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  1. Can you see the XRP wallet address on Ledger Live? If not, you need to manually add it again. Just add a new XRP wallet with the Nano connected and you should see the old one again.
  2. The airdrop hasn't happened yet. The 12th June was only the deadline for claiming. The airdrop date is still unknown.
  3. Do you mean that the ETH account that you used to claim is not visible on Ledger Live anymore? You can just add new ETH accounts on Ledger Live and it will recreate the same addresses that you had the first time. There is no need to do this though, you won't see the spark come in to that wallet until Ledger releases a Flare app.
  4. Yes, that's correct, I'd only suggest using your 24 words as a last resort, and when you've reduced your risk as much as possible.
  5. If Ledger creates a Flare app then you shouldn't need to do anything with the 24 words, you'll be able to use Ledger Live or perhaps a 3rd party app online with the Nano connected. If it turns out that the Ledger app doesn't do what you need it to (or is not released quickly enough), then you may need to take the words and import them into some external tool to extract the private key. If you don't want to take the risk of exposing your 24 words like this, then consider creating a new ETH address outside of your Nano and changing the message key on the XRP wallet, today or tomorrow.
  6. Yes, that is a threat, and "hardware wallets" like Ledger are one alternative to exchanges. However, with a hardware wallet, you will be given a 12 or 24 word phrase to keep safe, and if you lose that, you could lose all of your coins. So, if you think you can keep the phrase safe, then good. But if you think you might lose the phrase, then a hardware wallet wouldn't be a good choice for you. I believe so. With XUMM you get 48 secret numbers instead of 12 words, but it's the same idea. XUMM is not an exchange, it's a software wallet. Generally, anything that isn't an excha
  7. I don't think a 12 word phrase is a thing for Coinbase exchange. If you Google it you only see references to Coinbase Wallet or Coinbase Commerce. So I don't think you'll have any problems. Phrases are usually used for wallets which only you have the keys for. Coinbase is a centralised exchange, so wouldn't usually use something like that. You could test by generating a new wallet on e.g. the XUMM app and trying to withdraw 20 XRP from Coinbase to it (if 20 XRP is a small amount to you). Otherwise I'd suggest contacting their support to clarify. But I think you don't need a phra
  8. When are you asked to provide the 12 word phrase? I've never experienced that with Coinbase. May be forgetting though. If you can log in to Coinbase, you should be able to withdraw XRP to another wallet (including Ledger).
  9. Are you using Coinbase Wallet rather than Coinbase the exchange?
  10. Your situation is unclear. If you have lost the passphrase to your Ledger wallet, then no, of course do not send anything else to it. If you have lost the password to your Coinbase account, then use their "forgotten password" option to reset it. I believe you can still withdraw XRP from Coinbase even though they don't let you trade it, so you can send it to a wallet that you have the keys to.
  11. @Zorro710 You might consider not sending your Spark to the Nano ETH address until Ledger have released a Flare wallet for Nano S, or until there are 3rd party tools available for Flare wallet support on Nano S. Otherwise you won't be able to see or use the Spark once they're on the Nano.
  12. The votes are checked approximately every 15 minutes (256 ledger closes), so the two week countdown could start (or be cancelled) on any date. You'll need to keep checking to stay informed.
  13. You need to upgrade before the vote passes. The vote passes when 80% of validators approve it for 2 weeks. Right now, it is only at 48% approval (https://xrpscan.com/amendments) so the actual deadline is still unknown.
  14. Yes, that's a thing, which is why anonymity is really important. The stolen coins can be traced through the blockchain to some extent, but I don't doubt there are plenty of ways for criminals to cash out without fear of it being traced back to them. I don't see how that would be possible without compromising the security of the blockchain, but I'd be interested to hear your suggestions. True decentralisation is one of the ultimate goals of cryptocurrency, which seems at odds with what you're asking for.
  15. Incorrect. Hardware wallets also require you to store a 12 or 24 word phrase as a backup. The best chance seems to be if you can work out the password to the wallet. This should be the easiest thing to remember. Try many different variations. Very briefly, blockchains only accept proof of ownership in the form of secret keys/passphrases because that allows them (in theory) to be completely unbiased and impartial no matter how influential or powerful the users interacting with them are. The government can't steal your XRP or force you to give it up, because they don't know
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