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  1. Nope, the problem was not solved. Nobody from GateHub have responded to me in order to help me or to give me a at least a hint. I suspect they stole my crypto because is mind blowing for me to think someone could transfer the XRPs without 2FA. Any help is high appreciated guys.
  2. is a capture screen from the chrome browser, there is no app
  3. As i know you still have +20 XRPs in the account after any transfer.
  4. I wonder why the thief would only steal 1050 XRP when he might have stolen 1090 XRP or more? why did he left me +60 XRPs?
  5. I wonder why the thief would only steal 1050 XRP when he might have stolen 1090 XRP or more? why did he leave me +60 XRPs?
  6. GH is responsible for all these issues. If I'll not receive my XRPs in my account I will do all the necessary steps and I will sue them.
  7. Yes, you're right. I've investigated a bit and in that day some XRPs were transferred from other wallets to the thief wallet. I'll contact poloniex as well and inform them about what happend.
  8. Is this a normal behavior to get my XRPs without letting me know or be aware about this change? No notifications...nothing. They locked my XRPs without any reason.
  9. I've opened few tickets to them and i got one response: Please consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement authorities. We are willing to cooperate in the process. Kind regards, Klas CRM Manager | GateHub Ltd. | gatehub.net P.S.: Enable two-factor authentication and never reuse a login password. Use Google Chrome for optimal GateHub performance. https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us Considering their recent security issues, how can they not take responsibility of what happened on my account. 2FA was enabled, I don't share passwords between accounts, and I didn't get any e-mail prompting that the transaction was on-going, nor anything suggesting of that.
  10. Hi guys, As T8493 said GateHub wallet doesn't show correct balance because right now i'm at work and I'm running behind some proxies(security reasons) but I still have 60 XRP in my account. I don't understand why it shows me 0 XRP. I'll send a picture in this evening in order to prove that. 2FA was enabled since the beginning.
  11. Hi guys, Long story short: 1050 XRP just evaporated from my account few days ago immediate after I've logged in without triggering myself any payment to other wallet...just gone. Here is my tx hash: 93FA4CFB92BF61B9B0CF7B8EEF669F5283CE2674054E14589BBD91BB7D4AE31A this is the wallet where they were transferred: rUKc5snwq9v9FyoRC1DGiQ52iUkWdmpaqk Could be this a GateHub cold wallet or is the thief wallet? I've opened few tickets to GH team but no responses yet. I recently read this http://blog.gatehub.net/post/165832617292/gatehub-ltd-announcement Any hints related to what should i do are highly appreciated. Thx
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