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  1. I appreciate the kind words everybody. I wont share my opinion on this forum any longer as I see its not welcome. I just hold an extremely large amount of XRP and I bought it at the right time. Im sorry if you guys are in the red, and my thoughts are making you angry. Realize there are other people out there like me and if we sell, XRP will be sub dollar. Peace out, it was fun while it lasted for 50 posts.
  2. Yes its true, I am very thankful I have something to invest. I am even more thankful that my investment strategies did so well this year after performing pretty poorly year after year since I started in 2013. I finally pulled an amazing profit. It sucks watching it whither away back to where I started and everyone just keeps screaming HODL. Whats the point of investing if you end up with what you started with, except you now have a lot less hair and maybe some heart disease coming for ya in the future.
  3. The whining comes when you lose over 60% of your portfolio gain in the span of a week or two when there is nothing but good fundamental news about the investment. It further drives whining when it looks like you might lose 75-80% of your portfolio gain within the next few days.
  4. Although, I must say, the last time I felt like this was the dip from 20 cents to 15 cents and I was about to sell all of my XRP and we blasted up to 80 cents a few hours after. However, that was after a 6-8month consolidation period. We are in a different price structure now, but you never know. It would be glorious to force all of those shorts to close.
  5. XRPUSD down 12%, BTCUSD down 7%. Nice.... I havent seen this kind of downward pressure in a market since the BTC bear market of 2014. Some big money players are seriously shorting crypto right now. The open shorts on BTC @ bitfinex alone grew in the 10's of millions of dollars in the matter of hours. Market selling down the books. Someone with big money is leading us down a cliff. My breaking point is near. I refuse to break even on my hodl since 20 cents. This torture never ends and it would have all been for nothing.
  6. So many shorts are opened on bitfinex. Something is going on and the downward pressure is something I havent seen since the BTC bear market of 2014. Its seriously freaking me out.
  7. Sounds good to me. I also attempted to catch the knife here today! So far so good. Looks like plebs wont be bombarding Genesis verification due to the minimums...guess I gotta get to finishing my registration quick before that changes.
  8. Honestly you probably could have waited for the market to chill out a bit before attempting to catch a knife. $1 price is too good to be true after the last few weeks though... But thats super cool to hear it only took 20 minutes for them to confirm an incoming wire transfer. I hope that XRP is in a safe offline wallet now!
  9. holy **** dude. good ******* luck to you! this could have been an ultimate buy in for you!!!! I signed up for Genesis Trading in order to sell my large stash easily in the future . How was it dealing with them? Was there an order book or is it simply OTC?
  10. If you are feeling brave, here is your trade setup for a long. Good luck, XRP is cheap right now! Scoop em up! Exit if lower lows... Definition of catching a knife:
  11. No to circuit breakers, no to trading hours, no to plunge protection team. NO TO REAL MANIPULATION
  12. You have to realize that the market is going to need to take a breather for a while after this rekting. Not many people will have the confidence that was shown in the market a month or two ago. Unless a super bounce back happens on bitcoin, I dont see this going anywhere near $3 again until there is some short to medium term consolidation and reaccumulation. Lots of people got hurt today and lost A LOT of money. And the pain may just be starting....
  13. Big money in my opinion is more steering the sheep in a certain direction rather than really selling off every market on every exchange. I think its more plausible that for whatever reason stupid shitcoin traders are speculating on the price of shitcoins based on the price of bitcoin. So, when bitcoin bounces, ripple bounces, etc... Except for that rare case where a crypto is acting like a golden unicorn when everything is red but one (for example NEO a few days ago, or XRP a few weeks ago). This market is mostly speculative. I highly doubt youll see any fundamental "Ripple is a strong a company with strong business model" giving much weight to the current price of XRP.
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