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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob and welcome! In answer to your question, YES PLEASE! As you can probably tell from the questions you have received so far, most people here would appreciate the opportunity to hear more about your experience of being involved with the growth of Ripple on a personal level, as well as technical information you could provide from your unique perspective as an engineer. You have already given us invaluable insight and I for one appreciate your efforts very much and look forward to your future endeavours. Thank you!
  2. You and everyone reading this thread know that what you call "the common sense" answer is not why you have done this. Get a life ...
  3. I agree, but Lubin was being sanctimonious and Brad nailed him with the truth. A beautiful moment as far as I am concerned
  4. Yep I can agree with you on that. It could go either way, that’s why I consider it an speculative investment. I don’t have a problem with anyone saying that because as you say, that is a fact. It is the tone of your posts and your attitude that the assumptions you make are correct ones that bother me. There definitely can and should be differing views and opinions but you are way too aggressive I think (Although I was impressed that you were able to insert an IMO in the above statement.) Try and do that more often and you may not get such negative reactions to your posts. (I’m not gonna comment on the crassness of part of your statement above, but maybe you should rethink that kind of talk also... just my opinion lol) I am only making these comments because there seems to be a lot of posters going on and on about how their opinions get shouted down if they speak against, or question the rosy future of XRP. Maybe if they re-thought how they express themselves, it wouldn’t happen so much .......
  5. Oh for Fks sake..... I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but this comment confirms many others opinion of your posting agenda. You seem to have a never ending supply of speculation that for some reason you consider fact.
  6. Ok, I get what you are saying, but IMO, you are letting the frustration of this prolonged bear market get in the way of critical thinking. When you say "everybody" was saying the price will go up during Swell, I believe you are generalising in the extreme. I recall a lot of posts around the time of Swell 2018 warning people not to get excited about price movement possibilities, but yes there was enthusiasm regarding what sort of announcements may be made, and rightly so as it turns out Yes, there is/was the expectation that xRapid would cause the price to rise, but if anyone thought that was going to happen within 2-3months of it going live, then their expectations were a little high I think. I know basically nothing about the financial/technological world but even I could see that it would probably take a while to ramp up, especially with the unsure regulatory environment we are stuck in. People say it all the time, but patience really is key. Nobody knows what is going to happen in this space for sure 2 weeks or even 2 days away so for you to keep saying vehemently that nothing will happen for years, and calling out people who have a more balanced view based on actual facts, is in my opinion, ill advised. I understand the frustration, but I really think there is no way you can say with authority that people are deluded for believing in and being patient with the progress of XRP.
  7. I’m just curious as to what makes you think you can make a statement like this, and then feel justified in ridiculing anyone that believes a large price increase is possible, if not probable. IMO one of these thoughts is based on information readily available that points to their considered conclusion, the other, not so much......... I’m not asking this to to join the bandwagon of people bagging you (even though I think that IS totally justified..), I am just genuinely curious as to how you justify it to yourself.
  8. Nailed it again @Tinyaccount Now I know almost nothing about computer technology, but I am able to recognise behaviour that borders on bullying. Please @TheXRPer , for the sake of the wellbeing of this forum, take a step back and adjust your tone in future posts. We are all in this journey of XRP's rise together and I would rather see informative posts (for dummies like me) that have no overtly aggressive tone. There is no need for it.
  9. Jeez @Chewiecoin, great minds and all that .....
  10. Haha it's like the Hotel California : you can check in, but you can never leave!
  11. Wow, to my surprise I have just heard our new PM is looks favourably on blockchain and wants Australia to gain efficiencies in certain markets. He particularly noted the banking and power industries as possible targets for efficiency gains. https://www.ccn.com/nerdy-australian-pm-pushes-blockchain-agenda-to-take-on-big-banks/
  12. Gilligan

    FUD or FED?

    Arrghh! I really don’t have time to get into an argument with you but seriously, this comment reinforces my low opinion of your value to this forum.
  13. Gilligan

    FUD or FED?

    Yes there is the Zerpbox for chat, I will grant you that, and it absolutely has it's place on this forum as a chat room for serious discussion as well as the odd amusing moments. I lurk there often as well as other parts of this forum and enjoy it for what it is. I consider the Zerpening a much more friendly, easygoing place to read amusing as well as informative posts. It is not an every minute cheering/dreaming club. That is simply not true, it is a fooling around/joking/sometimes very informative place, and that works for it's members. It serves a purpose for them. You are right in that they celebrate bronze/gold etc, but I still say the reaction counts are a direct result of banter and I have yet to see one of the Gold/Silver members using their credibility here irresponsibly. This forum is called XRP chat, and therefore you are going to, mostly, find people here that are pro XRP and will argue against people being negative if they cannot supply a reasonable argument for their negative posts. There most certainly are people who post here with an agenda, but the gold members of the Zerpening are not among them. I don't often engage because my life is crazy busy, and if I make a statement, (like I did last night here with you), I often don't have a chance to come back and reply or argue my point for many hours. I am commenting here and then leaving for a day of driving for work, so please don't take my lack of any further response as being rude or admitting you are right.
  14. Ahh yes true, Cory is very good at what he does, but he is an employee of Ripple. I was thinking you would have some interesting questions from the perspective of an XRP investor and enthusiast
  15. Gilligan

    FUD or FED?

    @vsyc, I see you are Zerpening bashing again ..... maybe it is time you let it go. FED is nowhere near a description of what the Zerpening is about. The posters there are exactly the same as most people on this forum - investors who see a very good chance of an excellent outcome with their choice of XRP and are enthusiastic about it. It is used more as a general chat room, so therefore the reaction counts for the regular contributors is high. It is not a case of like baiting at all, rather a great place to hang and banter with likeminded people. To get back on OP's question, as far as FED goes, I am going to assume you are referring to the positive thoughts of posters on this forum. In response to that, I say that if you truly look at the use case of XRP, the team behind the product, and how much the ecosystem has grown in the past 12months, being optimistic is understandable. Most people understand $589 is a pipe dream short term but who can say what the next few years hold? The current price is not a true indicator of the prospects of XRP, and one must remember we are in the infancy stage of a world changing technology.
  16. Thank you Hodor for another educational and interesting read. You are the master of compiling relevant information and presenting it in a well thought out and easy to read manner. I would love to see you interview David Schwartz in a AMA situation. It would be epic!
  17. OK, I am just going to believe that it is the language barrier that is the problem here and leave you alone @vsyc. Good luck with your investments.
  18. "I would have sold in Jan, but they told HODL". then later "Lies, lies, lies." There is heaps more but I can't be bothered going through it. I get it, and I appreciate that you are frustrated and I think sometimes your meaning gets lost in the language barrier and you don't necessarily mean to sound as you do. But you cannot blame other peoples opinions and posts for your decisions. I wish I had of sold some in January to get some profit too, but that was MY decision not to.
  19. I saw the stuff you and he were saying on the Zerpbox earlier today, and hearing you call someone else desperate or quoting out of context is a joke.
  20. OOL. Yeah I have heard you are supposed to keep emotions out of investments, and I have failed miserably here because I fully believe we are on a winner and am ridiculously happy to be able to buy more at a cheap price. I understand that it is a gamble though and I am not spending money that is going to break me if it goes to 0. I have lost nothing yet because I have no need to sell. I commiserate with the people that are not so lucky but don't see how Chewie or anyone else on this board can be blamed for vocalising their belief in this investment. We are all supposed to be grown ups here in charge of our own fate.
  21. OOL but very well said! (Although I would rather a bit of growth well before 2025 ?)
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