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  1. We agree about that, I didnt said it should be sold by a different value. The 55% XRP that would be handeld as I said by the banks would of course increase the total value of the 100 Billions. How can they use the rest of the 45% if people are storing them on hardwallets and parts therof are offline. Cash Flows as the XRP the banks will use, and thats how "we" the partipators wo have put their money to buy XRP will profite through the increase number of transaction by banks with XRP, and so on the XRP value will increase. I hope you got me ?
  2. I think it could be this way. Totobuente you are right about the bank aving XRPs to trade, but I think they wont trade with "30"% but with the "70"% of Ripple by borrowing them only from ripple. Money doesn't sleep, neither does the XRP. For example: To get a majority of a company you have to have a least 51% ownership. If we say that 51 Billion belongs to Ripple and they add the 4 Billions (Transaktion fees that would be generated by the banks) it would give a 55 Billion XRP that could be exchanged worlwide (there is currency traded about 5 Trillion$ a day worldwide) so i
  3. Can we get this app for android ? For myself Tablets are more convenient but they are on android. Any thoughts ?
  4. Hi Bitstamp-Domen. Thank you, yes in fact my total account value expressed in XRP decreases as the value of XRP grows. And the value expressed in USD/EUR grows then. Ok so it means it is normal thou
  5. Yes I doubled checked and I saw it decreasing live on my exchange platform but at a 0.000000.. scale. Bitstamp exchange... and i don't really exchange Could you please give me the name or adresse of a Cold Wallet, I ordered a Ledger Nano S but it wont be here till 2 months from now.. Many thanks.
  6. Hi folks, I'm Dominic, new on Ripple and I have observed that my XRP are decreasing automaticaly on my exchange platform without me doing any transactions. So I was wondering if they will still decrease if I send them on a Hardwallet. Any ideas ? Thanks and Hats off for Ripple
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