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  1. Just felt like writing a short story late tonight when I should have made a grocery store run instead. This is a first pass, rough, unplanned, and minimally edited due to lack of time. Thank you if you spent time reading this. JIM JR Continuation of story from “It is time for a real job: living life” “Suzie, I just don’t see what the commotion is all about.” Jim is looking at his niece Suzie again like she is growing two heads. After waking up from the hospital being in a coma for ten years, his new life has been one new experience after another. He can barely keep up with it all. He just feels bad that his poor niece is responsible for helping him get up to speed. Apparently today is the day that his wrist band officially gets the mother of all software upgrades. Suzie seems super excited about it but he is not feeling very enthusiastic about it. “Uncle Jim, this software update is literally your rebirth in AI form. You know all those tests you took over the last couple of months answering all those personality questions and stuff? Well it was to get up to speed with you (aka your personality) as you have been out of society for the last ten years. There was just not enough data on you to make the right AI twin. And by the way, it’s not just any software upgrade this is your virtual twin, your DNA, your online history, and mental health care methodology from a global medical database coded into an augmented new AI “you”. It was discovered years ago that people change only if they want to change. Our country was facing a crisis of our souls, our spirits and we were using drugs and all sorts of activities to cover up our pain. We were literally killing ourselves. Of course, there were physical therapists but not everyone could afford one or had access to health insurance. So, one day a psychologist realized, if the only person that could truly initiate change was the person itself, what if the person itself but the perfect better version of themselves coached the lessor version through the necessary changes specific to their history and their personality? After all, who would know you better than yourself? Add on top of that enhanced AI “you” all of the lifesaving therapies and knowledge of great therapists and psychologists rolled up into one? Freud, Jung, Skinner, Rogers, Erikson, you name it. It would take years for a therapist to get to know you and then even then they don’t know how you think. But you know how you think. You know best how you avoid issues or what really motivates you. Ultimately have your better “self” work through your issues with you then there is no BS’ing in essence, you just know what is being said and acknowledged as reality is the truth. The world changed for the better once everyone became more self-actualized. Drug usage went down, people were more happier, and life got better in general. This is seriously going to be the best day in your life, Uncle” Suzie was now hugging him as he looked like he needed it. “Woah, Woah, Woah” Uncle Jim tried to breathe through her hug. “What do you mean, I have to walk around all day with this therapist on my wrist? This sounds like torture to me. I am perfectly fine the way I am.” “Uncle.” Suzie sighed as she looked upon her Uncle’s face with the look of a mother patiently waiting for her two-year-old to clue in that “no” could not be the answer every time that she asked if he needed to go to the potty. “Your AI twin is a true boon. Just think what you can do with a better more brain powered you? Did you know that you can go buy augmentations packs to self-upgrade your AI? Its is awesome! Let’s say that you want to learn Spanish. Well guess what? For 3 xrp you could buy a program that customizes the language with your own personal/personality AI and it will help you learn faster because it knows you. For example, I am learning French and they say when you are learning something you should read it the first day and then revisit it, maybe like quiz yourself the second day. Well who ever remembers to do that? I sure don’t. But you don’t have to think about it anymore because your AI will quiz you in the shower for five minutes because it knows that is the best time to ask and that is the perfect amount of quizzing you need and in addition it even knows what to quiz you on that you need help with and what information you probably already remember. Uncle I swear it is awesome!” “Well, ok, I guess can see some value in that. What else can this thing do?” Jim was now thinking about the possibilities. “First all of its not a thing, you can’t just have your twin without a name. Uncle you have to give it a name.” Jim grimaced. I mean who names an AI? Whatever. “Jim Jr.” Suzie laughed. “Uncle that is a perfect name. Well, another great thing about Jim Jr. is that it votes for you because you know, now we don’t have elected officials anymore. I don’t even understand how you guys even voted for some other person who would make decisions for you, that is just crazy.” “Wait, what?? I know that I have only been awake fore a few months but what do you mean? I thought I just saw advocates on TV the other day? Aren’t they our elected officials?” Now was the time for Suzie to grimace. They needed to get to their appointment and if Jim was this worked up about his AI twin she probably shouldn’t go down that road. She didn’t want him in a negative state of mind when meeting his AI for the first time. “Uncle, you know, never mind. Let’s stick with the easy stuff. Did you know too that your twin can now go out and with a skills modification pack, of course you have to pay for it and it is not free, can perform certain jobs and earn you some drops?” “Excuse me?” Jim was starting to look a little flustered. “What do you mean that my AI can go work for me?” “Well, we are all unique, we have unique ways of thinking and approaching issues. Remember our DNA is encoded in our AI. Imagine that you are a very creative person naturally like a Monet, but you don’t know how to paint, nor do you have time to paint and on top of it you are really wanting to learn to do something else. In the past you would have lived your life as a welder and the world would have never known you were an incredible artist. Now, you pay for an art skills pack and your natural genetic essence is applied with those skills. Your AI can now create digital paintings for you and sell them online. You could be a Monet Uncle and not even realize it!” Suzie was practically beaming now. Chime. Chime. “Uber has arrived” Suzie looks down at her wrist band. “Hey uncle, it is time to go. Let’s finish this conversation later. I really want to tell you all about the latest Simpson’s episode, it was really funny.” Uncle Jim sighs and grabs his jacket. He hopes Jim Jr. is everything Suzie promises, and if the Simpsons are still on TV maybe the world hasn’t changed as much as he thinks. The End.
