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  1. OMG How many times I have seen this! Never refuse to use your critical thinking.
  2. "A larger drive by central banks to dematerialize money has been ongoing since long before the advent of cryptocurrencies, and it can be said that the technology is emboldening central bank attempts to issue digital money." According to my understanding, the question is WHEN central banks will issue their own crypto and not if they will proceed in this direction. Sure they are interested to let this technology mature (this way they will not have to invest in R&D ) therefore they are reluctant to take any measures against any crypto for the time being.
  3. Thank you for your contribution. Learned a lot from your posts. Would enjoy if you continue to stay in tuch and tell us your thoughts on the broadly coin markets.
  4. I think the greatest challenge is the need for proper regulation. We do not know how it will be done (will there be alowed cryptocurrencies not owned by central banks to be utilized in the banking system? ), when will it be done, or if we have any new regulation at all. Therefore, I consider this issue very speculative for the time being. OR, is there any paper /official anouncement for this matter that I'm not aware of?
  5. My understanding is that with the term "digital currency" they mean a type of cryptocurrency (using blockchain), but they are reluctant to use the term "crypto". Also, today's fiat currencies are digital as well (Central banks can create and destroy money with a keystroke). I think that we are in the early stages to this rout, where National authorities or large institutions will explore (and adopt?) this cryptocurrency technology: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/putins-orders-russia-will-national-cryptocurrency-cryptoruble/ https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/27/japanese-banks-cryptoc
  6. Of course. National authorities will let this technology mature. If it a success, the chances, I think, are very high that the national central banks will issue their digital asset, and force banks to use it.
  7. Well seriously. What do you think is the likelihood, that the state authorities will regulate in such a way to allow a privately own "currency" to flow through their monetary system? I mean any crypto we know today, not only XRP . This is the key question to ask TMO.
  8. Yes. Technical support is in the 14c to 16c area. What a crazy roller coaster the last 3 days!
  9. What an Irony. And they claim to be able to perform multiple transactions per second valuing zilions of $.
  10. Well, I think one should never underestimate his opponent. One is certain, IBM has long experience in the Banking IT sector.
  11. This is what I am thinking about. On the other hand... there is nothing regarding cross border payments.
  12. It Seems blockchain is the magical word nowadays. Posted today in BankingTechnology: http://www.bankingtech.com/1034772/ibm-and-eight-banks-unleash-we-trade-platform-for-blockchain-powered-commerce/ IBM and eight banks unleash we.trade platform for blockchain-powered commerce 17 October, 2017 Written by Antony Peyton IBM and eight banks have unveiled we.trade – the new name for their Digital Trade Chain shared platform using distributed ledger technology (DLT) for domestic and cross-border commerce. Since January 2017, a group of seven banks (Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KBC,
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