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  1. This whole xrpchat could get even worse, no that’s actually a lie. We’ve hit the bottom here
  2. Xrapid was first used less than 1 year ago. I never get how people assume the first time xrp is used for utility it will some how significantly increase the xrp price. This is where patience is key. It’s pretty incredible to me that xrp is already in use by a major remittance company, real utility. And as liquidity and use increase and investors are made aware of the opportunity I feel there is a great chance for fomo to take xrp many many times it’s current value.
  3. Pretty sure I said most people have no investment not no awareness
  4. Maybe not to you, but most people in the world have no investment tied to Bitcoin let alone the rest of the crypto/digital asset world.
  5. There’s been a lot of meetings behind closed doors, this is just part of the subtle public marketing process to prepare mainstream joe schmo for “XRP-the standard”
  6. 1)Health, wealth, sexy time 2)$150 3)Vacation House in Paradise 4)A man 5)Asset
  7. That’s great for you, you should overdraft a Billion dollars since you can overdraft as much as you want. Unfortunately the analogy doesn’t work. Using XRP with Xcurrent improves settlement speed and reduces cost. So it’s a benefit, whereas Your excessive overdraft habits will eventually cause your bank to increase banking fees which is a detriment to your cost of doing business there.
  8. According to this it looks like bitcoin still has a lot of room to run, like Eric continues suggesting and we would likely see a much higher btc value before it tops
  9. There’s been plenty of volatility to make good money the last 18 months. And I’ve been around crypto for 6 years so this isn’t about tea leaves. I’m pretty sure we don’t all follow the same news or announcements either. Best of luck
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