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  1. Pat Thelen is VP of Strategic Accounts at Ripple. His job is to work with CLIENT (customer) engagement and satisfaction to ensure smooth interface with their services. If there is a question or a problem, they call Pat. Pat gets sh!t done. Pat is also one of only 3 at-large members. Seems like he's pretty important.
  2. Look at the technology providers. At the very least, Ripple is involved.
  3. I'm going to try to keep this as simple as I can. Libra is a stable coins tied to multiple currencies. That doesn't work. I'll explain below. But first, we have to understand that stablecoins, by definition, don't increase in value, which limit incentive/reward to buy, hold or use. In a simple example of stable coins with just one peg, when the supply is insufficient for a purchase, simply more stable coins are printed, price doesn't change. The amount of money taken in is held in reserve until cash out. This creates a risk that the entity holding the reserves is hones
  4. Dave sold some of his XRP stash for over $10 MIL. If I had 10 MIL dollars in XRP, I would sell right now and be done, regardless of what I think XRP is likely to do in the future. That's life changing money. Why risk it for a chance at more? I don't need more, no matter how confident I am that XRP will go higher. Because no matter how confident I am, I could be always be wrong. Now lets take it a step further. What if I had 20 mil dollars of XRP? Of course I would sell at least 10MIL. Then maybe keep the other 10 MIL in XRP? Best of both worlds. I'm set, PLUS have investmen
  5. I'm sure many and more productive side conversations are held outside of the actual meeting. I don't think anyone is running out the door as soon as it ends... Except for maybe the guy who abruptly woke up at 7:17. He's probably going to back to his room and take a nap as soon as he can.
  6. Great idea. Just send me your bank account and pin and I'll direct deposit my check. 😄
  7. My thought was that it would be easier to keep track. Formula = current balance + total amount spent - USD equivalent into account from Direct deposit. That would be my capital gain. No actual crypro to crypto trading. Just money in, money out, plus current balance. Beautiful. Simple. Or jail if I'm wrong. Maybe I might want to pay a tax lawyer /accountant for the first year.
  8. Coinbase fees are too high. But if that's my only option, I'll be eating more Ramen.
  9. My thoughts are that by increasingly using XRP as a currency would help liquidity because i, presumably, would be buying and selling at market rate. The more I buy and sell, the more someone else can sell and buy. Sure, the volatility would be an issue, but I believe the long term value of XRP will increase. While some days/weeks I would lose, I would win a greater percentage of the time. I would use my disposable income at first. If XRP tanks, I stay at home and eat Ramen. If it goes up, I celebrate with an evening out for steak and lobster and I don't even eat lobster. Over tim
  10. I signed up for notifications for when it becomes available. Thanks!
  11. As a side note, I wouldn't tell my wife it's an XRP account. I would just give her our 'new debit card' to use for purchases.
  12. I need someone to set up a USD to XRP account that I can have my paycheck (or a portion of it) direct deposited every payday. It would have to be sort of a traditional bank account that then converts to XRP for a minimal fee. I go to my employer and add the direct deposit to that account, and each payday, I automatically get credited with XRP. I then need a debit card from that account that would also work off a nominal fee to where I could spend my XRP into merchants or businesses that accept USD or XRP. The conversion from XRP to fiat would be seamless and cost me almost.no
  13. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil. It has to be distributed. I think everyone recognizes this. We are all early in this space. This is just something we have to go through. I think that as time goes by, the escrow releases and sales will represent a smaller and smaller percentage of circulating supply. Then when all 1B is being sold each month, that's when we will start to see significant price increase. My opinion. I have said for a long time that the price is held in check due to the distribution of XRP. If you remember, when we had the bull run in December 2
  14. He could just tell the IRS to wait for their money? Maybe 9 months, maybe 2 years, maybe 5 years.
  15. Assuming that's his account AND he's selling, (which I have NO IDEA if it is or if that's what he's doing) it would maybe make sense that it coincides with tax day. Last January 2018, that account appears to have sold about $10M worth of XRP. Its likely that a portion of that $10m would have to go to pay for taxes on XRP that he cashed out in 2017. Let's look at this year's tax burden of cashing out 10M in 2018... That 10M is probably taxed at the rate of 10% capital gains. That would bring the tax he owes this year to $1M. Unless he has a spare 1M sitting around, he pr
  16. Anyone with concerns about competitors or Transferwise.. read this about 5 times. This is exactly the difference and the point of XRP. Settlement. In seconds. Actual value transfer. Not a simple message that says 'I owe you'. Or my bank telling your bank ' Hey, you know that 100M we have sitting on deposit in your bank that we can't lend out or do anything with, really, since it's just sitting there waiting for me to be able to transfer money? Yeah, go ahead and deduct $50 from that account and credit John's account in Thailand.' Or even worse, my bank contacting a middle
  17. Uphold.com allows you to buy at current price for only 1.4%, (buying 1000 XRP will cost you 14 XRP) but you won't be able to move it until the payment completes in a few days. Only a 2 min verification process, as well. My 72 year old dad was able to figure it out, so its not complicated any more.
  18. Because Stellar is a non-profit organization, they are not subject to same security rules.
  19. I think you read the FUD too much. All of your points above are inaccurate. First, Brad has consistently said 3-5 years. Recently he was on panel (davos I believe) where he again stated 5 years. 1. I think Ripple's long term strategy is the best one. However, everyone wants to make Bank in the short term. Ripple is trying to change the payment world. Give it time. Even the Internet and smart phones didn't take off right away. Years. Further, Ripple doesn't own XRP or the XRPL. It's not theirs. Sure they own a lot of XRP, but not the network. It's distributed. They are
  20. spiras

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob Questions: As a Ripple stock holder, can you explain the relationship between the stock holder and ownership of Ripple's escrowed XRP? For example, Ripple seems to donate a good portion of the escrow, and sells another portion. Aren't they giving away your money as a stock holder? Also, in using the sale of XRP to help build the ecosystem, rather than provide it to stock holders as dividends, how do the stock holders feel about that? The assumption among stock holders, I'm guessing, would be that as the XRP ecosystem grows the value of the remaining XRP in the comp
  21. Hi Bob, I'm Shawn. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experiences. When your book gets published, I will be the first in line to buy it. Until then, you should figure out a way to receive streaming XRP payments for people browsing in this club. Can't say I will provide much value here. Maybe a bad joke or two, but I am fascinated with the world changing potential of XRP. And I would love for all the BTC maxi XRP haters to be proven completely and totally wrong.
  22. One of interesting feature of the XRP EscrowFinish operation, is that these time-release transactions don’t complete automatically. The funds can be released at any point after the time specified in the EscrowCreate section of the coding, but there has to be another transaction in order for the held funds to actually move. If nobody completes the transaction, the funds stay where they are. What’s more, this EscrowFinish code can be implemented by anyone with the technical knowhow, and who is willing to pay the drops (XRP’s sub-divided units, a la Bitcoin’s Satoshis) to complete the transf
  23. Youtuber Jungle Inc asked for someone to release the escrow and put in that message, which is his customary sign off message in all his videos.. Someone did. Anyone can release the escrow and put whatever message they want. no connection to Ripple.
  24. I just answered your first question. Why would R3 prop up any other digital assets. I can also give you reasons why they wouldn't. But I don't know nor do I care what financial institutions have plans to use Bitcoin. Are you suggesting that XRP has more liquidity right now than BTC? Are you suggesting that BTC can't settle faster than FIAT? Are you suggesting that BTC would be more expensive that settling in FIAT? If XRP doesn't have the liquidity needed for a transaction, are you suggesting that FIAT would be a better alternative than settling with BTC? There
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