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  1. When XRP first pumped at the beginning of September, ZB.com was had the highest trading volume according to livecoinwatch.com.... I thought it was strange because I had never heard of it. And then during the big upward move that happened pre-swell ZB.com was all the way on the bottom of the volume list. Weird right?
  2. Not to bring up Coinbase (but to bring up Coinbase) did anyone notice this in the Ripple Inisghts newsletter email today? “In the news” links to an article about Coinbase? Just speculating, I can care less about XRP geting added to Coinbase as there are much bigger things in the works, just haven’t posted in a while but still holding strong baby! LFG
  3. 0.19-0.20 USD — October ‘17. I haven’t bought or sold ANY since my original purchase, but plan to dump my Q2 bonus check In and 2x my holdings. As much as I want to see an increase, I hope it happens after that!
  4. That’s absolutely insane! Good for you man, why year did you buy in?
  5. You sold 1.1 million xrp....
  6. I hope this is legit, I’d love an air drop. Who doesn’t like free money?!
  7. Its a frolicking alpaca, who frolicks faster as the price of XRP increases, and slows his trot in dark times such as now. His ancestors date back to the mid 2008 era. His frolick is oh-so smooth.
  8. What? You joined in January so you shouldn't even respond to this thread, you’re literally one of the people he is talking about. Its hilarious how your response was exactly what he was making a point about. I’m still laughing
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