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  1. Hi @NachoVarga and welcome to XRP Chat. Unfortunately there have been a lot of people open accounts here and then use them to troll regular users. I fear that you may have inadvertently triggered @Trentsteel troll antenna with your questions. While everyone here I'm sure would love the price of XRP to rise exponentially, the chances of it going that high is generally not considered a possibility, hence I think, Trentsteel's reaction to your question. The good news is that you have come to the right place to research information on XRP and get a better idea of the what's happening in the XRP/Ripple ecosystem. Have a good look around and don't be afraid to ask questions. Show yourself to be a genuine interested party and I am sure there will be lots of people here willing to help you out.
  2. Okay @Staigera, you got me, Chewie was overly optimistic at that point in time, which was what - 3 weeks after a bull run?. His posts are his opinion and I respect his right to them the same way I respect your right to state yours without be labeled an imbecile. If it’s ok to take a view of him because of this and other similar posts then I reserve my right to view the things you say at times as being not right and sometimes uncalled for also. I notice you haven taken a microscope to my words and attempted to use them against me here. I think it was pretty clear I was asking how he knew the posting style of Chewie because the member in question had only just registered on this forum and made that comment as if he was an authority on posters here. I will post the proof down below. In my opinion, that is very shady behaviour and I called him out for it and the response was to delete it. Yet you make no comment about that. I have said my piece, and I could say more but I fear it is a waste of time so yeah “Bye Staigera” I don’t feel the need to interact with you any further.
  3. My point was more about making vile comments about someones character based on an assumption. Chewie hasn't been active for a while and without actually going through his post history I can't make an absolute comment on it, but I know he was always confident of the long term success of Ripple and a higher XRP price. To be fair you mention there are less moon enthusiasts than 2 years ago - 2 years ago was just after an incredible bull run. After seeing what the price did over a short time, I don't blame people for thinking moon was possible back then and thinking there is a fair chance we will bounce back to a more positive price at some point after this crisis.
  4. So @Zerpinazerp I see you have deleted your post but not answered my questions. This is why I spoke up. You guys that just come here, mint new identities and proceed to just troll the forum need to be the ones that are kicked out of here. And to clarify another point in your post which thankfully I quoted so it is still here for everyone to see - I am absolutely positive that if someone had posted about the price downturn, or the manipulation of anything in this space and found themselves kicked out, it was not because of their opinion. It would have been because they added abuse to their words and tone or were obviously trolling and refused to stop. Nobody gets kicked out because of opinion.
  5. LOL. Really?? Glad to see a brand newly minted user can come here and make a comment about their knowledge of someone’s character who hasn’t posted here in a while. How do you know what Chewie posting style was? Why the new user badge?? If you know Chewie’s character so well, why not use your real name? Maybe think about what you are going to say, and whether or not it is incriminating, before you mint a new user name....
  6. Normally I just scroll past ignorant posts like this and have a little giggle, but there is so much BS going on in these sort of threads that sometimes I can’t help but want to correct these false assumptions. Now, I don’t know @Chewiecoin in real life, and there is a very small chance he actually is an imbecile, but judging from the the interactions I have had with him (and witnessed him having with others here), he is far from it. Yes he has been wrong about XRP price performance etc, but to be fair, so have probably 95% of people here. Does that make someone an imbecile? Does that mean he has Zero knowledge? You mentioned he has a huge following....... yes he has a Gold badge to his name here in XRP Chat world but that doesn’t mean he has a huge following, or that he uses it to lure unsuspecting newbies into his cult!! Heck, even I have a Silver badge (which is definitely not a reflection of my immense wisdom). It doesn’t mean I have a huge following either. Both Chewie and I (and many others) have achieved these mainly because we are members of the Zerpening, and since we are both either hilarious, brilliant, or just plain wordy, and like to chat with other people from around the world, we get a lot of reactions to the stuff we post in that fun, safe part of the forum. It’s not done to “like bait” as I have heard mentioned before. Its not a circle j..k either. It’s just a place to shoot the breeze, post amusing gifs, and for the last few years, commiserate with other people that suck at investing, and therefore have bought XRP. After 2 years of bear market and a lot of crap posting, the likes etc tend to build up. So basically, to sum up, you have no idea what you are talking about so please shut the f**k up......
  7. I find this comment very rude and have reported your post. Nicholas has been very generous and helpful to those of us here and does not deserve this sort of treatment. Don't contribute if you have nothing sensible to ask.
  8. IMO this post alone shows your ignorance of what ODL is and proves @Tinyaccount’s point.
  9. Thank you Nicholas for taking the time to respond and your kind offer of participating in a Q&A. I’m sure there are lots of us here (most more technically astute than me) who will come up with some great questions for you and I look forward to seeing the results.
  10. I am sure @Tinyaccount is thinking "woohoo! 'bout time I had a win!"
  11. I suggest you read Davids tweet again (with an open mind if possible). The thread he commented on was about ICO's. If you then look at what David said in the tweet highlighted above, he was talking about the early startup days of Ripple, how they were funded and when they first started selling XRP. I don't believe he was talking about recent sales of XRP. This is just my take on it after re-reading a few times. I think David was not clear about which period of time in Ripple's history he was talking about, but then again, why should he have to be - the conversation was about ICO periods in various coins history. At first glance the comment seems questionable, I grant you that, but if you read the thread in its entirety, I think it is pretty obvious. The Mike Dudas's of the world were always going to have a field day with it.
  12. Huh?!?! Because there are no leaks? Please tell me you are joking?
  13. That's assuming these people actually want to learn. Unfortunately it sounds to me like this person is just sprouting out the usual FUD for the sake of a keyboard battle.... You are more generous than me @Truckdriver in assuming they are genuine. Maybe I'm just a ***** tho.....
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