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  1. this wallet has 151,000 bitcoins https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/35hK24tcLEWcgNA4JxpvbkNkoAcDGqQPsP That's a current valuation of $1,414,870,000 Every $100 change in bitcoin price (which has happened today, up $100+) is $15million. Here are a couple more whale wallets https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/385cR5DM96n1HvBDMzLHPYcw89fZAXULJP https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v Here's a wallet with 40,000 BTC that spent 2017 and 2018 moving 4k btc at a time. https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/3R1hBCHURkquAjFUv1eH5u2gXqooJkjg4B
  2. But that whale wouldn't be able to easily exit the coin. P&D are very careful to run their project around hype and news, bring on new bag holders so that when the price spikes 40% they can slowly start unloading their bags on the up and be completely out of it before the last bagholder clicks "market buy"
  3. it's not really about how many coins they have although you're sorta saying the same thing. but a small market cap coin with low volume is easy to pump. CSC for instance has about the same circulation as XRP but people on this forum can, and have, pumped it on accident before just because there was zero volume and zero liquidity. and I'm talking about $1,000 or smaller orders that pumped the price 10%. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/casinocoin/ Now imagine being a "whale" with hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions to spend. There's at least one person this forum with close to $500k in xrp. That person could moon csc in a day.
  4. They are real. Both as individuals and as consortiums working together. I have seen small amounts of their work live, watched someone claim to do something, then do it. (such as P&D). it's real.
  5. Does anyone know if Huobi (https://www.hbg.com/en-us/) requires destination tags, or if they create a unique wallet address for new XRP investors?
  6. 50/50 Half are shilling the idea that Facebook's coin will settle in XRP. The Libra project has some Ripple partners involved. The other half are shilling the idea that FB's coin will kill XRP (I have no idea why) The third half aren't even invested in crypto yet.
  7. I mean, at this point 10x makes us all look semi intelligent again.
  8. https://medium.com/@_Crypto_Maniac_/shane-ellis-theory-xrp-to-500-unedited-8ca691545ee0
  9. To be fair, neither am I. I'd sell today if you'd give me the right price.
  10. Thank you for doing this, I feel like he was unfairly thrown under the bus. PS: I owe you a dm I just realized i never responded
  11. My money says SBI has zero influence on price next month even if they go live.
  12. If nothing changes in the market then we continue to up to like... $.63 by end of year. However if the market proves to still be able to fuel epic parabolic raises then I think we can see anything from $8-25 this year (followed by an epic crash) At some point, should actual utility kick in... $5 jumps will be easy. It just depends on the scale of the utility. XRP could easily go over $500+ if it were truly used on a global scale in all the ways that it's capable.
  13. $5mil after taxes? Hmm.. $1mil invested back into family business to pay off mom and dads mortgage and give the business a fun influx of capital for tooling etc. $1mil given to a financial adviser I know and trust who I believe could do much better with it than me. $2mil to invest in income producing real estate $1/2mil to spend on paying off mortgage, build garage, and fill garage. $1/2mil maybe for charitable foundation and working on homeless situation in my area.
  14. I'm starting to think banks may not even be relevant in the future. The old guard is being pushed aside. When brokerages waited too long to start offering crypto, crypto exchanges started offering stocks and etf's. Why would a millennial then even sign up for a traditional brokerage account if they can get their crypto, their ETF's, and their stocks via someone like Abra? and now, crypto is bringing banking instead of waiting on banks to bring crypto.
  15. actually the banks will never use xrp because it's too fast.
  16. The nice thing is that when BTC pamp'd to $20k and XRP to $3.50, we saw 2 or 3 exchanges go down right in the heat of it all. You couldn't make transactions. None of these mobile apps offered xrp, and there were very few fiat pairings for XRP at all. Today, the exchanges have built robust DC's, they're more prepared for the volume of a bull run and there are dozens of new exchanges out there to help. many have fiat/xrp offerings right on your mobile app. Even during a speculative run, the rails are in place to drive new all time highs, I think.
  17. I've said many, many times that until we see a violent integration of utility everything is still btc driven, just as this year has indicated. You're going to continue with circular reasoning, and that's fine. But we all know that BTC is still king, and a fat king is what feeds liquidity into the alts. BTC pumps, then the alts join at the table of digital feasts. if you DYOR on this very forum you'll see my initial quotes were all things people said here in '16 and '17 before the big runs. All of 2019 as felt very much like the beginning of 2017, irritable comments from members looking for any reason to contradict bullish attitudes just fits the mold perfectly. It was nonstop arguing around here from $.15 to $3.50. the most peaceful time on these forums was the consolidation period of Sept '18 till the past few months.
  18. BTC Feb 2019 $3500, BTC today $8685 , growth 2.48 x's. BTC Feb 2017 $950 and change. BTC May 28th 2017 $2300. Growth 2.40 x's. Say what you want.
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