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  1. Fvck Gensler and the SEC. This is rediculous how the US is sabotaging an American business that is capable of being the industry leader. @GaryGensler is a travesty to representation of The USA
  2. Hey Hal, Many thanks to all you do here. Genuine question: how high are expecting XRP to go over the next 6 months if the SEC suit is resolved in Ripples favor (ie no security)?
  3. Jed is always going to be mad at Ripple and in turn wish harm to XRP. Just his nature
  4. I can only imagine what happens if there is a positive result for xrp from this lawsuit
  5. DS, for as brilliant as he is, also sold most of his ethereum for like $30 each thinking it wise to pay for some solar roof panels at his house. Sometimes the regular peons like us have a better chance at predicting the next crypto all time high than a genius like David Schwartz
  6. Yes, if Bitcoin has achieved over a 1 trillion market cap without a great use case it’s possible for XRP to hit $15 with its current 45B in circulation at which point XRP would hit a market cap around 650-700 Billion. I don’t think any crypto has enough use case so far to have these market caps and yet they do. Couple this with the trillion dollar stimulus’s being handed down and it makes some of these crypto market caps seem possible
  7. You make some good points BUT I think the greatest cause of XRP price lagging is the SEC lawsuit bar none. If there was clarity for XRP like there was given Ethereum I would guess their two Market Caps would be near equal (hint XRP should be around $6)
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