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  1. And that Kieran Kelly guy, the endless drab is so nauseating.
  2. Without regulations it will be another meaningless year, this is your 6482 post trying to pump XRP. Give it a rest already. You, Dr T. And Alex Cobb should give it a rest already.
  3. Nothing major will happen until regulations are in place.
  4. What’s your point? After you posted this the price jumped to $0.45.
  5. That’s not what I would call FUD. If FIs start to accumulate and hold, that would directly drive the price of XRP up. The Fudsters are even bigger morons that we thought. Lol
  6. To me it’s simple. The international monetary system is running on something that was developed in 1972. If the world’s financial players want to bring their slow, costly, unsecure system into modern times there is ONLY one horse to bet on. My first buy was about a year ago at $0.15, and my current cost average is $0.17. i never thought I’d get rich overnight, and I’ve always thought that the XRP ecosystem needs time to develop and mature because the price will be solely driven by usage, because of that I’ve always planned to hold until Dec-2022 where I will make a decision on what to do next. The daily muppets who keep droning on about price today or at the ATH still haven’t figured out that the market hasn’t even started yet. Everything up until now has been driven by consumer funds, which is primarily icing on the cake. IMO our two biggest issues are when will regulations get ironed out, because this is what’s keeping the real money from rolling in, and WTF is taking so long for xRapid to get out of BETA? I think even without regulations, Kitao could push his 61 banks all in but he’s still waiting for the full release of XRapid. Kitao’s banks will be the first domino. Once he’s off and running others may follow.
  7. I never said it wasn’t. It just puts the whole Bearableguy123 $589 prediction into perspective.
  8. Watch the video, Asheesh Birla says he expects it to take 5-10 years for main stream adoption.
  9. Shows why they are having a hard time getting out of Beta.
  10. I’ve seen press around Kitao talking about the SBI crypto exchange going live this summer. Has anyone seen press on when the 61 Bank consortium is going to go live using xRapid? Can you please share the links? Thanks for the help!
  11. Nothing serious is gonna happen until regulations get ironed out. Earliest chance of luck will be at The July G20 meeting in Argentina.
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