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  1. Just felt like writing a short story late tonight when I should have made a grocery store run instead. This is a first pass, rough, unplanned, and minimally edited due to lack of time. Thank you if you spent time reading this. JIM JR Continuation of story from “It is time for a real job: living life” “Suzie, I just don’t see what the commotion is all about.” Jim is looking at his niece Suzie again like she is growing two heads. After waking up from the hospital being in a coma for ten years, his new life has been one new experience after another. He can barely keep up with
  2. Bob, this was not the book I was looking for but it was something I needed to see. So beautiful. I was struck by the quote "This world is full of beauty, as other worlds above: and, if we did our duty, it might be full of love" -Gerald Massey. Even more touching on my sometimes restless spirit was the passage on page 291. I am listening to Marshall Rosenberg's book Nonviolent Communication and I have been at a loss in this new gap of understanding. Sometimes it is easy to feel inadequate in success, in life, in self as compared to others. Both of these teachings are a gentle whisper of sp
  3. Bob you crack me up with these book selections. Thank you, I am 30/50/90 percent done with them. What is Ripple doing? What is Coil doing? What is Polysign doing? Why dont you just read a book that is 15-7 years old more than likely written by some British or possibly Canadian guy. Seriously, what is going into the Wheaties of these people? I was looking at a string of business owned by someone recently and I was like why? I could not connect the dots. Then I read sections of an older Kevin Kelly book and I was like yeah makes perfect sense, you can’t have the cart before the horse.
  4. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    David, please dont ever change. You are a master builder of the modern world and like the classics of old, may your creation not only withstand time but be in reverence of the human spirit. I know I always sound like a hallmark card, but the struggle is real to keep humanity in tech systems and you are one of its champions.
  5. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, actually I have been here for a little while but only have posted like two times, so it feels new but you have definately got me posting regardless. Thank you,
  6. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, thank you for being so vulnerable with us, that takes a lot of courage. I am trying to keep up with this thread, it is so fascinating. I like people who are brutally honest as long as there is not any ill intent. What you see is what you get in a sense. May your health continue to improve and you get to continue to build out your dreams. Keep up the good work
  7. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, I would like to hear about some of the missteps or missed opportunities, but I doubt you will have time with everyone's insatiable curiosity
  8. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, thank you for being here and welcome to the community. It is amazing that you are here to share yourself with us, it means a lot to me and others. I am glad that you are feeling better, and I hope that you continue to feel better. I haven’t had time to read through this thread and of course now I have to rush to work as I have a jammed packed day, but I really wanted to say thank you so much for being our village elder (please note I am not talking age) who is facing our community. It feels like a warm embrace that we have been waiting for.
  9. IT IS TIME FOR A REAL JOB: LIVING LIFE "This is all very confusing to me," Uncle Jim says in a forlorn voice. "I just don’t understand how I could be asleep for ten years and now that I am awake everything has changed." Suzie, Jim’s niece sighs as she knows this is going to be hard for her uncle. Many years ago her uncle was in a car accident and the family was grateful that he lived but they were not sure he would be able to come out of the coma that he was in. Now he is out of the coma and as she is on summer break, she is the one that gets to pick him up from the hospital and s
  10. Everyone, thank you for the replies, I appreciate it. @otstudio, I appreciate the clarity. @sukrim, I appreciate the info, I was able to find information with the fincen/ripple lookup. I will post the two articles I found. https://www.fincen.gov/sites/default/files/shared/Ripple_Facts.pdf https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/ripple-labs-inc-resolves-criminal-investigation
  11. Hello everyone. Let me apologize in advance if this answer was posted elsewhere. Did ripple ico xrp at some time? Does xrp meet the definition of a security? And how do you see the future for a US nonaccredited investor holding xrp? I am trying to consider risk management and I would like an understanding if the government could take away my xrp in the future or make it so I can't sell it later.
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