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  1. Pretty much any multi-national corporate taking payments...especially small ones
  2. Wow...Ripple is taking no prisoners...love it
  3. Awesome...love to hear these kinds of stories
  4. digitalis

    Two questions: Tax and payments.

    If you're dealing with big $, I would hire an accountant with crypto experience. Some countries have guidelines for dealing with digital profits while some don't yet.
  5. digitalis

    Speculation Section

    I was beginning to think $1 usd was going to be a struggle and question mark, but I'm starting to set my mark on $2, $3 and beyond.
  6. Can't speak for other exchanges, but you can request to increase your daily withdrawal limits in Poloniex. I've heard of $100k/$200k and even unlimited is possible.
  7. digitalis

    Bitcoin XBT Order Untouched for Days!

    Yes, your bid for btc was too low, so you can cancel that and place a bid at the current price. Or, you can simply purchase at the ask price sellers are looking for which is easier.
  8. digitalis

    The Golden Age

    Was he the a Nigerian Prince?
  9. If you contact support you can request a withdrawal limit of $200K daily. In order to qualify you must conduct a Skype video interview with their compliance officer. I did this sometime ago, so perhaps this process has changed.
  10. digitalis

    Future of XRP

    XRP is a long term investment. If you're chasing short term gains you're better off throwing money at the pile of stinky alts that lack the business use case, leadership, vision, and tech that Ripple have. They're building relationships with financial institutions notorious for being conservative. Progress and innovation take time. Any misstep could be catastrophic in banks losing trust in Ripple and their value proposition. Slow and steady wins this race. If you don't intend on holding for 2-5 years, you're kidding yourself.
  11. digitalis

    A simple request

    Translation: I'm another hater who missed out on 500% gains
  12. If this doesn't reinforce how bullish crypto is...very cool
  13. digitalis

    Vinnie calls Ripple "HYPE" (edited)

    Vinnie also thinks there will only be one crypto in the future...so...yeah