  2. Bob, this was not the book I was looking for but it was something I needed to see. So beautiful. I was struck by the quote "This world is full of beauty, as other worlds above: and, if we did our duty, it might be full of love" -Gerald Massey. Even more touching on my sometimes restless spirit was the passage on page 291. I am listening to Marshall Rosenberg's book Nonviolent Communication and I have been at a loss in this new gap of understanding. Sometimes it is easy to feel inadequate in success, in life, in self as compared to others. Both of these teachings are a gentle whisper of speaking truthfully with loving lips, extending our hearts with true understanding, as this is the true gift of peace to ourselves and others. We are always enough, more than adequate even in peace and it is with us always. I hope your day today brought you peace.
  3. Bob you crack me up with these book selections. Thank you, I am 30/50/90 percent done with them. What is Ripple doing? What is Coil doing? What is Polysign doing? Why dont you just read a book that is 15-7 years old more than likely written by some British or possibly Canadian guy. Seriously, what is going into the Wheaties of these people? I was looking at a string of business owned by someone recently and I was like why? I could not connect the dots. Then I read sections of an older Kevin Kelly book and I was like yeah makes perfect sense, you can’t have the cart before the horse. The other big why that I am now wondering is why can’t I find anything about “In Safe Hands” by Gill Rowland? Its like it does not exist....no internet footprint. Have you read it? My mind is not going to let this go. Again, thank you, as my mind has a hard time following all the payment talk, it feels like being too much in the weeds for my brain right now. I am more interested in the why’s and the what’s, the strategy and the vision so that I may learn the how.
  4. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    David, please dont ever change. You are a master builder of the modern world and like the classics of old, may your creation not only withstand time but be in reverence of the human spirit. I know I always sound like a hallmark card, but the struggle is real to keep humanity in tech systems and you are one of its champions.
  5. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, actually I have been here for a little while but only have posted like two times, so it feels new but you have definately got me posting regardless. Thank you,
  6. Jepb100

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    Bob, thank you for being so vulnerable with us, that takes a lot of courage. I am trying to keep up with this thread, it is so fascinating. I like people who are brutally honest as long as there is not any ill intent. What you see is what you get in a sense. May your health continue to improve and you get to continue to build out your dreams. Keep up the good work
  7. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, I would like to hear about some of the missteps or missed opportunities, but I doubt you will have time with everyone's insatiable curiosity
  8. Jepb100

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Bob, thank you for being here and welcome to the community. It is amazing that you are here to share yourself with us, it means a lot to me and others. I am glad that you are feeling better, and I hope that you continue to feel better. I haven’t had time to read through this thread and of course now I have to rush to work as I have a jammed packed day, but I really wanted to say thank you so much for being our village elder (please note I am not talking age) who is facing our community. It feels like a warm embrace that we have been waiting for.
