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    LatentNewb reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in This is what happens by EOY...   
    Altcoins belong in another section of this forum, but since you brought it up: yes, the timeline works for me, always been a true believer in TRX. 
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    LatentNewb reacted to Leonardo_da_Pisa in 589 EOY could actually be possible.   
    im intrigued, what entity is allowing private enterprises to hold a specific amount of value?
    also can you please explain what market cap is, i sadly dont know much about how markets work, but would love to know more.
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    LatentNewb reacted to tulo in Ripple Logo -> Triskelion -> Malta   
    That the 6000 users of xrpchat can fight the 35000 FUDsters on reddit.
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    LatentNewb reacted to 0083041 in Bearable   
    My dad knows Bearableguy123
    He said it's going up soon.
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    LatentNewb reacted to Chewiecoin in What happened to the zerpening thread/Club?   
    Hi mate. Just short of membership requirements. Keep posting and not being a douche and you will be in. 
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    LatentNewb reacted to TinyRick in Japan FTW - Forex   
  7. Haha
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    LatentNewb reacted to XRPisVELOCITY in The new XRP symbol is horrible   
    I agree.  We should have went the same route as stellar.  Nothing like a toy rocket ship to instill confidence in your coin. 

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    LatentNewb reacted to GiddyUp in Cryptocurrency a ‘Modern Miracle,” Not Going Away: CFTC Commissioner   
    I vote we go with the CFTC for regulation 
    "One of the top market regulators in the US said this week that cryptocurrency is a “technological revolution” that will one day be a part of every national economy."
    "Speaking on Monday before the BFI Summit at the United Nations, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Rostin Behnam discussed challenges faced by the agency as it regulates industries associated with the nascent blockchain field. However, far from denigrating this technology as a tool for criminals, he heaped copious praise upon it for its ability to positively transform the financial sector."
    “But virtual currencies may – will – become part of the economic practices of any country, anywhere. Let me repeat that: these currencies are not going away and they will proliferate to every economy and every part of the planet,” he said, adding:
    “We are witnessing a technological revolution. Perhaps we are witnessing a modern miracle.”
    (Bold is mine)
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    LatentNewb got a reaction from xrptipbot in Tool to add a regular key offline, airgapped, to your mnemonic (Ledger) wallet   
    Thanks.   Yep, I missed it the first 10 times I've looked.  I've got my ALV.   And if I remember right that trustline came be removed at any time with no ill effects, correct?
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    LatentNewb reacted to Sarnos in Ripplista79 Algorithm Predictions   
    Wait I thought we support the evil banksters making us Mordor and Coinbase is Gondor resisting the temptation making money on XRP - one digital asset to rule the blockchain, to find all the blocks to bring them all and never hard fork in the XRPL
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    LatentNewb reacted to Leprecoin in Is it a coincidence that large Bitcoin dumps happen every time we have great news on Ripple?   
    Based on your previous posts, I think @Coin_Hound was actually paying you a compliment. 
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    LatentNewb reacted to VaR in How many people actually own cryptocurrency?   
    I've found the report pretty relevant because the sample size is almost 30k, a number high enough for the results to be reliable.
    As expected Korea and Japan are the countries more aware of crypto, SBI going with Ripple and XRP can be a turning point.
    Crypto and stocks may not be comparable but approx. a 50% of people in the US own stocks. I haven't found other countries rates but having the US a great tradition in investing I guess it will be similar or less.
    There's still plenty of room for growth!
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    LatentNewb reacted to XRPisVELOCITY in Delectro's XRP price   
    Sure, why not.
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    LatentNewb got a reaction from Sporticus in Ether & Ripple Doomed As Securities According to Regulation Exper   
    Insightful.   I've been wondering a while now, could XRP be something new in addition to a cryptocurrency/digital asset?  It's probably far-fetched but I've been curious if we could be at a point of something new.
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    LatentNewb reacted to Sporticus in Ether & Ripple Doomed As Securities According to Regulation Exper   
    As a lawyer, who has worked in securities law, I am qualified to research and give opinions on whether XRP is a security.  In fact, early on both my wife, who is a law professor experienced in securities law, and I researched the XRP as securities topic thoroughly.   The definition of securities in the Act of 1933 nowhere comes near to including XRP as a security. There are no regulations or case law that remotely include an asset like XRP as a security.  XRP has been determined by an agency of the US Government as a commodity, as such, it is analogous to the status of an Apple.  Just because I buy an Apple at the supermarket does not give me an interest in the supermarket, the wholesaler or the Apple orchard.  Essentially, this is the conclusion we must reach if we are to accept Mr. Gensler, a bought off, washed-up bureaucrat’s,  shoot-from-the-hip nonsense.  Michael Arrington, who is likewise a securities expert, who actually understands XRP and Ripple,  has likewise given the opinion that XRP is not a security. Mr. Gensler is an ignorant FUDSTER slinging lies for the Beast-coin mafia. 
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    LatentNewb got a reaction from ThomasTheTGV in I'm not bearableguy123   
    Yeah, I haven't seen really anyone post here that thought you were.  But I watch your videos everyday and I think you are doing a great job.  Focus on are what you enjoy.  Whether you are or aren't, it doesn't matter in the end.
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    LatentNewb reacted to OzAlphaWolf in A Former Top Wall Street Regulator Turns to the Blockchain   
    I don't see the worry. At worst, Ripple are forced to register XRP as a security in the USA which will cost them a few million in legals and compliance. It gets listed on major commodity or security exchanges. The gates are opened for institutional investors and speculators. How is this a long-term problem?
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    LatentNewb reacted to WuWei in Ripple's Miguel Vias on the DLT Space and 2018 Rally   
    To look at what they've done in only five years makes Max's criticisms look like those of an impatient teenager. Again, only time will tell, but it's looking as if they're on a roll that's gaining some serious momentum. Ripple is essentially educating the world about the future of blockchain in moving the world's money. Having nearly thirty central banks show up at their conference last fall in NYC, is truly phenomenal for such a young company - they're earning respect in a big way. Look at the Goliaths that they've been taking on: CitiBank with their reluctance to lose all those "lesser banks" transfer fees, SWIFT with their near monopoly on the banking system, and even Hyperledger, who wisely opted to partner with them, lest they be slain. We will see....
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    LatentNewb reacted to Tripple in Bread Garlichouse update   
    I'm totally kidding. I have a daughter, not a son. 
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    LatentNewb got a reaction from DavyJones in Craig Wright Boasts about BCH, David Schwartz Comments   
    His tweets read like something from a James bond villian.
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    LatentNewb reacted to JTxrPP in (xRapid piloter)Western Union and GraceKennedy to launch online remittance platform   
    If you don't mind, please elaborate more on those CB rumors Buckor, I'd really like to know. I went back and listened to Brad's CNBC interview on 3/7 now that the excitement and hype has died down and noticed something interesting, Brad stated: "As it relates to Coinbase specifically, Coinbase will have to decide what they want to do, make the announcements that are appropriate for them, but we certainly don't comment on status of those kind of things".  I don't know, but it sounds like a done deal to me. We are probably just waiting on CB's 90 new hires to get properly onboarded--they started on the same day as that interview iirc.
    btw, your blog rocks!
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    LatentNewb reacted to XRPisVELOCITY in XRP FUD   
    Payback's a biatch Weiss.
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    LatentNewb got a reaction from XRPto50dollars in US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN   
    @XRPisVELOCITY and @XRPto50dollars.
    I just have to say with you two having similar names it's confusing.  A few days ago reading this thread I thought I was reading someone talking to himself.  I thought I was losing it.
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