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  1. The prices has been moving between .68 and .78 for the past week. To get the price higher ou lower we need something new. Something like Coinbase where the price would go up or a fraud of some sort where the price would go down. Look at that, back at .7! Keep holding until your are ready to sell ok back a .71.... It's fun to see emotional reaction of everyone here. ok back a .7 it looks like a kid rollercoaster.... Moon rocket is better!
  2. Thing is, crypto graph cannot be based on company chart, it is much closer to the technological hype cycle, this is why we see the parabolic raise. Something like this: The fun part, we are still only at the beginning! If you believe in a crypto like XRP, invest in it, if it goes to mainstream adoption, sky is the limit.
  3. I came for the speculation but I stay for the @RegalChicken Having a blast in the past days reading everyone Keep up the good work and HODL
  4. That's a big wall you have there Bitrex, might I take a bite at it?
  5. Yeah I forgot that transaction could be made simultaneously, but I was assuming that every coin were traded every time
  6. $Using some assumptions XRP can do on transaction every 4 seconds, let's say one every 10 secondes. Then we can calculate 8640 transaction per day. Let's assume there is only half of those that can be done in a day = 4320 if we divide equally the number of transaction equally between the 50T$ / 4320 = 11.5B / transaction If there is 100B XRP with a price tag of 0.10$ it could be done if you only have 45B it could be done with a price tag of 0.20$ Everything is an approximation just to show that math can be used both way Keep in mind that everything can change in an instant, xrp went to 0.40$, BTC was at 4900$ The technology is promising but remember there was a 10 min. abs until there was a 7 min. abs. Somebody in their garage could be working on the next XRP ripple that could do transfer in milliseconds.
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