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  1. Can I get an invite? I doubt I have 25 posts but if you look at my history I'm not negative. I just like reading the news.
  2. LatentNewb

    XRPCHAT as a private forum

    If this was going to happen I'd propose it become a trust intended on after XRP moons, we band together looking for the next investment.
  3. Thanks. Yep, I missed it the first 10 times I've looked. I've got my ALV. And if I remember right that trustline came be removed at any time with no ill effects, correct?
  4. This will allow me to add a Trustline to get the Allvor crypto, correct? I ask because I have followed the instructions as provided. When I go to add a Trustline I don't see an option. I don't see that option on my Android when I click Trustlines.
  5. LatentNewb

    Anybody changed there mind?

    Are we playing a game of chicken? No.
  6. Insightful. I've been wondering a while now, could XRP be something new in addition to a cryptocurrency/digital asset? It's probably far-fetched but I've been curious if we could be at a point of something new.
  7. LatentNewb

    I'm not bearableguy123

    Yeah, I haven't seen really anyone post here that thought you were. But I watch your videos everyday and I think you are doing a great job. Focus on are what you enjoy. Whether you are or aren't, it doesn't matter in the end.
  8. LatentNewb

    Ripple's Miguel Vias on the DLT Space and 2018 Rally

    Good words for a space that's still on its infancy.
  9. His tweets read like something from a James bond villian.
  10. LatentNewb

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    That's the problem. No one seems to know, like we are all finding out. I've talking to accountants, no one knows. Lol
  11. LatentNewb

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    That's what happens when you halfways pay attention and type. I have no idea what I was saying. It was too long ago.
  12. LatentNewb

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    @MegaNerd I just checked my welcome email from bitstamp and all I had was the login ID. I doing it's that so so far, SSN is probably the only thing that reasonably makes sense right now. I do know bitstamp requires that, so i could see them using it.
  13. LatentNewb

    US people.. have to report $$ to FinCEN

    @MegaNerd Maybe I missed it in your instructions. Can you tell me where that account number is?