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  1. 'Begs to be repeated: XRP WILL BE USED REGARDLESS; and NOTE that announcement of this testing phase means SBI REMIT is UP & RUNNING, which means the SBI Ripple Asia VALIDATOR NODE is WORKING PROPERLY, which means XRP COMMERCIALIZATION COMMENCES SOON™ in Japan.
  2. Exactly Ripple's plan if I'm not mistaken. Thank you.
  3. Do you think @miguel may have family or friends that could be affected by this fee accordingly? Do you think he sees more of an opportunity for XRP before or after this law is enacted?
  4. House Bill 1813 proposal to fund wall erection between USA & Mexico; if passed will be enacted Sep 2017. Example, HR1813 mandates a $20,000 USD wire shall incur a fee of $400 on top of all other fees and taxes collected for the transfer. Note countries affected are between USA and all "South of the Border" including Mexico, South America and the islands as well.
  5. I've seen many of his posts including those explaining XRP use-cases in great detail, also in this forum over time. In your post, JoelKatz is explaining current state of affairs as it's been for a while now --speculation is like that. What he didn't mention is everything else that seems to be escaping this "widespread adoption" conversation. A friend of mine back in the day told everyone Google would emerge successful but not many knew what a search engine was let alone the Internet or email. I didn't grasp his ideas either because I could not imagine how they'd generate revenue, etc. ---but now they're commonplace today. Lots of turns.
  6. The PDF quotes the BoJ governor supporting their existing BoJ-NET --and they're only going to extend their hours of operation until 9pm or similar.
  7. Interestingly XRP's 500% price increase this month doesn't seem it was caused by a "crowded Ripple ballroom" --but maybe the party already started
  8. Ripple @BIS --the Central Bank of all Central Banks? Ripple also @IMF last week?
  9. ...and this is not the event I'm referring to....
  10. Really? That's a surprise. Sorry. Just looking at all of your previous posts.
  11. No tea leaves. But my sources tea leaves do coincide with this real event happening. *Google is your friend.
  12. I see June 22, 2017 --when a more important an luminous event occurs on XRP's horizon... but I'm not telling.
  13. Let's get Putin in on the launch of a KGB COIN. Money can't buy happiness but it can buy weed and that's close enough for me
  14. Deplorable no one's concerned this topic has more "JED" written all over it and the OP title reads, "Chris Larsen's Wallets" --available for organic Google search results. Just saying if I were researching Ripple, this topic alone has enough FUD for me to tell everyone XRP is a scam ...even though it's the real deal. READ: NO ONE HAS TIME TO DO A DEEP DIVE ON YOUR FUD -- THEY READ THE HEADLINES AND GO. THINK!
  15. Got the infamous subscription nag.