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  1. It isn't working for me any more either. I'm using the precompiled "Xrp Chat Wallet" here which is the same app: https://www.xrpchat.com/links/
  2. It's been that way for a long time. Where's the catalyst?
  3. Still no news and XRP is over 50% of BTC marketcap? How is that possible? The lockup is good and XRP is great but I don't see how this can be anything but a pump.
  4. Does anyone know what the daily limit is for XRP withdrawals on Bittrex?
  5. Ripple and XRP are great but this price run seems ridiculous. Is this a pump or has there been big news lately that I've missed?
  6. OK, it sounds like the secret key can't be decrypted without the desktop client.
  7. Can I decrypt it without the desktop client? I'd rather store the encrypted key and my concern is that the desktop client won't be available eventually.
  8. So I believe what I have backed up currently is an encrypted form of the secret key. Can I decrypt it without ripple-client-desktop?
  9. It works! Thank you! Should I be concerned about that download disappearing?
  10. I absolutely have the encrypted text file and password. How can I use them to gain control of my XRP since I can't seem to reinstall ripple-client-desktop? By "desktop client" do you mean ripple-client-desktop?
  11. The string I have is much longer than 29 characters. Could it have been encrypted by ripple-client-desktop? When I had ripple-client-desktop installed previously, I tested it to be sure I could restore my account with what I had backed up. Could you recommend one or more Ripple wallets to try restoring from my backup? Are there any that don't require KYC?
  12. A while back I used ripple-client-desktop to store my XRP. I saved a long alphanumeric string as a backup. I tried to install ripple-client-desktop on my new computer but I wasn't able to do so with the same method I had used to install it previously: Is the string I backed up my private key? How can I retrieve my XRP with it?
  13. Ah, I'm sure you're right. I was looking at the Poloniex chart.
  14. I believe we're at an all time low for the XRP/BTC price. Yes, the BTC/USD price is moving up and driving down the BTC price of most alts, but not to all time lows. Ripple seems very silent on any progress being made lately. What's your take?
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