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  1. https://www.ccn.com/opinion/ripple-is-headed-for-meteoric-rise-of-over-100x-predicts-popular-trader/2019/06/20/ Does anyone see any realistic fundamental behind this theory?
  2. His analysis seems to be accurate for now, we didn’t break the support at $0.37, hopefully we will see another bull run now
  3. I’m into XRP since 4 years now so I saw all kind of pumps and dumps.. just saying that from my point of view there is something behind that holds the xrp price down to these levels
  4. XRP is the only one not pumping so hard right now in the top 7.. so annoying!
  5. What do you think about Brandt theory in this article? https://elevenews.com/2019/03/22/ripples-xrp-chart-analysis-evident-proof-of-market-manipulation/
  6. Bear market brings lack of interest which brings bear market and lack of interest again. A market becomes interesting when money starts flowing again, so it’s just question of time.
  7. As someone said, crypto will not die.. Your investment can
  8. BTC -14% ETH -16% BCH -44% We are save for now but these big dumps are scaring
  9. It's a perfect timing, sentiment in the crypto market is quite negative and if XRP goes up thanks to real usage we will be at the first place really soon. We just need to go back to $2.15 a the current value of BTC if it doesn't fall down more
  10. I think XRP is going to explode soon, too many good signals, it can’t be a case. Volume is going crazy compared to other coins and the fact that is one of the only coins that is no longer following BTC is too much a good thing
  11. Impressive analysis, thank you so much for your work man. My question is simple, as pointed out by other users in the forum, how long it will take for Ripple to release all their XRP to the market considering the current rate of $500m per year? It might take decades and at the current volumes the price can not increase if the market can not absorb the new XRP in circulation. So my questions are: - Do you think we could see an acceleration of the XRP released to the market by Ripple? - Do you think even at this rate we could see a considerable increase of the price (driven by real usage) in the next few years?
  12. No it’s not me, I’m into ripple since 3 years and I don’t need to invest 100k. This post was intended to be a provocation to get some advices for everyone interested to invest a certain amount of money into XRP.
  13. I’m not saying that it will go to $0.70 from the current level, I’m saying that it will reach it again, even after a dump. Come on what’s the real risk it won’t happen again..
  14. Of course, but it can go to $0.70 really easily too. I’m talking about something we already saw a few times already
  15. Hi there! One simple consideration.. one guy has 100k to make an investment and decides to invest in XRP in this exact moment to make a 20-30% profit. Do you really think there is any chance that XRP can’t assure this kind of profit during the next few days/weeks/months? I see that like a sure thing, maybe it’s my perception but I think it’s pretty impossible to not obtain something like that really easily, and we are talking about a profit that is nothing in the crypto word. Anyone has a different opinion?
  16. Yes it has, but the value proposition of XRP and Ripple as a company it’s actually way more valuable than ETH
  17. This is insane.. Dropped 10 cents in few seconds and went back again
  18. I'm scared, it seems like this raise it's going to be too crazy for my heart
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