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    XRapid in use within a month

    If something is useful, it tends to go up in value. It may not go up overnight, but it should gradually happen. I believe that's the "persuation". There are people who bought and held at sub-cent prices and trusted in XRP having a play in ripple's vision, when most in the crypto space were parroting "XRP is not needed", "XRP is dead", "XRP is a scamcoin to make ripple rich". Be like them.
  2. Been here since day one. The price didn't do such a move in dec 2016.
  3. No, because it didn't happen.
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    XLM price vs XRP price

    Guess who bought 500 million XLMs from an auction SDF started back in 2015 after it was increasingly evident that no one else was touching them. Hint: it has a lot to do with the same person simultaneously breaking an XRP sales agreement
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    i'm not ready to miss the train again

    XRP has a new symbol these days 😉
  6. Forum search is handy. Don't take my comment in a bad way. This place is a valuable source of information.
  7. you're seriously underestimating the searching/finding ability of this community if you think even a day old Ripple or XRP related news doesn't find its way here
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    What kind of a nonprofit distributes or sells (or whatever) 10 billion XLM with zero transparency against their distribution mandate? That's quite a bit of money. Also, stellar's auction for 500 million XLM was bought by "jed's cousin and aunt" = Jed in 2015. Also zero transparency there, and we wouldn't have known it if we hadn't had that legal case from 2015 between Jed and Ripple Labs. To me it strongly looks like IBM went for Stellar because of powerplay. IBM knew they'd be WAY more relevant as a partner vs being a partner of Ripple along with lots of FIs, payment services and relevant fintech companies. But maybe it's just me not seeing the light. P.S. This thread would be way more interesting without this irrelevant fairly nonsensical speculative pollution you and I for instance create. This whole thread should be about comparing the two protocols instead of personal beliefs.
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    What makes you sure SEC sees SDF as non-profit?
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    Ethan MacBrough AFAIK has been the mastermind behind Cobalt. He worked at ripple as a research engineer from September 2017 to May 2018. Launch is presumably in 2019 based on the information we have
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    And it worries me how quite a few of the so-called stellar hodlers have been overlooking it. When I look at Stellar community sites and forums, I see very little relevant questions being asked or answered.
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    I personally don't think so. As shown below. Stellar holds 5% of total lumens. The rest are supposed to be distributed via official methods stated below The math does not add up.
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    [OFF-TOPIC] who holds those 10 billion XLMs that aren't held by SDF currently, nor haven't been distributed via official methods? Considering Stellar is pretending to be transparent, it should be an easy question to answer. [/OFF-TOPIC]
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    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    [OFF-TOPIC] All he has to do is to direct all the fiat-money he receives from XRP sales to an unregulated exchange to purchase BTC and send them to an exchange that supports XRP, then buy the XRPs back with the BTC. Maybe use cousins or other family members as a proxy. He has done that before, for instance in 2015 spring he put on a 100m XRP sell wall on bitstamp, at bit over a cent price. The idea was to sell them while at the same time pressing down XRP price, and after that buy 500m STR from an auction SDF created. It started the lawsuit between Ripple and Jed. He'd be able to accumulate quietly while not creating much upwards pressure. Once he has enough, he can start manipulating the markets. One market can impact other markets with fairly modest volumes. The guy has a record of being a narcissistic scumbag, therefore people shouldn't underestimate the things he is willing to do to "prove a point". Call it FUD, but the guy has shown his full colors. There's a whale manipulating XRP price currently, who obviously wants it to go down.[/OFF-TOPIC]