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  1. Well to start, your premise is that there is some problem with Toast, but from reading your site, the "problem" seems to be that the encryption is working exactly as intended. If you break the encryption, you break the security for all users, not just the subset who have lost their keys. In other words, you're looking to create a problem where there is none currently. Secondly, you're implying on the site that if the developers would continue to support the wallet, somehow they would be able to help all the people who have lost their keys to access their account again. This is simply
  2. I get that the benefit of open source software is that anyone can have a crack at breaking it, so I guess fundamentally there's nothing wrong with this project... But the reasoning and attitude behind it is so flawed...
  3. It doesn't behave in the same way. THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT'S SAFE. But there are no console logs showing connections back to the Peninsula Software site (or any other site) that I've seen so far. The only testing that I've done is to create a new wallet within the app. I haven't tested importing, and I haven't done a thorough review of all functions. All that it proves is that it's not the exact same code that's running on the toastwallet.app site.
  4. @Reemy Having gone through all the information provided in all the other threads that you've posted in, you seem to have worked everything out. It seems to boil down to this: that Gatehub have enabled multi-sign, Gatehub have disabled the master key, and Gatehub is reporting multi-sign as disabled. This is now purely a Gatehub problem, they must have some bug where they either did not record the multi-sign keys correctly, or else have flagged multi sign as disabled on their system although it is indeed enabled on the XRP account. Either way, the only way to resolve this is with
  5. Contact Luno support and explain the situation, they will give you details about what you or the person who sent the XRP needs to do, to have the XRP returned.
  6. Don't worry, you received 30 XRP, but your wallet app is only showing you the amount that you are able to use. In all XRP accounts, the last 20 XRP is reserved, so that you cannot send/trade the last 20 XRP out of your wallet. The XRP is still there but unusable. In the future, the reserve may be decreased, which will allow you to use more of the XRP, and it is also possible to recover all but 5 XRP by deleting the account entirely. You can view your actual balance here: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rfD78f8NoS6YWFjWBa1P8m8J1V27D1dyDW
  7. Ah I see. Well, it shouldn't be possible to disable the master key without setting up one of the other methods, so Gatehub must be reporting something incorrectly... Can you put your address into https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ (click "Change" at the top)? It should definitively show regular key and/or multi sign addresses below. I'd be interested to know which it is. However, if they were set up by Gatehub, there's nothing that you can do by yourself to recover the wallet, you need the new secret keys that Gatehub should have. So you'll need to wait for their support
  8. The first thing I would do is check to make sure that the master key is actually disabled, in case Gatehub is being buggy. If you enter your public wallet address into bithomp.com, then check the Information panel, see if there's a line that reads "Master Key: disabled". If that is the case, then there has already been a regular key set for your wallet, and the only way to access the wallet is to find the secret key for your regular key account.
  9. @Reemy It's strongly advised to not post your personal contact details publicly here, especially as you're advertising that you own cryptocurrency. There are some nasty people who you really don't want to get a phone call from.
  10. Transactions can't be reverted, the only small hope is if the scammer is prosecuted and convicted criminally, and the stolen XRP confiscated and sent back. Judging by the amount of time it's taking for Gatehub to go through that procedure with their hacker, that could take years.
  11. Scam verified... I created a new account using the toastwallet.app site, and look at what shows up in the Chrome console... I redacted some things, but it sent the secret for the newly generated account to our good friend at Peninsula Software, who was responsible for Toast Plus and Droplet. What a persistent scumbag.
  12. That link looks suspicious. But I've never used Toast online so not 100% sure. Can anybody else vouch for the authenticity of that site? Reasons it looks suspicious: Toast is discontinued, and the official Github links to a different URL: see https://github.com/ToastWallet/browser The toastwallet.app domain was only registered on the 4th of March this year. Odd for a discontinued project to register a new domain. Look it up here: https://lookup.icann.org/lookup The XRP account that your XRP were sent to looks like an account used for hacks - lots of incoming transactions
  13. As the transaction was sent successfully, you will need to contact Stake.com to tell them what happened and ask them to send the XRP back to you using the deposit address and tag on PrimeDice. You will probably need to prove to Stake who you are and that you sent the XRP. Good luck.
  14. @Boodog Did you modify the ETH address to the correct format required to claim Spark? See the end of this page for precise instructions: https://flare.ghost.io/claiming-spark-faq/
  15. @Renekez You can send your XRP to the new Nano, but leave 21 XRP in your old Nano so that you can try the XRP Toolkit method again after updating the firmware. If the firmware update goes wrong and causes you to lose the wallet, then at least you keep your XRP. The Spark must be claimed on the old wallet, but the XRP can be moved away first. Unless you can find (or create) some other tool that works with your version of the firmware, there's no "risk free" way. To be blunt, you're so far from "risk free" already as you don't know your recovery phrase. Very dangerous! You should send
  16. Just to be clear, tags are important, and it's understandable that your XRP got "lost" when there was no tag with it. You should always use a tag in the future. I'm just saying not to send a large amount of extra XRP to them until you've had your untagged XRP returned, just to be safe.
  17. Does it show any transactions on Bithomp? It can be deactivated and still have a transaction history.
  18. More likely you have used a different set of keys. Even if the XRP account has since been deleted, the transaction history should still be there. Check your wallet address on bithomp.com. If it shows no history, then it must be the wrong keys.
  19. I would not send a large amount of XRP until you've got your first lot of XRP back. Maybe if Payeer wanted you to send a small amount to prove that you own the sending wallet, that might be understandable, but not a lot. They should be able to return the "untagged" XRP to you once they've confirmed who you are. These things can take time however.
  20. Zoom out and look at the daily candles... not so frightening!
  21. Bitstamp had scheduled maintenance for a couple of hours (see the flat line on the chart). Seems like a load of sells were triggered on the XRP/EUR market as soon as they came back up. Maybe just a load of stops triggered by the drop in price while Bitstamp was offline? Nasty surprise for some people I'd say, and a bad time for maintenance.
  22. However, please check the name of your Toast app carefully. Is it called Toast Plus? Unfortunately there was a scam wallet called Toast Plus, which did exactly what you're describing.
  23. Everyone's version of "safe" is different. For example if you plan to keep your secret key literally on a piece of paper in your house, but your house is located in an area where flooding is likely, then it's arguably safer for you to hold it on an exchange. On a purely technical level, "safeness" from highest to lowest is generally considered to be: Paper wallet -> Hardware wallet -> Software wallet -> Exchange But you should assess your own capabilities and situation before leaving it in any of them long-term. Also consider, that a hardware wallet is really jus
  24. at3n

    Tag issues

    Assuming that he sent the XRP from an exchange, your friend will need to contact the exchange to explain what happened and ask them to return the XRP to his account. The exchange should not have marked the withdrawal as succeeded as the XRP was never sent. He'll need to check with the exchange's documentation to see how to add a destination tag.
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