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  1. Central banks and normal banks using XRP. I'm sure its already been mentioned in the above
  2. Good point, volume from China is something I've overlooked. I think we should take note of it when Chinese exchanges reopen
  3. Does anyone believe that Ripple may announce something with China during the Swell conference? Here are my top 3 reasons: 1. Ripple talks with PBoC https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-talks-with-peoples-bank-of-china-key-to-chinese-blockchain-market 2. Ripple wants to comply with banks and government regulations After studying why Western companies such as Facebook and Google which failed to penetrate the Chinese markets and Western companies that have successfully penetrated the Chinese market, such as Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Nike, it became clear that there are many western companies that have found success in China. The main reason I believe why some western companies fail to penetrate the Chinese market is because they fundamentally encourage people to challenge the authority of the Chinese government. For example while Google had operations in China they deliberately allowed users to search for sites that discussed China's human rights violations despite requests from the government to block such sites. Contrary to this, Ripple wants to work with the Chinese government much like Apple and Microsoft as seen with their talks with PBoC and willingness to comply with banks and government interests. 3. Ripple and Alipay If you have a Unix machine, open the terminal and type "curl -Is alipay.ripple.com", you'll see a 200 OK response. Could this mean a partnership between Alipay and Ripple? It does not mean Alipay is running a validator node but someone at Ripple must have approved of the domain "alipay.ripple.com" and it's highly unlikely that they approved the domain without the consent of Alipay in advance. Any opinions on this? Is there something I'm missing? Always searching for alternative view points
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