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  1. How much volume do we need on these corridors to bring the price up? Has anyone did some calculation?
  2. I cant imagine CMC using any calculation method that put xrp as number 1
  3. XLM just moved 58,422,095,256 Billion tokens from their SDF Partnership Wallets to unknown wallets
  4. https://www.ccn.com/opinion/ripple-is-headed-for-meteoric-rise-of-over-100x-predicts-popular-trader/2019/06/20/ Does anyone see any realistic fundamental behind this theory?
  5. His analysis seems to be accurate for now, we didn’t break the support at $0.37, hopefully we will see another bull run now
  6. I’m into XRP since 4 years now so I saw all kind of pumps and dumps.. just saying that from my point of view there is something behind that holds the xrp price down to these levels
  7. XRP is the only one not pumping so hard right now in the top 7.. so annoying!
  8. What do you think about Brandt theory in this article? https://elevenews.com/2019/03/22/ripples-xrp-chart-analysis-evident-proof-of-market-manipulation/
  9. Bear market brings lack of interest which brings bear market and lack of interest again. A market becomes interesting when money starts flowing again, so it’s just question of time.
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