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  1. You make some good points BUT I think the greatest cause of XRP price lagging is the SEC lawsuit bar none. If there was clarity for XRP like there was given Ethereum I would guess their two Market Caps would be near equal (hint XRP should be around $6)
  2. Ready to bust through ressy, make $65K Bitcoin look like a cheap amount
  3. Unfortunately this is so true. Just one more reason why life ain’t fair
  4. I don’t think brad has that many left after selling so much? Chris L would still be out of top 10
  5. What do you mean 10x the price xrp reaches?
  6. No, you can hold it there still. But...if you have an open order they could liquidate it
  7. No, because he already has enough XRP. If you’re a day trader or even a swing trader the sure, move between assets. But... if you’re not and you care about short term capital gains, and I know Eric is from the US then it doesn’t always make sense to swap if you’re going to pay a lot more in taxes
  8. I think you just answered your own question. IF he had more money to invest he would but he doesn’t so he cannot
  9. I believe kraken is located inWyoming and registered to sell securities. Regardless of the security or non-security outcome they probably will not be required or have good reason to halt trading of xrp.
  10. Everyone is so adept at blaming Ripple leaders for selling but if that’s the case you might as well as throw away all of crypto. Which one of these assets aren’t investors/creators/developers/retailers looking to sell at some point. It’s dumb for people to play that game. That’s what the SEC would prefer that everyone panic sell and buy into their “gospel” when in reality the SEC is not the final decision maker in this market. Don’t be a bunch of weak hands. I’ve got multiple DAs and will continue to hodle in spite of these “claims”
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