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  1. It's possible (although I'm speculating), that Xumm isn't taking the last trade price as the value of the coin; it may be looking ahead in the order books and saying: "If I sold 43,000 KGE in one go right now, how much would I get for it in total?" The order books are pretty thin, right now as I post, if you sold all of your KGE you would crash the price to 0.001 XRP per KGE. 43,000 KGE at 0.001 XRP would be about 25 USD total, but of course you would be selling most of it above that price, so your total amount would end up significantly higher, but also significantly lower than if you sold them all at current market value. If you spread out your sales into small batches over a longer period, waiting for the price to recover between sales, you could probably get a lot more value out of them. Order books visible here: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/KGE:rNhSjAMnDJc9tDHH1R4sqggvgDGa8Bwj5T/XRP?interval=30m&range=1w&type=line In any case, the USD value that XUMM prints on your screen doesn't change the actual value of the asset, right? It's actually worth whatever the next buyer wants to pay.
  2. This is not the case (sounds like you may be confusing it with Smart Contracts, which don't exist in XRP?). The only way they can gain access to your wallet is if you give a scammer your secret key, or 24 words/12 words etc. Only enter these details when you're importing your XRP account into a new wallet software that you trust (such as XUMM), and you only need to do this once. Find one wallet software that you trust, and only use that. Pretty much everyone trusts XUMM at the moment. Any decent XRP wallet can create trustlines, so once you have your wallet set up, you should not need to use a third party's code to do anything, it can all be done within your wallet. Then you can sell the trustline asset using your trusted XRP wallet if you want, with no potential exposure to dodgy code. You can, but there's really no need to. Keep researching until you understand the mechanics behind these processes, then you will be able to trust it; I suggest that this is the best thing to do.
  3. This reminds me of this old, completely unrelated forum thread: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=107926751 (first few pages are good for a laugh) Except here we're a bunch of nerds arguing about timestamps lol
  4. I'm not going to bother dismantling your misconceptions. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, and have no desire to learn. This could actually have been a constructive thread if you didn't bring the attitude?
  5. Probably, can you tell us what happened? Also can you please clarify, as it's often a point of confusion, are you talking about the mobile app called "Coinbase Wallet", or are you talking about your XRP wallet on the Coinbase Exchange (www.coinbase.com)?
  6. You realise don't you that the various servers hosting the API are distributed, under the control of different organisations, and not necessarily trusted to report the correct time of submission?
  7. You're quick to discount everyone else's input, without providing your own suggestions. Just saying "make the timestamp precise enough" isn't a solution, rather it's a lofty goal. Can you suggest even at a high level how you'd consider implementing it, in a decentralized system? The timestamp reported in your transactions isn't intended to represent the time that the transaction was submitted, it's the timestamp of the ledger close. The transaction could even have been submitted during previous ledgers, so the timestamp could be off by 4 or 8 seconds, or more. So that timestamp isn't really relevant in the ordering at all, except to distinguish between ledger close times.
  8. Ah, ok, that's a different thing. Hopefully your 15 words are the bip39 standard. Here is a way to recover your wallet: Go to https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ . Save the webpage (right-click -> save as), then move the html file to a computer that is not online, or at least disable your wifi while using the page. Beware that you are taking a risk by entering your 15 words onto a computer, so you should be as safe as possible while doing this. This is at your own risk. Open the HTML file, select 15 words at the top of the page. Copy your 15 words into the "BIP39 mnemonic" box. Choose "XRP - Ripple" in the "Coin" box. Scroll down to the "Derived Addresses" section. Hopefully your XRP wallet address is one of those listed in the "Address" column. If you find it, then copy the Private Key from the same line as your wallet address. You can use the Xumm app to import your wallet and use it. Install Xumm on your phone. Tell it to Import an account. Choose "Full access", choose "Family Seed", then enter the Private Key from before, but add two zeros ("00") at the start. See this post for an explanation: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/36597-xumm-import-an-xrp-ledger-account-using-the-account-secret-key/?do=findComment&comment=900183 Hopefully this works for you.
  9. Ok, I think you're stuck unfortunately. If you only have the recovery phrase, that doesn't contain enough data to reconstruct your wallet, even if you use it with the real Toast application. If you have a long code beginning with "s" (secret key), or a Toast backup file, then you'll be able to restore it.
  10. The recovery phrase isn't enough, you need the backup file as well. You won't be able to restore to any other wallet without the backup or the secret key. Can you elaborate on "can't access my XRP"? Can you not log in at all, or can you see it but not send it, or does it display a zero balance or something?
  11. Can you explain what you mean by "no longer works"? Can you open the app but then get a problem? Or are you looking for an alternative app to download because Toast is no longer available? If you have "Toast Plus", it's a scam and will steal your XRP.
  12. Your question is very vague, you haven't given any details that helps us identify which wallet software you're using. They all use different ways to restore backups. You could send a redacted screenshot if you don't know the name of the wallet. Also it might help to tell us the format of the backup codes, e.g. how many "words" is the backup code broken into/are they real words or random text/how long is it...
  13. Private message sent
  14. Same with all the others who had the same happen with their Coinbase Wallet. Can you tell us the last thing that you successfully did with the wallet? Don't need details, just generally?
  15. Did you set the regular key in the image? Or do you know who or what set it?
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