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  1. natethesnake

    National Cryptocurrencies

    And just like the US$, mostly owned/owed to the Chinese.
  2. natethesnake


    Came here to see this. Was not disappointed.
  3. natethesnake

    Gatehub is broken, stay away

    I don't think many of us trade on Gatehub. Most of us use Kraken, Bitstamp or Poloniex (ewww...) for trades. Gatehub is mostly used for longer term storage by those among us who don't want to make the move to paper wallets.
  4. natethesnake

    Question about XRP and how we fit into it

    I doubt banks will want to hold any XRP on its balance sheets as there's too much volatility risks involved. However, JoelKatz did mention that liquidity service providers may hold XRPs and provide them to banks if liquidity is needed. Also, investment-linked funds specializing in crypto-investment portfolios, crypto exchanges and forex dealers like Avatrade may actively trade cryptos to derive profits.
  5. natethesnake

    My Opinion About The Future Of Ripple

    Seeing how it's happening simultaneously, and at the same location with SIBOS, I am hoping against hope that Ripple & Swift announce a partnership. That will really make my day.
  6. natethesnake

    My Opinion About The Future Of Ripple

    You believe that XRP will take the place of the US dollar for international trade settlement and payments...? I like your optimism! While I can't rule out this possibility, I'll just maintain my skepticism, hold onto my XRPs and watch how everything plays out in the next year or 2.
  7. natethesnake

    Some Twitter user randomly picking a 7k XRP Winner

    Scam if not true. Plus, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true.
  8. Hear, hear! @Hodor FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!
  9. The three-day event, called “Swell,” starts Oct. 16 in Toronto, Ripple said in a statementon its website. Bernanke, who has criticized cryptocurrencies in the past, will be interviewed by Gene Sperling, the former national economic adviser under Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Just noticed that a former national economic adviser to 2 POTUSes will be the interviewer at the conference! If this doesn't grab the attention of Wall Street, nothing else will!
  10. Ripple has certainly reached a new milestone. To be able to have renowned speakers like Bernanke & Berners-Lee as keynote speakers will certainly draw the attention of the world of finance! Can't wait to see what the keynote speakers will have to say, and how Ripple fits into their vision of the future.
  11. Probably old enough to invest, but too young to learn to manage his own expectations. Probably underaged drinker.
  12. natethesnake

    XRP Ledger is ALIVE - or what is UP!?!

    I only see some colorful circles. Froot Loops...?
  13. natethesnake

    XRP buyers from Singapore

    I meant GateHub's XRP/USD rates.
  14. natethesnake

    XRP buyers from Singapore

    GateHub's rates suck.