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  1. One can't help but wonder why Trolling is starting to pick up again in this forum. Yay! The dawn is nigh!
  2. I have he perfect application for you! I was just putting together my 3D Printing for XRP idea. Not kidding. PM me for info. Thank you.
  3. Good job @tomxcs !
  4. ...oh when will FIs let go of their IOUs?
  5. Maybe it just "looked" like their security was breached?
  6. @miguel This announcement could spark some concern about XRP's valuation, especially if the SBI Japanese consortium of banks will even use RCL/XRP ever.
  8. Hehe... boys! I have some time on my hands. Let's do it.
  9. My fortune cookie this evening.
  10. I wouldn't totally rule-out calling on Capt Awesome... bring him to D.C. with you and Trump would prob give him an appointment on the spot, like Water Task Force Director. Then both of you can save Flint along with the rest of the country's cities in the same boat. 'Hard to believe the Gulf spill televised on every channel for weeks wasn't the best for that ecosystem either but they paid their way out of that one, right?
  11. Reminds me of a classic story about human nature retold in a classic movie 🎥