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  1. The document was a letter from Ripple to the Central Bank of Mexico. Aye Caramba!
  2. I’m somewhat in agreement with you but it’s a huge decision to change CEOs at this point. A wrong choice or someone of equal talents is a loss in my book. I also believe ripple is still relatively young and has made incredible moves thus far so it’s not necessarily fair to make this change just yet. If the other executives have a truly superior person they believe can lead XRP to a higher place, then by all means I hope they make the move soon.
  3. I believe MoneyGram will be huge IF they show the cost savings are as significant as Ripple claims. This may not be much in the public eye but their competitors and peers will take notice. It could make ODL popularity increase much faster and snowball the desire for market makers, Wall Street, financial advisors, and then the general public desire xrp at which point the price will be far ahead and above where it stands at the moment.
  4. I’m not opposed to this idea however as you or others have pointed out, we could just be rising due to the oscillating value of xrp/btc. In my opinion, the increasing utility will exacerbate speculative price increases
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