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  1. They have this in their TOS: ''Access and use the Ripple system.'' not sure if this is xRapid? https://www.bitstamp.net/terms-of-use/ltd
  2. Yup! I know he just released a new blog but i'm prettyyy sure we can expect a new one soon.
  3. @Ripple-Stiltskin @Hodor and @Chewiecoin are my nominees
  4. Weekend starts in 5 minutes, check. New @Hodor blog, check. Thank you for all your work over the past year I have read every single one of your blogs and they have only gotten better! PS: Typo in your topic post under Ripple News: "Riplenet"
  5. I just think what xpud/rootvegetable is saying is pretty logical. If you don't that's fine by me, imho OTC sales will have a positive effect on the price eventually.
  6. https://www.cityunionbank.com/downloads/Press_Release_swift.pdf Dear old SWIFT, it's time to retire and let xRapid take over the world.
  7. Nothing new, just some basic fud translated to dutch. All the points that they make have been destroyed. Let that 'reporter' start by reading https://ripple.com/dev-blog/decentralization-strategy-update/
  8. Follow this guide to reset your Ledger nano S https://medium.com/@trionkidnapper/ledger-nano-s-resetting-the-device-9772af4cfbff After u have reset it follow these steps: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/start ==> Click on "Configure My Device" and on "Watch Video Tutorials" for help. Let us know if it worked and feel free to ask more questions if you run into problems.
  9. Indeed, she has some really good in depth videos, i've been subscribed since October 2017 and she is very bullish on XRP.
  10. In your previous post you said ''I'm starting to lean towards not a believer in XRP either'' and ''I'm gonna stick it out for ?ANOTHER? 6 months'' You got in at .71 which is less than a month ago? So why did u invest in XRP a month ago if you don't believe in it? You haven't been in XRP for 6 months yet! I think that if you were part of the people that got in early, went to .40 and then dropped to .20 for months you would have sold and you would have missed out on some really big gains. There is no way you would have holded with what you are saying now so maybe it's best you leave right now then. After all you are leaning towards ''a non believer'' Don't expect 38,000% profit if you think 30% down is pathetic.
  11. ? Not sure if you are trolling or not.. IMO, you are dead wrong.
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