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  1. I never understand how one bad player gets a great thread shut down. Why can we not just get rid of the bad player?
  2. RIP P3T3RIS - Let us not forget to enjoy life outside our crypto hopes and dreams. We all only have so long on this 🌎
  3. I don’t know anyone outside my family that has bought bitcoin or any other digital coin/assets I meet hundreds of different people every year and usually ask if they’ve heard or are interested in any digital currency but they always say it’s way too volatile or never heard of such a thing. Even though it’s been around now for a decade it still seems early. I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of regulation. I still tell people it’s a good time to get in
  4. Addition of 90 million to circulating supply. Can’t wait till we’re at 50+B
  5. I wonder what the troll to FUDster ratio is on this site???
  6. Wheres @Nouk to tell us all about the shark pattern?
  7. People thinking small are crazy. Every bear market it’s doom and gloom and “never gonna get $X” blah blah. If people don’t think Crypto is gonna pass the last $800 Billion ath it’s like the same people saying the Nasdaq will never surpass $5,000. Gimme a friggin break. This market will explode in the next few years. Just be patient.
  8. Okay this guy is trolling. Mods, take him out
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