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  1. DannyRipple

    JP Morgan lies

    JP Morgan can eat poopoo💩
  2. Let’s hit that upper green line that’s out of the screenshot. What is that like 50 bucks?
  3. I’ll prob sell 70% before a fiddy piece, but maybe not depending on how fast we get there
  4. DannyRipple

    Stablecoins and Banks

    Good luck with the lemmings learning anything. I dream of a world without FUD, especially in journalism
  5. Can’t get to the ignore button faster👎🏻
  6. DannyRipple

    Please cheer me up :(

    HODL until you are happy! Not Sad😥
  7. DannyRipple

    Earthport, VIsa, MC and Ripple

    No big bank or credit card company wants to make xrp holders wealthy...yet But once they get their hands on ripplenet and realize what is coming xrp value will begin its ascent upward
  8. Hola jorgerios! Don’t listen to most of the clowns in your thread. Very limited vision and small peckers makes them Bitcoin lover boys. Keep the faith my friend! Adios amigos;)
  9. DannyRipple

    Escrow sales

    Looks like 41B now. Perhaps the sales will xrapidly increase 🤓
  10. DannyRipple

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    Nobody cares 😆