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  1. Or soon enough you will be able to buy at .15 or lower
  2. The real question is... could $1,000 become $10?
  3. It's going to get uglier now that BTC reached 6K
  4. Is not probably that they do not care, the problem is that they know their coin will be worthless in the future.
  5. Fortunately now they're exchangeable for USD. In 5-8 years my prediction is that it would be a nice memory of how naive we were. Xrp wallets will be worth the same as monopoly cash.
  6. There's no hope, you're lying to yourself if you think otherwise. Support is vanishing. RIPle
  7. I agree, but still you can't compare bitcoin to this coin, lol
  8. Not enough support, probably already know this coin has no future.
  9. Sure, we all could be financially "free" since in 5-8 years all those xrp could be worth 0.000001, lol
  10. It's becoming clear and I didn't want to believe it that xrp is a scam manipulated coin, sad truth.
  11. Now let's see where this coin takes us, soon 3k or maybe 2k levels, anything can be expected with this manipulated coin.
  12. This is crap, this coin is heavily manipulated.
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