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  1. I think you will be admitted when the unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions are down to 10.
  2. Has been 10 sats for a while now.
  3. withdrawal fee for BTC on Cfinex is 0.002 BTC! That was my whole profit on a small trade I did. I decided to wait and use the BTC for a buy back order at 8 sats.
  4. I don't have children but if I did, I would let nothing get in the way of them finding happiness, even if that would mean that they turn to religion. I would certainly educate them about religion should they wish to know more about religion (in its broadest sense). It doesn't quite work like that the other way round. There are a bazillion cases of religious people who were disowned, threatened and even killed after they decided that they didn't want to be part of their religious community anymore. In certain religions it is officially punishable by death. The whole cult of guilt and sin in Christianity is morally reproachable. " If you do this, Jesus will love you." " If you do that, you will burn in hell" . What a great way to control people, instill fear into children. What a great way to get ' your' people to bully, pester, punish or kill other people who are abominations according to ' your' God. The treatment of homosexuality in Christianity especially, but also in Islam, is shameful even in this day and age. Do Christians actually believe that being gay is a sin? Mind boggling... As for atheist dictators; the fact that they were atheists doesn't make them any less horrific. I condemn any system of belief that uses repression, violence and murder whether that be a religious system or not.
  5. This is exactly the problem I have with religion in general. Too much atrocities have been commited in the name of religion for me to take any religion seriously. I mainly see it as a means to control people. The level of brainwashing is astonishing. One of the reasons I believe children should be given the right to choose their religion after the age of eighteen and not be subjected to the dogmas of religion before that.
  6. You are born into religion. Geography determines what God you believe in. I was raised Catholic until my parents let me decide for myself. Then reality set in pretty quickly.
  7. I think a lot of hodlers who say they are in it for the tech and the use case don't care either way when Coinbase adding XRP brings a new ATH. We're all in it for the money.
  8. If XRP brings me that wealth, I would buy a Multipla and have a F1 V10 engine fitted and laugh at all the Lambo guys when I hit insane mode.
  9. I am fine with either. We need whales as much as we need coinbase. At this moment in time.
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