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  1. Any chance he used a hidden account with an additional passphrase on his original Ledger? I don’t know if this would create different addresses though. The setup and recovery procedures are listed here: https://support.ledgerwallet.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005214529-Advanced-Passphrase-options
  2. Also to add, you don't need those apps on the Nano itself. The Nano is just used to sort of generate the transaction(s). If you have the 24 words, and an (empty) Nano, that's all you need. Maybe a bit off topic (sorry), but using an empty Nano may even be some way to secure your funds. Either just keep it empty, or put a small amount of some other coin(s) on it, with its app(s). So if someone gets access to your Nano, he/she may find a few coins on it. Since there's no XRP app installed, maybe that person won't get the idea to check if you also own some XRP... When the time comes you need
  3. Hi, maybe this will help: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/22174-how-to-get-alv-coins-using-ledger-nano-s/?tab=comments#comment-338865
  4. Hoi Danny, I agree, the text in the image is unreadable. I actually did that on purpose: I figured most wouldn't understand Dutch anyway, so it's just to show how it appeared in the newspaper. The 'translation' was added in normal text below the images, for everyone to read. But next time I'll try to add a readable image, or a link to one!
  5. Yeah I would also prefer another newspaper to post it, but on the other hand, it's also about getting the name 'Ripple' out there. Since many people do read this newspaper (yes even the financial section), slowly but surely people may just realise it's not only about Bitcoin.
  6. First of all I hope the way I post this is ok, had to click trough several scary warnings first. So if not, happy to see the post deleted, and apologies in advance So.... nice way to wake up... One of the largest Dutch newspapers (De Telegraaf) posted an article about Ripple (and David Schwartz) in the Financial section this morning. Shame about the graph though This article is behind a paywall, so can't really link to it... I put it trough Google Translate: Banks step carefully over their fear of cryptocurrencies. Instead of being worried about what is and is
  7. I'm really not sure, but doesn't step 19 of this https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/22174-how-to-get-alv-coins-using-ledger-nano-s/?tab=comments#comment-338865 expose the secret key of your nano?
  8. Opgegeven... er is nog geen datum bekend toch (behalve 4-6 juni)? Dit i.v.m. werk... Grtz
  9. Om die 2FA uit te schakelen/te resetten moet je even contact met ze opnemen. Ik heb het nooit bij Gatehub gedaan, maar wel bij (veel) andere bedrijven toen mijn telefoon verloren ging... Ze willen dan even verificatie zien dat je het echt bent, dit verschilt per bedrijf. Actuele foto van jezelf met een paspoort / webcamgesprek / telefoontje / enz. Maar daarmee kan 2FA in ieder geval uitgeschakeld worden... Misschien heb je hier iets aan (snelle zoektocht op Google): https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us/articles/115004144825-Deactivate-2FA
  10. This is exactly the reason why I'm running one. I'm nowhere near a Linux expert, and it wasn't hard to setup. I first used the wietsewind package, but when I ran into some minor issues it was a bit difficult to find file locations, because everything was running in a container. No issues with that, but instead of learning about that I figured I'd set one up using the Ripple tutorial. Very easy, and it was up and running within 10 minutes or so. (I set the size to medium by the way). After 2 weeks I noticed it wasn't validating anymore, and apparently rippled went down. I made a quick scri
  11. Ik reken soms even een paar opties uit voordat ik koop. Gezien het gemak van iDeal betaling valt me Litebit niet tegen qua prijs, maar ik heb ook mindere ervaringen met ze, dus gebruik ze zo min mogelijk. Laatste keren heb ik BTC (ja sorry) gekocht via bitonic, en deze via bittrex/binance/changelly gewisseld voor XRP. Dat gaf een iets betere koers dan Litebit, scheelde denk ik zo'n 1,5% (rekening gehouden met de fee om BTC weer te versturen en te wisselen voor XRP). Nadeel is natuurlijk dat je eeuwen moet wachten tot die BTC betaling confirmed is, dus het hele proces tot je XRP in je wal
  12. 43 here. Perfectly happy with my car (C70 convertible), but would like to work a little less. I can't say that I work hard, already doing parttime (80%), but 50% would be nice. It would be more of a hobby than work. And it would give me plenty of time to spend some XRP... I used to want early retirement, but then again I read an article that a (nice) job is the cure for most problems. Apparently it's good to feel needed . So love my car, love my job, and love XRP!
  13. Maybe it's just human nature. I remember buying my first piece of BTC (yeah, I confess), and thinking 'what am I doing...??'. I poured in my first 1K a year ago thinking this probably would turn out to be the stupidest decision ever. After this I started reading and quickly found XRP and went all in. FUDded out partly, but learned my lesson and am happy with my XRP's. It may be a cultural thing, but here in the Netherlands there's a lot of jealousy. People don't say 'Wow you bought a brand new car, great! Good for you'. They'd rather think it's a nice car, and would want to buy one
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