled out of my ass. This guy is a lucky bastard, who lives in the world of amazing morons, who buy his shit. I need to quit my job and do something like that.
  2. Open another bank account. It is much easier in your country than "xrp > btc > amazon gift card". Several clicks online.
  3. As I read it, it is $5K per day. Oh shit, I would love to have $5K per day selling some crap which did not cost me nothing.
  4. By the way, did any local Sherlock spot a transaction of 5+2B XRP from Jed's relatives accounts to ripple and charity accounts?
  5. Yes, arresting Jed's funds is definitely advantage for them. They can do their calculations whatever way they want. In worst case, they can stick this agreement into Jed's ass, and do what they want to do with his 5B XRP.
  6. You have not seen the whole contract either. We both are on the same boat. I make my conclusion based on official announcement from ripple-whatever-they-call-them-now. If you conclusions are based on other sources, put them on the table.
  7. If Jed would dump all his XRP after announcing his Jedmaggedon, that would be awesome. But as was noted above, he is not that stupid, and his intention is to manipulate the price for some time, which he can still do by manipulating the volume. You guys have a new job of volume police.
  8. No, not indefinitely. But for some time for sure. His XRP is arrested now, but he can still manipulate the volume.
  9. I don't really understand, why you want to bother with this instead of just letting the bastard to sell all of his XRP as he promised? Yes, you would have temporary price fall. But you would be able to buy dirt cheap XRP, and Jed problem would be solved forever in few month, instead of 10 years. Making agreements with Jed, which he can easily violate, is really irrational.
  10. Because I don't see them the cited quote.
  11. Sounds like Jed got a good deal. Now he can issue some crappy IOUs and boost daily volume to the moon by trading billions of XRP to himself for these IOUs. Sounds like the problem is solved. Jed is finally allowed to sell his XRP at a pace which is comfortable for him.
  12. Yes, this is exactly my question. Imo, centralized crypto exchange is a perfect candidate for ripple gateway, since they have all necessary infrastructure. Bitstamp proved it. You trade in RCL, but use crypto exchange for deposit/withdrawal. If RL would not overlook this 3 years ago, and convince more major exchanges to serve as ripple gateways, ripple would be very different now.
  13. What is a point to trade XRP on centralized exchange?
  14. This is what ripple needs for all this three years. Exactly applications like this. Plus more gateways.
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