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  1. Keeps retail in doubt until repricing and they see a big green retard candle at which point the narrative changes to xrp positive at unaffordable levels.
  2. This fellow is behind the exchange with the lengthy xrp commercial that also had 589 flash across it. I cannot help but wonder if his motivations are to profit off the community. This tired argument whether your fiat buys xrp or is sold for xrp is inane.
  3. Using this site, multiple discords and other sites as information funnels I can tell you that these morons claiming partnership and illuminati make it significantly harder and more unpleasant to find the real details while making xrp seem another piece of garbage socially heralded by garbage. I wonder if the real purpose behind unbearabledummy was to create the exact problem we have now. Then I think I'm the tinhat for thinking some entity would deploy this tactic to bury the existing community in fanatics while bearwhaling the price, because those things did happen in the dotcom era.
  4. Ryan really nailed it with the amount of time given. Most these other fellows seem to lack substance but keep repeating clarity.
  5. Got a tweet today, but they're evidently going to let us know the volume on their time. Frustrating. Haven't seen the exchange UI or anything.
  6. A catch all system would be difficult to implement accurately. While we have the invaluable Links & Resources page there are tons and tons of noteworthy forgotten posts. That said, you can search and find things pretty quickly if you know what you're looking for. While there are always better ways to do everything xrpchat has better structure than most. Catching all the details isn't hard with a little more time invested as well as diversifying your information stream so you're seeing all facets of the xrp community dialogue.
  7. Not really, you can see the reaction system is broken already where we have legendary members that year to date have contributed nothing of substance because people react to more than quality. It would be nice if there were someone elected to drivel sifter status to somehow mark useful threads or posts therein. One of the strengths here is we don't have threads deleted but a con in that regard is there is tons of content to skim.
  8. Or, they could all separately use a coin that isn't garbage so they didn't have to build a nontransparent worldwide lightening network?
  9. Dedicated xrp/ripple fud writer for a long time. Anything he types is garbage.
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