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    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    To be fair though, I'm fairly certain that DCG bought most of their ETC when it was 25-50 cents, during the first week's dumping post-fork. But still, my point stands
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    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    They hold ETC among several other suspicious things. People like that don't believe in XRP. They believe in fairies.
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    XLM vs XRP Development

    I don't think you get Ripple's initial vision for XRP. Stefan split to start a company largely funded by Ripple.
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    I know there is alot of frustration

    When XRPchat is having a meltdown, it's a sign to buy.
  5. It has been clear since the beginning that the bitcoin/XRP giveaway will return back lots of STRs/XLMs, since most will remain unclaimed. Distribution programs by stellar have been terrible. Just look at their facebook giveaways in the beginning. It was stupid and got gamed hard. And as I've repeatedly said, Jed's overall track record has been filled with unprofessional behaviour. For instance it will be very hard for a rational person to defend his may 22th 2014 dump announcement. But each to their own. Maybe Stellar becomes a huge success and I'm wrong. We'll see in a few years.
  6. Kinda disappointing, since I've read all that back in 2014. You didn't answer my question about "LUMENS AVAILABLE (NOT HELD BY SDF)" being 10 billion lumens higher than the number distributed. I also presume that I've been correct with my assessment on how the distribution program works with unclaimed lumens.
  7. Stellar dashboard page says, bitcoin program is at 100% progress state, the amount distributed: 2,037,756,770 XLM. Meaning stellar "will acquire" (as if they didn't already hold them in the first place) 14 billion(or even more?) lumens, according to this. Am I correct? So now they're freely usable with no questions asked? Also, regarding the Stellar dashboard page. What does "LUMENS AVAILABLE (NOT HELD BY SDF)" mean and why is there over ten billion lumens more than what has been distributed through various programs?
  8. AFAIK, they're already using more than 5% for operational expenses. Every unclaimed XLM from giveaway programs will be acquired by SDF and used for operational expenses. Or am I wrong?
  9. I'm personally going to let coinbase do what ever they want and add what ever coin they feel good about. I've never cared too much about them. If they end up being correct with their crypto additions, good for them. If not, they'll eventually become a minor player once the space properly matures up. Everything still is pretty speculative. If one is correct, time tends to become a friend.
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    David Schwartz is all over the place!!

    There are many different people with same names behind these patents. This thread belongs to the offtopic section IMO, if it's supposed to be a joke thread.
  11. I think you should consider the fact that most maximalists are people who like a particular thing above others. You use the term exclusion, as if you didn't do that to a degree. Just like you, just like me: You are not objective, I am not objective. You claiming yourself being objective means nothing. I suggest that you give up on that. An objective person does not prefer AT ALL aside from logical, empirically proven evidence. This space combines different fields in an unforeseen way. We don't have pervasive factual evidence, which means if you prefer something, you're biased. Don't be deluded and accept the biasedness. You are not objective.
  12. You seem like a good person in general. I don't dislike you, if you think so.
  13. I no longer have to work, therefore I'm chill. Prefer what you like, it's all good. I don't care about anyone's crypto preferences. It does not matter to me that much. Honesty in general is what matters to me. All kinds of maximalism and pseudo-neutrality is what I do my best to ignore, but sometimes I have too much time and I feel like responding.
  14. Thing is, I'm in this to make more money. When people start personally "liking" things while still claiming to be neutral, they contradict and start to mislead people. As I said, not you nor me know enough to label ourselves "neutral". Too many moving parts behind lowered curtains for us to understand. All we can say is what we see. That's all.
  15. I'm against all kinds of maximalism, also XRP-maximalism. Be honest and go with the things you like, but don't pretend to be neutral.