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    I just answered your first question. Why would R3 prop up any other digital assets. I can also give you reasons why they wouldn't. But I don't know nor do I care what financial institutions have plans to use Bitcoin. Are you suggesting that XRP has more liquidity right now than BTC? Are you suggesting that BTC can't settle faster than FIAT? Are you suggesting that BTC would be more expensive that settling in FIAT? If XRP doesn't have the liquidity needed for a transaction, are you suggesting that FIAT would be a better alternative than settling with BTC? There is your answer to your original question. That is why R3 would consider propping up BTC. Let's be real. Disclaimer. I own no BTC. I hate BTC. I think BTC sucks.
  2. spiras


    Liquidity. Bitcoin has more liquidity, although slower. But hours is better than days if the liquidity is in BTC and not enough in XRP.
  3. No. It's pegged to the dollar. No expectation of profit. In fact, holding this coin guarantees you will lose money. Everytime the US Govt prints money, it's value will decline. Probably cost you about 2% per year loss to hang on to these. The US dollar is inflationary.
  4. spiras

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Maybe he's a drunk or slept with Brad's woman. That stuff happens. I see it all the time on daytime tv.
  5. I agree with you. As a crypto community we should all be banding together to build the space. This goes for BTC maxis and XRP fans and all other projects. We need to work together. Or at least not tear each other apart with lies and misinformation. The best tech or marketing or business plan will win out in the end, but that's a battle for a different day. Let's build the space, promote the world changing technology and stop bitching about who is evil or centralized or blowing up the planet. There's room for more than one crypto for now. If it becomes apparent that one tech is going to take the lead, then people can sell theirs and buy XRP. There's no need to pick sides here at this point. Let nature take its course in survival of the fittest when the time is right. The way we're going we are just delaying and hindering progress. 'XRP is a security' or 'BTC is destroying the environment' are just going to turn important people away. Just stop. Can't we all just get along? That's all.
  6. Who specifically owes you an apology and why? Just curious. I think I'm missing something and since we have a whole topic of discussion about it, maybe someone can fill me in? Seems like it must be super important.
  7. Nice. Simply worded and easy to understand. I believe (because I can) that Gottleib is stepping down because he sees the future but isn't able to fill his XRP bags while he's the acting SWIFT CEO. Conflict of interest. Impropriety. Ethics. The whole works. So right now, he's hoping to hold back the XRP price until he can load up. No positive statements.. a little FUD here and there.. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, he's setting up SWIFT to be able to settle in XRP a few months after he's resigned. This give him a couple of months to buy in at low prices. I have absolutely no evidence of this, no real reason to think this, and quite honestly I just made it up. But that's probably what he's doing.
  8. spiras

    Paris Fintech 29-30 January

    Not sure why you feel the need to be an a-hole. Flat out, you're wrong. I thought maybe you were just mistaken, but now I realize that you know you're wrong. Yet in order to avoid admitting that you're wrong, you're willing to potentially cause uncertainty and doubt in XRP investors? I've seen you on here quite a bit, and felt that you were one of the positive contributors in this space. It's disappointing to realize you are just one of the growing list of XRP community members who lack actual credibility. Again, you are just a disservice to whole XRP movement. I believe I was kind and within rights to ask you for a retraction of your unfounded claim. You respond by blocking me. Cool. I guess everyone will just see that you have no idea what you're talking about. And that your unfounded comments and false claims just waste everyone's time.
  9. spiras

    Paris Fintech 29-30 January

    I'm just saying that saying something like David Schwartz holds a low amount of XRP could be construed as a serious negative. I've shown a direct link that shows otherwise. There is a transcript and David Schwartz's own voice in the audio clip. You're saying. No, trust me, I remember. I saw it once. This is important, and I'm not sure why you aren't understanding that. You're propogating doubt about whether or not the CTO of a billion dollar company has a significant personal, investment in his own work. You're suggesting, on no evidence other than your memory, that he doesn't. This in spite of actual evidence that he does. Why aren't you understanding this? Why don't you see that your claim could significantly hurt the value of XRP if proven to be true? Just show the proof or please remove the claim until you or someone else has time to substantiate it. When you remove your claim, I will remove my responses. Thanks.
  10. spiras

