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  1. OHHHH I remember you!!! you were the guy behind the blinds.
  2. What if your suitcase is a samsonite, and your airplane is a Boeing 737 Max 8?
  3. Her Twitter acct and Linkedin accounts both say she's still at Ripple https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-arthurs-kart-6601b67/ https://twitter.com/clairearthurs
  4. sadly we all would like to know what the potential is, and when it would arrive. but nobody does. Nobody in 1998 thought that Amazon.com, then valued at $4ish, would grow to $2000 some day. I do feel like if Crypto adoption truly takes off the way many people speculate it could, then the prices of $5, 10, $20 seems pretty low. It's hard to say where XRP will truly get used though. Who will stockpile it, who will use it daily. Where the rails are laid, etc.
  5. Ha, that's actually a neat little factoid. You've probably already seen the Codius section I imagine: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/87-codius-and-smart-contracts/
  6. No, it's not a meme but it's quickly becoming one. The discussion of a hidden ledger(s) is running rampant as we question who may be already testing XRP based products at near production scale. Everyone in the community waits for the anticipated flipping of the switch which connects the menial $.31/xrp we see in public to the $50 / XRP that is actively being used in private already. At which point, Microsofts 12,000 millionaires are dwarfed by XRP's billionaire community. We see glimpses of this possibility when we look back on dates like 9/20/2018 when the price doubled in about 10 minutes in a massive surge of volume, then tanked again. this action occurred ceremoniously three or four days in a row at basically the exact same time, almost as if a bank was running live tests at 4pm each day. What did you do at Ripple?
  7. an hour has passed since asking, did you switch to Bitcoin?
  8. Hi Bob, What can you tell us about the hidden ledger?
  9. and the real Satoshi
  10. It's funny. We asked them to send Bobs, and here you are.
  11. You're this Bob? https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobway/ Dashing!
  12. yeah the people who jumped in last moment mostly jumped out. Although we have quite a few here on xrpchat and in the zerpening who have been around since December, started buying at high as $3, and have been able to DCA down under $1.
  13. This type of stuff needs to go viral. FastMoney should be posting this.
  14. Coinbase is far better than uphold or abra. and I LOVE uphold and abra. Coinbase is more intuitive with a better user interface than both. Coinbase offers more information (graphs etc) than both. Coinbase pro offers actual trading support. All three are good, Coinbase is best.
  15. I am very excited for it to be added to Coinbase. that's going to be great for people, xrp, and Coinbase. I'm super super excited about this. Coinbase beats so many exchanges on quality.
  16. I actually think the market was headed red and that the Coinbase announcement had a positive effect we wouldn't have otherwise seen. I think it made a valuable contribution to the thawing of crypto-winter. Remember the bull run of '17 took Bitcoin the entire year.
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