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  1. It crossed on the 30min, 1 hr, 4hr and is very very close on the 1 day.
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    XRP price after next bull run

    I don't understand what you mean. I thought sell meant that I give my asset to someone in exchange for fiat.
  3. Will anyone actually sell at $50 or less? Or is everyone pretty much going to HODL on until $1,000+?
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    XRP price after next bull run

    This is virgin territory, I'm not sure how anyone could really know. If we get another major pump like Dec of 2017, expect a major dip and correction again too. But if the pump/price increase is based upon actual utility, I'd expect the price to hold a bit higher due to ongoing interest / use cases. Pump & Dump vs actual use and demand.
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    just want to put this here

  6. My initial 100% cash out price in January 2018 was $10-12. As things went awry, I had figured I'd sell around 10% at $5 last summer. I've spent 2 years adding to my stack now, and learning about what is going on in crypto, Ripple, and XRP. (as well as fintech, in general). What I am seeing, I believe, is the same thing that happened to traditional media. I think current fintech is on pace to absolutely destroy banks in the way that blogs, websites, and modern online media killed newspapers. I think Robinhoods, squares, binances, Upholds etc could kill the banks and exchanges the way Amazon.com has killed retail brick and mortar. So currently I have no sells planned under $48.
  7. my only sell order placed currently is $48.50 to catch the $50. and it's a very small %.
  8. Interesting. I'm really impressed that nobody here questioned the starting cash-out price. you know the HODL'ers now are all that remain. It sort of gives me goosebumps to think about what a 2019 bull run could do.
  9. The consensus from people I respect in this world is that are are facing massive manipulation. I have a hard time arguing with them. I just don't see any other reason for us to be stuck at $.30 right now. If we can break through the manipulation anything is possible. Especially if the manipulators decide to contribute to the upside.
  10. I have one. I'd like another. but at the moment I am still only buying XRP.
  11. I wish I had any idea at all. the whole world has changed since 2017. We have countless more opportunities to buy both XRP and BTC. When I got started in crypto it was basically only gatehub and coinbase. Now you could go to a place as simple as Uphold/Abra etc right from your phone and even Bittrex now deals in direct USD and bank transfers vs the old ways of having to send BTC to them. The ability to buy XRP has grown exponentially. the "resting" volume is sitting around $400-500million a day most days. It used to sit around $100million. This makes me think the volume is either caused by utility, or massive work being done by manipulators. There are over 200 customers, plenty using XRP now. Crypto isnt new or weird or just a scam anymore. Wall Street reports it from the angle of "bear market" not "black market" scam. I think your $19 could be feasible. I think the projected $50 could be feasible. I think these numbers are just the speculative bull run though. Actual full scale use, in the hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars.
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    I’m out!!

    Hello, old friend. I'm still buying small amounts as well.
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    I just bought more

    with the price under $.40 I've been doing what I've done most of the year and laddering my buys. Instead of say for a fake example, one $200 buy I might make 4 $50 buys spread out over a week.
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    Music Maestro

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    Music Maestro

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    Pretty sure Matt got banned for being too reasonable a few months back.
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    Coinbase Custody

    And you all saw this, correct? https://custody.coinbase.com/ Scroll down to supported assets.
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    This is what happens by EOY...

    For the same reason that it took email THIRTY YEARS to become common place in business. Email was invented in what, 1972? But wasn't legally recognized as a legal document for about 36 years. (Stevens v. Publicis, S.A. in 2008) http://www.internetlibrary.com/pdf/Stevens-Publicis-NY-First-Dept.pdf No new technology immediately goes into mass production. Liquidity or not, you're talking about the banking and financial industry. An industry that is already globalized, more or less effects every single human being on the planet (banked or not) is regulated as much if not more than health care, and moves incredibly slowly. I mean ****, xRapid is only like a year old and the original goal was to leave Beta by end of 2018?? I agree with DCA, but you're missing a lot more.