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  1. ah fine, even with google filter 24h .. amazing
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/b/c36ff7ca-fdfe-45df-a5d8-7b61a1a1dfa1 she doesn't know what she talking about is it??
  3. totally agree , i even suggest to use website like http://www.scamadviser.com/ for check and decide what to do.. and for be more specific i did try those link i share before with no more than 1 btc for translation ( and i confirm.. i did not have problem )
  4. add here all know web site were you can cash out easy and fast, below 2 link i personaly use and i never had problem.. https://instacash.is/home/main easy and fast https://worldcore.eu/Prepaid-debit-card this one you have to do verification staff... but is realy cool
  5. yes this is what i did, but i was looking for a better way, btw a lot of the phrase are really weird.. the only way is try the wallet, so let's do the best we can now and later test...
  6. is no contest.. is just rippling or alow rippling, and "ondulato" is not correct,
  7. the Italian one is almost done 98% i will finish it tomorrow, btw... how you translate " Rippling " please dont tell me " Increspato" another word??
  8. yes, i would like, i'm IT Analyst ,xrp bag holder and i do cryptocurrency trading and mining , no problem for translate (I'm bilingual ita/spa)
  9. I didn't read nothing about bitcoin halving correlate with push people on ripple.. That's was my point, BTW I appreciate your comments
  10. Start from the point that I realy believe ripple is awesome.. I feel is to much hype around.. Chart with analysis to 7k pump..ecc.. And if you do some research online people who know what they say, talking about a real fact, xrp is not realy necessary for run the system becose a cool thing on ripple is to Marge different currency in 1system (blockchain) it's look like price will freeze for years, and they will use it like a platform for at the end use Bitcoin.. It's time to realise that the entire global market can't run in a single blockchain, that's why they need more than 1... But token price is another thing and is not correlate What you think guys..?
  11. hahaha dont tell me ... i know very well
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