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  1. Thank you @miguel. Any takers?
  2. @miguel Can Ripple's XRP be locked up and underwritten as a fund?
  3. Royal Mint Gold issuing its digital gold virtual currency, RMG by mid-2017 in 1 gram denominations. Gold, 1 gram ~ $40 USD *No one may need to "cash out" to fiat after all
  4. Yes, please if it offers more predictability!
  5. @JoelKatz explained the differences fairly well. To credit an individual like Jed for something of simply applying the PAXOS algorithm is a shame. That's all. EDIT: I'd be very wealthy if my professional contributions were somehow monetized in my favor over the course of my career instead of in the favor my employer --ya know, the big cheeses who paid my salary over the years. >>Moreover, the Winklevoss twins probably would've won their Facebook plaintiff case simply based on their ideas that Zuckerberg used. No?
  6. Jed claims the consensus algorithm was his idea but it's in fact the PAXOS ALGORITHM if I'm not mistaken --not something newly created by anyone in fact. Read it from Joel Katz himself: The more we know...
  7. NBAD partners did well talking up Ripple at the banking conference that occurred in their region after announcing they'll be using Ripple for cross-border payments (only hours before the conference began). Too bad they didn't have it up and running commercially before the conference --but the press was good.
  8. @MundoXRP Yes, @miguel came from CME and that's the connection/relevance.
  9. This article says RMG due to launch first half of this year. Maybe the Royal Mint is finishing pilot tests meow?
  10. The title really says it all. You could probably delete most of the body and just put @miguel
  11. Royal Mint about to release RMG Blockchain digital gold currency mid-2017. ETF planned for USA trading. Ripple mentioned in the article as an example of a Blockchain that moves value. Definitely an area of expertise for @miguel
  12. I think Jesse Powell will keep XLM on Kraken indefinitely.
  13. Yah, I saw that! Isn't that cool?
  14. Right --but Im not asking what or when... I specifically asked if JK's last point made "a way of locking up funds" could be handled thru the new Escrow feature. Another thread posted within the last few hours brought this up as a separate topic.