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  1. I’m not opposed to this idea however as you or others have pointed out, we could just be rising due to the oscillating value of xrp/btc. In my opinion, the increasing utility will exacerbate speculative price increases
  2. Good luck 🍀 I like the way you think. ⚾️🏀 May the force be with you
  3. They could have been sniping themselves since the bitcoin whales love to ********** each other
  4. Yes, I keep thinking I should be selling other things to buy more, like I can’t ever have enough
  5. Yes, a lack of a clear regulatory environment has kept Iov anchored for the most part throughout the western world. I want to believe it’s only a matter of time until the US gets moving too but it still feels like it could be another year or two
  6. Exactly what I was typing. MANIPULATION sensation
  7. Damn, thx man, I’m out.... of btc
  8. You don’t understand. How much more can I help someone that refuses or lacks the ability to learn
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