    Paris Fintech 29-30 January

    Question: would you find it concerning if the CTO of ripple,.someone with a direct view into the XRP ecosystem, held only 60k XRP? The equivalent of $20k? Personally, I would be horrified and would seriously reconsider my investment. Please provide a link, because the claim of 60k XRP could cause people to panic sell. I ask, for the XRP investors, that you please remove this claim until you can substantiate it. Othwise you are doing a huge disservice to the community. I'm all for the truth, so if you are correct, I would like to be able to verify it and make decisions accordingly. If you aren't able to substantiate this, then you are spreading FUD whether you intend to or not, which is why I ask that you remove this claim for now. Thanks
  11. spiras

    Paris Fintech 29-30 January

    This is a few years old, but actually a good read even today. Near the end, David Schwartz talks about this and says how much XRP he holds. (Much more than 60k) http://bitcoinsandgravy.com/bitcoins-and-gravy-54-david-schwartz-explains-ripple
  12. It doesn't matter much at this point. Buying XRP OTC then feeding it through xrapid is a way to get the ball in motion. Being successful on one side of xrapid (the sell side) is a step in the right direction. I would rather have the first few banks buy OTC to help ensure successful results, even if it means delaying the zerpening. Once Ripple begins selling the whole escrow each month, drying up OTC sales, then everyone will be forced to exchanges for the remainder of the month. Anyone remember when the last moon happened? December 12th through Jan 4th. Anything specific about this time range that could have fueled the spike? I said it then, and I'll say it again... Ripple had just escrowed all the XRP in early December, leaving little for OTC sales without selling from their own stashes. I believe, and you can disagree, that Ripple was not willing/able to sell off XRP during this time. The first escrow was released Jan 1st. Does anyone else NOT think it was coincidental that the spike happened between the escrow lockup and the release of the first escrow? My point is that, once Ripple sells out their monthly escrow allotment, we will begin to see price movement. Right now, I believe their focus is on getting the ball rolling by reducing the risk on the buy side for FI's. I'm on board with that. Let this play out a little. We will see $1 again by late summer. $2 by the end of the year. I will stake my reputation on it. (If I'm wrong, instead of suffering the embarrassing backlash of being wrong, I'll just stop using this account and log in as another name.. ala @jasil / @Mods_are_tyrants / 300 other accounts.)
  13. My original predictions from Mid-2017, which I've never shared. Missed the Dec/Jan spike, but it appears that wasn't legit, anyway. These projections are what made me decide to invest in XRP at around .15-.20, late summer 2017. Thus far, I'm quite pleased with XRP's progress. I also projected the next 5 years after Feb 2021 at the same time, which I will post at a later date. For now, I will stick with these original predictions/projections for the remainder of this year: End Q1: .60 End Q2: .90 End Q3: $1.30 End Q4: $2.00
  14. spiras

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    Further, each drop could then be divided into millionths, if need be. Thus each drop could eventually be what XRP is today, with the final, seventh decimal of a drop being given a name (drip?).. there by extending the life of XRP-->Drop to another generation. Then of course if supply were to get low, then the drip of the drop could be extended out seven more decimal places with a new name (drizzle?). This could go on forever, with the original XRP (not that there would be any left) still holding the value of a million drops, each drop being worth a million drips, which are each worth a million drizzles. In short, no need to worry about the supply of XRP running out even if the burn rate was excessive. It's set up to be able to continue generations of itself without devaluing the original.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Companies, banks, FIs could send XRP to each other previously, if they wanted. So Corda makes it easier. But they would have to do their own conversion between XRP to FIAT or just hold the XRP.. I'm not sure who would want to accept payment in XRP right now, only to hold it. It seems like the volatility could be killer if they wanted to make payments at a later date with it. That's a lot of risk. xRapid, on the other hand, includes the conversion and minimal risk, but also would likely be less impactful to price appreciation. FIs and Banks using XRP to make payments through Corda would lead to longer hold times and could have a significant impact on price, but I would think there would need to be more stability in price for this to be used in a meaningful way. In short, this would be massive if it were to be heavily used; however it would lead to FIs and Banks being exposed to tremendous risk and/or a lot of effort to quickly get converted back to Fiat on the receiving end... Likely a manual conversion. Don't see it at this point.