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  1. Thank you Nicholas for taking the time to respond and your kind offer of participating in a Q&A. I’m sure there are lots of us here (most more technically astute than me) who will come up with some great questions for you and I look forward to seeing the results.
  2. I am sure @Tinyaccount is thinking "woohoo! 'bout time I had a win!"
  3. I suggest you read Davids tweet again (with an open mind if possible). The thread he commented on was about ICO's. If you then look at what David said in the tweet highlighted above, he was talking about the early startup days of Ripple, how they were funded and when they first started selling XRP. I don't believe he was talking about recent sales of XRP. This is just my take on it after re-reading a few times. I think David was not clear about which period of time in Ripple's history he was talking about, but then again, why should he have to be - the conversation was about ICO periods in various coins history. At first glance the comment seems questionable, I grant you that, but if you read the thread in its entirety, I think it is pretty obvious. The Mike Dudas's of the world were always going to have a field day with it.
  4. Huh?!?! Because there are no leaks? Please tell me you are joking?
  5. That's assuming these people actually want to learn. Unfortunately it sounds to me like this person is just sprouting out the usual FUD for the sake of a keyboard battle.... You are more generous than me @Truckdriver in assuming they are genuine. Maybe I'm just a ***** tho.....
  6. The fellow on David's right is MR B XRP (Twitter Handle) I think. Digital Asset Investor is on the end of the back row. Leonidas Hadjiloizou is beside him. I think the guy with the grey vest on in the front row is Brad Kimes. That's all I can identify atm.
  7. Fair point - you weren't the only one making those sort of comments and I apologise for singling you out. After having a closer look at some of your posts, perhaps you are not the troll type poster I thought you were, so I will say sorry for my comments to you. I still believe Freaky does his best to just be a general pain in the butt and ****stirrer here and I don't enjoy seeing it happen so on this occasion I actually spoke up about it. Those particular posts got personal though in a schoolyard bully type of way in my opinion and that sort of thing just cheeses me off, especially when what I see being said I know is most likely not true, and the person being spoken about hasn't been in this thread to set the record straight.
  8. You stated in a very condescending manner that RC sold his stack and left. Fact is you have no idea if he has or not. You have stated above you think he "certainly implied" it. You and Freaky making ridiculing comments and presenting them as facts to deride somebody who isn't here to set you straight speaks to your honesty and integrity in my opinion.
  9. Soo.. we have regulars here from the Zerpening, stating that they don't know the current status of @RegalChicken (I don't either, but know he still tweets positively about XRP and was present in the Zerpening not long ago...... and then you have good ole @ringer2 stating with apparent certainty that RegalChook sold and left because he was unhappy and @Freaky stating that he dumped and left to shill another coin. Doesn't surprise me to see that both Freaky and Ringer 2 keep up the same low standard of honesty and integrity in every thread I see them in.
  10. Hello @IrritableGimp and @RileySchleinstein, welcome to the madhouse.
  11. Yes I agree. I sincerely hope there is someone from Brads team there videoing the whole thing in case it does get “edited”.
  12. It's probably just me, but I'd rather be considered amongst the above perceived group than to prove myself to be an arrogant p***k.....
  13. Haha thanks @RubMyXRPs, I will add it to the stack of previous cheques Always a pleasure to spread the XRP word @Moonraker I feel you are being disrespectful when you state that anyone who has faith in the idea of XRP's price moving upward and expresses their opinion on the subject is a either a "moonboi" or a paid shill. It is entirely possible that XRP will fail but equally and in my opinion more likely that it won't. At this moment in time, neither outcome has been assured and any and all conversations on the matter are speculation. It seems to me that this forum is the perfect place to discuss the subject. At this point, with the way your posts read, the main person showing signs of being a "paid poster" with an agenda, is you.
  14. Nah. The weekend is when we all hang out in the Zerpening and formulate new tactics to reel in the next round of suckers with factual, level headed and highly informative crap posts..... Seriously though, why are you here? Lots of people here are of the opionion Ripple and XRP is in the process of becoming what we all want it to be and have placed our bets. I for one understand it is a case of wait and see if it works out long term, but also wish it would hurry the f**k up. Just cause you don’t like how long it’s taking you feel it’s your right to “educate” other members in your arrogant, disrespectful manner?
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