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  1. Got it done via the World Exchange! Thanks ever so much! Take Care
  2. The problem is I dont know where the command is to start a new wallet and import the secret key..... I can start an empty one... but when ou create a wallet it also gives you a new secret key... Where do I import it? Mercury said in a post before that you could import the secret key.. I cant find how to do that...
  3. Thanks again.... I am understanding more... It does say when I made my wallet that I could have access to the coins if I lost the password as long as I had the secrete key.....see below... I thought that meant you could open the wallet another way... Are you saying the only way to get the coins is with the secret key and use The World Exchange.net? I will do it as soon as I can get my Nano-S Ripple wallet to open.... now it is causing me grief.... My snipped file wont attach....
  4. Thanks so much for trying..... my wallet has 2 set of information. The first is the wallet account... where it is stored.. that is written in and I can't change it.... the second (the only thing I can change.... is the spot for the password... It will not open since I dont have the password... I have tried to put in the private key and the address key... but nothing happens since it is not the password.... I don't know how to somehow get the account to reset the password..... I have all the keys ..... but it wont take the passwords that I know......How can I get to inside my account to le
  5. I have a 1.4.0-rc3 XRP chat wallet. It has an active account with address and private key and password. I have sent my Ripple to it. It no longer says my password is correct. How can I get into the wallet to transfer my coins to my Nano-S wallet? Can I recreate the same wallet with the keys and access the coins? Thanks Don Berdeaux
  6. HI! I have a number of XRP. I created a Bithomp wallet. I have the password and private key. When I go and try to log in it says the password is incorrect. I can look at it and see the coins are there but I can't get in and send them to my new Nano-S account. I have tried making a new wallet but can not see which one to make.. empty wallet, new wallet with secret key, etc.... Tried making new secret key and importing old secret key.. wont let me... How do I reset a password to get in or create a new account and bting in the old account secret key and coin address to get my
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