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  1. We the People ask the federal government to deem XRP, the virtual currency, a currency. I feel like you could get a million signatures and it wouldn’t do a damn thing. That being said , I signed it. Sign the Petition now! Original Reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/knw9z8/sign_the_petition_for_the_government_to_deem_xrp/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  2. This makes no sense, you need identity verification.
  3. What’s your thoughts about the less volume we will have due to the delisting/stop from US exchanges? I know Ripple stated that only 5% of volume is from the US but this is related to their customers. How do you think the less volume on exchanges will affect the price?
  4. I think this whole situation is leading to one of the biggest opportunity to make money out of XRP. I personally increased my stack by 30% during the last few days. I sold all my XRP some days ago but then bought back for these reasons: The crypto market is crazy and led by speculators, you never know if anything will skyrocket, even now for XRP The panic selling that we saw some days ago is probably done for now, the news about exchanges delisting or blocking XRP should not bring to any major drop since the market already absorbed the bad news. Binance.US announced delisting yesterday and we are up 10% today. The SEC case will probably not be solved until a few weeks/months and more people could jump on XRP hoping for a positive resolution Since the speculation is always behind every price movement, if the court case will see Ripple as the winner, the XRP price will surely explode at least in the short term Major coins and alts are close to the ATH and/or their price increased a lot during the last weeks. Convert XRP holdings to any other crypto might be risky if the market starts to retrace while XRP could remain kind of stable (as many other times did) Some projects like LTC are dead since years but the price keeps to increase, this demonstrates that rationality is not a component of this market (or really marginal) For these main reasons I think I'll keep trying to increase my stack in XRP and hold until possible. The best advice I can share with everyone is to closely monitor the news around XRP now more than ever. Activate alerts of any kind to make profit on any possible bad news, protect your investment and make informed choices. Happy new year to everyone!
  5. How much volume do we need on these corridors to bring the price up? Has anyone did some calculation?
  6. I cant imagine CMC using any calculation method that put xrp as number 1
  7. XLM just moved 58,422,095,256 Billion tokens from their SDF Partnership Wallets to unknown wallets
  8. True, but a pump like that would make me more happy than nothing
  9. https://www.ccn.com/opinion/ripple-is-headed-for-meteoric-rise-of-over-100x-predicts-popular-trader/2019/06/20/ Does anyone see any realistic fundamental behind this theory?
  10. His analysis seems to be accurate for now, we didn’t break the support at $0.37, hopefully we will see another bull run now
  11. I’m into XRP since 4 years now so I saw all kind of pumps and dumps.. just saying that from my point of view there is something behind that holds the xrp price down to these levels
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