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  1. Have you already contacted Ripple? They might like to invest in it. Ripple made clear they like to invest in xrp related projects.
  2. Thanx for the post. I had been a member of IEX but never posted something. Untill now
  3. Yesterday we hit 980.031 XRP accounts. On a average day over 10.000 new accounts are made. So we will hit the 1 million today or tomorrow. December was a record with 297.451 new accounts with a daily average of 9.595. January will be even better with an average of 14.531 new accounts a day so far. If all those accounts hold the minimum of 20 XRP that means 20 million XRP are kind of frozen. Just to clearify. There are way more then a million different XRP holders. Exchanges like kraken.com have an XRP account. But their customers with an XRP wallet don't have there own XRP account. That's why you have to use a destination tag so the exchange will know which wallet the will have to use.
  4. And the SCT Inst is not a threat to XRP. This is being used by European bank to pay in Euro's to eachother. If they wan't to make payments to America for instance they are better of with Ripple and XRP.
  5. it is really a for dummies. And because you are in this forum you're not gonna learn anything. I was only interested what they would say about Ripple and what friends and family could have seen.
  6. Thursday RTLZ (one of the biggest newschannels in Holland) posted a topic about the big price fall of Bitcoin and also Ripple was named. ING (one of the biggest banks in Holland) stated that Ripple was not decentralized at all. So had to reply on that, that they should have done more research. Wednesday RTLZ had a first time webinar about cryptocurrency. Also in Holland this is growing a lot. Also here they mentioned that Ripple is not decentralized. Too bad that networks give incorrect info to people that are interested in cryptocurrency and because of that they won't invest in XRP. But I try to spread the good words about XRP as many as possible
  7. Through https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts you can check the numbers of newly created account. At the end of the 16th of december the total number accounts was 686.442. The last couple of months about 800-2000 accounts were created a day. But this month the avarage is about 6590 a day with a record of 20158 on 15 december. So we have 686.422 accounts at the moment. And many of us have multiple accounts. For example an account from the exchange and an account from a device like a Nano Ledger. So there are very little investors yet. The increasing growth of newcommers is starting and it will come with much new money :). And with that many accounts the word will spread out even faster so good news for the price.
  8. Why did the incentive program failed? Do you know if there aren't new partners that are using this program? we all know that news only comes out when Ripple and the partners want to. Ik think the program is being used to develop the use of x Rapid for new partners, but we just don't know who and how many partners it are.
  9. There are also some other factors that have influence on the price. 1. At this point every account needs to have a minimum of 20 xrp. So at the moment there are only about 540.000 accounts, But together they will hold over 10 million xrp that can be traded. And many more accounts will be opened when more banks, FI's, investors and people like you and me will aquire XRP. Of course they can change the minimum ammount in the future. 2. The burn rate. At the moment almost 7 million of XRP is burned due of fees. And the volumes aren't even this high at the moment. But every day more and more XRP are burned. On a scale of this isn't much but stil a factor. Also they can change the fees in the future. 3. Hodlers: There are many millions, or even billions of XRP that are being hold by you and me. So the math is not only the total value that is needed for the transactions devided true the total of XRP ( and the x times they can be used every day), but the price should be higher cause the XRP from the Hodlers are not a part of the available XRP's. So it's pretty damn hard to value the price, but of course it will only go up in the future when it will be used by banks and the big mass will by them.
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