  9. IT IS TIME FOR A REAL JOB: LIVING LIFE "This is all very confusing to me," Uncle Jim says in a forlorn voice. "I just don’t understand how I could be asleep for ten years and now that I am awake everything has changed." Suzie, Jim’s niece sighs as she knows this is going to be hard for her uncle. Many years ago her uncle was in a car accident and the family was grateful that he lived but they were not sure he would be able to come out of the coma that he was in. Now he is out of the coma and as she is on summer break, she is the one that gets to pick him up from the hospital and show him "the ropes". Currently they are sitting on a bench in the park across the street from the hospital. Exasperated Jim holds up his arm and points to the watch on this wrist. "And this thing, it will just not shut up, it keeps chiming and speaking to me out of the blue talking about drops this, drops that. How do I turn this thing off?" Jim is now frantically pressing the sides of his shiny new band. "Uncle Jim, stop. Please." Suzie lays a comforting hand on her uncle’s arm. "I promise it will be ok. Let me explain. It looks like a watch but it is not a watch. It’s a Polysign wallet - your international ID wallet but we call her Poly. That’s the AI in the band. You have to wear that band at all times. Inside is a chip that is tailored to your DNA. When you put it on, it samples your DNA from your skin and then it activates your accounts that it pulls from the block chain on the internet. Inside the band is your wallet, all of your drops are stored there and where ever you go you will earn and spend drops. I like to use XRP drops because that is what everyone pretty much uses so it’s pretty universal. That is why you can’t take it off." "What are you talking about?” Jim is now looking confused. "You mean to tell me that I don’t have a physical wallet or driver’s license anymore?" Suzie smiles. "No, people haven't had that in ages. Don’t worry; everything is connected to the internet now, so it knows who you are. Besides this is a good thing because now we can start earning some money for you so that you can get your own place. You are staying in my bedroom by the way, so it would be nice to get my room back". Uncle Jim looks nervous. "Suzie, I'm not sure how easy it is for me to get a job. Obviously, I haven’t worked at a company in years and I don’t even remember the last time I worked on my resume. I don’t know if anyone will hire me." Suzie looks at her uncle and grimaces. "Um, what are you talking about? Nobody works for one company these days. I mean seriously, who would want to do that and what is a resume? Never mind. Nowadays you do what you love or you seize the day. Opportunities are everywhere. Look, all you have to do is find drop activities throughout the day and have the micropayments add up enough to pay for rent. Everything transfers across the internet, kind of like the internet of value." "So you are saying that I can magically earn money from thin air? How does that work?” "Well for example …." Suzie starts to explain but she is interrupted by Jim’s band. Chime. Chime. Poly's soft voice speaks through Jim's band "Sponsored payment….May and Winfred…accept?" Jim glares at his band "Accept what?" Suzie looks up and sees a dog walker approaching her and Jim. "Tell Poly that you accept." "Why can’t you do it?" Jim says. “Because only you have voice control over your wallet.” “Oh, ok,” Jim tells Poly. “I accept”. Jim is now looking expectantly at his niece. "Now what am I accepting?" "The lady approaching us has a therapy dog. Your band must have noticed that you are stressed out and so your health insurance approved a micro payment if anyone was near by offering therapy services. She must have a therapy dog and her band alerted her to the opportunity nearby." “Now wait a second. Are you saying some stranger is just going to walk up to me and let me pet her dog and then get paid for that? And how does my watch know how I am feeling?” "Poly band, uncle, and yes it knows things, so move over so she can sit down and you can visit with her dog; who is adorable by the way." Suzie is now smiling a very big smile as the pooch is indeed adorable. “Hi! Are you Jim? My name is May and this is Winfred, my yellow lab”. “Hi May, here have a seat.” Jim pats the spot on the bench next to him. “I am Jim and this is my niece Suzie. So May how does this work exactly? You will have to forgive me I just woke up out of a coma and this is a little bit weird for me.” “Oh, I am sorry to hear that, but I am glad that you are better.“ May settles on the bench and Winfred starts nudging Jim’s knee for attention. “Basically health studies have shown that therapy dogs help reduce stress in people. This is considered more of a holistic service that saves on medicine costs and does not have any side effects. Winfred and I basically visit with people, he likes to be petted and we sit for about fifteen minutes or so. Then the health insurance company will transfer a contracted Codius payment to my wallet instantaneously.” “Wow that is pretty cool actually but is this all you do? “ Jim starts petting Winfred. “Do you wander around all day with your dog and wait for an opportunity, or do you have a real job? Like a permanent one?” “Uncle don’t be rude,” exclaimed Suzie. May laughed. “That’s ok, I understand this must sound weird but I actually make good money. You would be surprised how many patients, doctors, and office staff pay for fifteen minutes of down time with Winfred. His Instagram is on fire. Some pay out of pocket and others get a discount or sponsored payment with their insurance company or employer. The best is when they walk with Winfred for twenty minutes. Some people get some of their insurance deductible reduced or paid back to their HSA accounts because they are exercising when normally they would not be getting any exercise.” “Yeah Uncle, I have not used a service like Winfred but I like to walk the dogs at the Humane Society when I can. People who cannot help with their time but have