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  1. Wheres @Nouk to tell us all about the shark pattern?
  2. People thinking small are crazy. Every bear market it’s doom and gloom and “never gonna get $X” blah blah. If people don’t think Crypto is gonna pass the last $800 Billion ath it’s like the same people saying the Nasdaq will never surpass $5,000. Gimme a friggin break. This market will explode in the next few years. Just be patient.
  3. Okay this guy is trolling. Mods, take him out
  4. This^...but hopefully the question will become...”did you buy any XRP last year?”
  5. There is booksmart, there is streetsmart, there are individuals highly capable of a perfect score on their math SAT and horrible at the reading comprehension. There are people great at all tests but fail as human beings because they lack compassion or other social attributes. Let’s not assume everyone getting into Stanford will not make mistakes. This one is just in front of a large audience
  6. Let’s hit that upper green line that’s out of the screenshot. What is that like 50 bucks?
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