the money will donate money to people who not normally volunteer but have the time to help out physically.” May enthusiastically nods her head. “I agree, it’s great. You know, another way to make some good money is that I pick up people’s litter like chip bags left at bus stations when I am on my walks. We used to have a big problem where people would throw food wrappers on the ground but now that packaging has block chain computer ID chips embedded inside, anytime you purchase say a bag of chips, it is notated that you had the last possession of that packaging. A couple years ago they passed a law that if that wrapper does not end up in a recycling bin and someday somebody other than you puts it in a recycling bin then they get paid immediately for that wrapper, say five drops, and you get five drops added to the next purchase you make. Also, if you litter more than three times in a month then anytime you buy a bag of chips it will automatically take out five drops extra and put that in a Codius contract until you have good recycle “reputation” aka behavior for three months straight then you get all of your money back.” “So what happens if I don’t want to recycle and just want to keep paying the extra five cents, I mean five drops?” “That is fine, you can do what you want. It is supply and demand, there will always be someone to pick it up if they can earn enough to do so and you are willing to pay the price for them to do so. Basically your five drops will no longer escrow and it will always be added to the cost of your chips until your change your behavior.” “Ug, I hated that law when it came out,” Suzie exclaimed. “I kept throwing things away and not recycling them because I didn’t understand. It’s not cool Uncle, it is a good thing that you have a clean reputation. My reputation is good now but it took a while to get into the habit. What I did not understand initially is that your reputation rating becomes “one that litters” and the next thing you know every time you pass an electronic billboard for three months you see those anti littering campaigns tailored just for you. What a drag.” “Yeah that happened to a friend of mine, it was bad,” May agreed. “I will say however our city looks a lot nicer now that everyone participates in this ecosystem.” As Suzie is watching her uncle pet Winfred she notices that Winfred is wearing a very pretty handmade collar. “Hey, I noticed that Winfred has a pretty cool collar. Where did you find it?” “Do you want one?” May asks. “ I sell them. Have you heard of Mojaloop? Well they just put out an app where you can loan people money to start up a new business. What makes this nice is that we can have conditional fractional shares in the business with our micro loan. My sister met this lady in Guatemala and thought they were really cool and that she should start selling them. We both lent her 100 drops to get started and now I have a Codius contract with her where she makes the collars and I get interest on my loan and a split of the profits if I contribute a certain percentage to sales. It’s great! Winfred is a walking advertisement. I sell the collars with the app and my referral is recorded on the block chain so the profits get split by the contract immediately. With my profits, I have been buying fractional shares of Amazon, I hope one day to get up to one full share if I can. Hey, I also pay a few drops if you buy the collar and post a pic on insta with your pup wearing the collar so definitely tag #WinfredsFriendsUnleased if you decide to buy it. Poly please send Jim and Suzie the site for the collars if they are interested.” Chime. “Suzie do you accept the contact share?” “Yes.” Chime. Chime. Poly speaks from May’s band in a soft voice. “Contract fulfilled”. May looks at her band. “Well it looks like our time is up. I hope that you feel a little better, it was really nice being able to talk to you today.” Jim looks down at Winfred and realizes, yes, he does feel a little better thanks to May and her companion. “Hey thanks for stopping by. I thought it was a silly idea at first but I can see the benefit.” May laughs. “You are welcome. Good luck!” As May and Winfred walk away, Jim turns to his niece. “So what is next?” “Poly, what time is it?” Suzie asks. Poly chimes. “It is 5:30p.m.” “Well we should probably catch an Uber home as dinner should be ready soon. Mom has been trying out new recipes and rating them for a few drops so it should be interesting.” Jim is indeed ready to go “home”. “Sounds good. But I don’t have any money for the Uber, how can I start earning drops?” Suzie smiles. “Oh don’t worry Uncle. All the cars now days have large virtual reality screens in them. We will be able to watch advertisements and answer some surveys on the way home so we can get some money in your account.” “Really? Somebody will pay me for that?” Suzie really smiles this time. “Oh yeah, everyone wants something and everything is for sale. You will see. You will be rich before you know it,” Suzie jokes. As they both stand up from the bench to leave Suzie reaches over to give her Uncle a big hug. “I am glad that you are awake now Uncle Jim, you will see, things are going to be great.” The End.
  10. Everyone, thank you for the replies, I appreciate it. @otstudio, I appreciate the clarity. @sukrim, I appreciate the info, I was able to find information with the fincen/ripple lookup. I will post the two articles I found. https://www.fincen.gov/sites/default/files/shared/Ripple_Facts.pdf https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/ripple-labs-inc-resolves-criminal-investigation
  11. Hello everyone. Let me apologize in advance if this answer was posted elsewhere. Did ripple ico xrp at some time? Does xrp meet the definition of a security? And how do you see the future for a US nonaccredited investor holding xrp? I am trying to consider risk management and I would like an understanding if the government could take away my xrp in the future or make it so I can't sell it later.
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